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  1. I am glad that they are offering incentives even though we got our vaccines back in January. Anything that increases vaccination among the hesitant or resistant population only gets us closer to herd immunity and a more "normal" lifestyle for all. I consider this a winner for all of us regardless of the lotteries, free donuts, free drinks, etc. Unfortunately, there are enough resistant folks out there that we may never get to herd immunity for the next few years.
  2. "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it." (Paraphrased) Agree with you but if I was a cruise corporation, I would not only be concerned with the health aspects but particularly the potential legal implications if even one Covid infection could occur on a ship. Therefore, I believe that 100% vaccination could be the requirement unless physical disability (previous vaccine anaphylaxis) precludes administration. I advise my patients to take the vaccine because of the personal freedom it affords them, if for no other reason. The numbers will be there but in 2-3 years may be miniscu
  3. Please tell that to the 583,000 Americans who died and their families who thought it wouldn't happen to them. Sorry but I and others on this thread feel differently. We all want to cruise together and I would be happy to dine with all of you when it's safe to do so. Nevertheless, I wish you only the best.
  4. Depends. If one person has Covid asymptomatically, could potentially spread easily to infect others. Not sure if I agree with 1/1000 infection rate with Positivity rates ranging 1-10% roughly depending on state. Either way, too many variables with intimate contact to risk which is why they may still insist on masking, distancing, etc. My main point is that to enjoy the cruise without other public health measures, almost complete vaccination is needed to protect as many individuals as possible. Even the best vaccines have only 91% efficacy after 6 months of data so far.
  5. Only if more than 95% are vaccinated which is my point precisely! Still 5% unvaccinated of 1000 would be 50 people whose contact would be more intimate than the general population. Not to mention variants.
  6. In California, the state universities and colleges have mandated vaccines for students to return to campus. I anticipate cruise ships will do the same. Interestingly, Dr. Gottleib is a frequent commentator and very accurate in his forecasts. Sits on board at Pfizer and advisor to NCL so likely he will push to vaccinate before cruising. Of course, as we all know, if you put 10 medical experts in a room, you will get 10 different opinions.
  7. Cruise ship. We need to focus on this subject in the context of a cruise ship. Lot of brilliant people on this thread but still need to acknowledge the potential increased risk of a cruise ship and vaccinate 12-15 y/o accordingly. If you want to cruise, you need the shot. As a researcher, this is no brainer as 12 and above usually evaluated with adults. Studies so far show 100% efficacy! As parent of 3 y/o, will vaccinate my child but additional safety data will be available by late Fall when that decision is made. As pediatric immunologist, this vaccine is apparently the safest and mos
  8. Can't see why not? Wouldn't everyone feel more safer knowing that others are fully vaccinated? I am looking forward to the day where we are not only able to cruise safely, but to not have to wear a mask to do so! That likely won't happen until almost all of us are vaccinated before getting on a ship.
  9. Agree with this but safe environment on cruise ships will only go so far unless the ports are safe too. This is why universal vaccination is so important. Surprised that not much attention to port safety is addressed in this very worthwhile thread.
  10. Unfortunately, you are mistaken. Most recent Pfizer data shows 91% efficacy 6 months out. Great but not 100%. Less transmissable but not perfect. Unvaccinated people can also be asymptomatic. So best to have everyone vaccinated. Newer rapid tests about 95% reliable but PCR best. Need to protect ourselves and others. That is essentially the government mandate in which policy should be made. Use of vaccine passports may reduce forgery by those unscrupulous enough to attempt it but I am OK with use of plain Vax cards. Apologize for tangent of discussing my son w
  11. Thank you hcat. We all want to be cruising again. Cancelled 3 cruises in the past year. My son is now 3 and would like to cruise with him before he graduates high school!
  12. Excuse me, I meant August 2020, not 2019. See, some of us are not so smart!
  13. Completely agree. First subject in August 2019, 4 months initial evaluation, then periodic evaluation of neutralizing antibodies done in February-March. So it lasts at least 6 months baed on available data. Subjects commit to 2 years of follow-up so will know more over time. Hopefully, it will last at least one to two years. TeeRick completely accurate on explanation and well done. By the way, just for the interested, doctors are privileged to attend medical school but I wouldn't say that all of them are necessarily brilliant. A good doctor combines reasonable intelligence
  14. Adolescents can still be asymptomatic carriers and spread disease. Recent studies strongly suggest the vaccines may also reduce transmission. So yes, it is a good use of vaccines after the older groups have been vaccinated.
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