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  1. If I purchase a cabana rental for $1000 for my cruise next summer and the cabana rental price is dropped to $750 before the cruise sails, do I get a refund of $250 or an OBC of $250 or I receive no type of refund?
  2. No, we did not purchase these as part of the booking. This is how the cruise invoice looked: Description 1 2 Cruise $ 13,949.00 $ 13,949.00 Airfare $ 0.00 $ 0.00 In
  3. So, there is no way to dispute the amount that the FCC is based upon. The Celebrity concierge individual should have been willing to tell me this yesterday. Thanks for the response
  4. Thanks for the response. I will probably need to cancel the FCC and apply for a refund in order to receive the actual dollar amount spent for the cruise. Wonder if anyone has had to contact the credit card company to dispute charges and have these reversed?
  5. I booked with a TA, unfortunately have not been able to get in contact with the individual. I have a Celebrity booking confirmation number, but the Celebrity concierge person had no interest in the confirmation number nor the "Cruise Fare" as indicated on the invoice.
  6. I probably could have included this with my other thread. If you have taken a total cruise refund for a cancelled cruise, was your refund based upon the total cruise fare paid or was it based upon a base fare for your cabin?
  7. I received my Celebrity FCC certificate for $12,764 per person. I paid $14,506 per person for a PH Suite. I called Celebrity and was transferred to a Concierge member who explained the FCC is 125% of the base rate for the cabin. There is no way a PH Suite was ever listed for $11,168 per person for a 14 day Baltic cruise.According to Celebrity, I paid $3,338 per person more than the base rate for the cabin or $6,700 total. Obviously, I am somehow misunderstanding the calculations of what has happened My question is what is considered the base rate for a cabin? I thought the fare
  8. No, TA is located in FL. Have used her and the agency for over twenty years. I will keep trying to reach her. I am thinking 125% FCC and now facing the possibility of having paid $4,500 that I might not recover if I cancel the cruise outright
  9. Just got off the phone with Celebrity and DEFINITELY not happy. This is what I paid for a July 4, 2020 Baltic cruise: Description 1 2 Cruise $ 13,949.00 $ 13,949.00 Airfare $ 0.00 $ 0.00
  10. Hey FighterPilot -- we booked with a TA located in Florida. I have sent email to the TA and also Celebrity asking that the issues be reviewed. Thus far, I have yet to receive a response back from the TA or Celebrity.
  11. Had a July 4, 2020 Baltic cruise aboard Silhouette cancelled by Celebrity. We opted for the 125% FCC. For our July 4th cruise we had booked a PH Suite. Along with the TA, we determined a FCC amount of $35,987. Today, I received email from Celebrity that our FCC certificate amount was $12,764. This is $23,233 less than we had anticipated and actually $16,248 less than the actual cruise fare that we paid. Suggestions? TIA
  12. We did a seven night Summit cruise in the PH in February 2020. It was an amazing experience. One other couple (in a different cabin) on the cruise with us. We thoroughly loved the balcony throughout the cruise. In St. Thomas, we just stayed on the balcony the entire day and had a blast. If you bring a Bose speaker, bring also an extension cord, as no outlet on the balcony and the wifi is not strong enough outside the cabin to keep things running smoothly. Now, I would also vote for two 7 day cruises, although as someone else posted, find a 14 day cruise instead of two - seven da
  13. I feel the same way as you. I have always used only two TA, one for Oceania and one for other cruises, like Celebrity, RCCL or Holland America. Over the years, my wife and I before she passed away took over thirty cruises and never received an OBC from a TA. Sometimes, perhaps 5-6 times over the years we would have gratuities covered, but I never asked if that was from the TA or the cruise line. I guess, unfortunately, posters are not allowed to post which TA or cruise agencies they have used to receive OBC.
  14. Obviously, I have much to learn about asking or receiving OBC or other credit from the TA. We have booked owner's and penthouse suites for years on Celebrity (recently Summit PH) or Oceania OS and have never received OBC from the TA. Booked in a PH for July 2020 Baltic sailing on Silhouette (thinking it will be cancelled), but have not been offered additional OBC or other credit from the TA other than what Celebrity is providing (think $300 for the cabin). Sometimes, we may receive a card for a bottle of wine or champagne, but that has been it. I guess that I need to learn the secret for rec
  15. On my cruise invoice it indicates final payment due on March 25th so I had to make a decision: Make final payment or cancel the cruise. Not sure how if my cruise sails July 4th that I could make a final payment in July? Also, think Celebrity put out statement that I could always cancel 48 hours in advance and receive 100% of my payment back? If they cancel the cruise, then I am hoping for 125% in FCC. Let me know if I am not thinking correctly on this.
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