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  1. We are booked to cruise on Freedom out of Miami for three days with six grandchildren (ages 2-11).  The RCCL Healthy Sail Center document indicates the children will need a PCR or Antigen test at least three days before sailing. 


    • Unvaccinated kids age 2 to 11 must show a negative test result for a PCR or antigen test taken no more than 3 days before boarding day. Kids’ pre-cruise test cannot be taken on boarding day, because that may affect the sample taken during the kids’ test at the terminal.


    We received email from RCCL with the following wording:


    • Unvaccinated children ages 2 to 11 must present a negative PCR test result taken no more than 3 days prior to sailing in order to board. (Antigen tests are not accepted.) There continues to be no testing required for guests under age 2


    I am on hold with RCCL after calling earlier and not receiving any clarification if the grandchildren can board with an antigen test.  PCR testing in south Louisiana right now is taking 3-4 days for results to return.


    Anyone has recently cruised with unvaccinated children ages 2-11 and can you tell me what protocol or pre-cruise testing was accepted?




  2. 50 minutes ago, HLN500 said:

    Will be on Apex in 2 weeks.

    Anyone know if X will have shuttles from pier to town?

    We took a Celebrity shuttle from Apex to town. I think it was $12 round trip if I remember correctly.  This was the August 14th cruise

  3. 4 hours ago, 5waldos said:

    But how will you go back to an ordinary suite?

    Good question, booked in Royal Suite for February's Solstice Asia cruise (don't think it will sail) and PH on Alaska Millennium in May.  Honestly, I like the Millennium and Summit PH more than I like the Apex Iconic Suite 

  4. 5 minutes ago, 5waldos said:

    Did you ever leave the suite? Seems like you would simply stay inside the entire time- in fact, it might take you the week to even see it all!

    We spent a great deal of time in the suite (really the balcony), thus missing all entertainment on board.  It was a blast and while the price was high, we thoroughly enjoyed the cabin and were happy we received the moveup

  5. 13 minutes ago, megr1125 said:

    All the categories ( 1B, 2D, 1K) you've booked are wait listed except the OS so you can't get a price reduction since nothing's available.  You SHOULD be able to upgrade the other ones. I'm looking right now at the TA site.

    Your agent should be able to move you to better cabins though.  

    But, right now I am on the RCCL website and I see three 1K cabins available that I can book and also four 1B cabins available that I can select and book.  If you are looking at the TA site then I guess RCCL is correct, I am just confused that I can book on my own these cabins at lower rates than what I had originally booked.


    Do you suggest that I book these on my own as I can through the RCCL website at the lower cruise fare and then have the TA cancel the cabins I currently have booked and paid?



  6. We booked five cabins for our family (1B, 1B, 2D, OS, 1K) for a short three day cruise on the Freedom of the Seas.  Last night we decided to look at the RCCL website and realized that the fares for each of these cabins are lower than what we paid.  The difference in the fares from what we paid to what we can book now is 1B ($918), 1B ($918), 2D ($283), OS ($213) and 1K ($1075) for a total of $3,408.  I contacted the TA asking if RCCL would either refund the difference or provide on board credits or upgrade the cabins to (J3 for the 1B and 2D cabins) and (RS for the OS cabin).  The 1K would stay in their cabin.


    RCCL said the only category that applies to any rate reduction is the Owners Suite

    She stated the other categories are sold out – so there is no way for it repriced.

    She stated the amount for you and your room would be a credit of $271.74 – it is processed within 14 days or less.


    Any suggestions as I can look at the sailing October 8th and see many cabins still available in the categories we booked or categories we requested to be moved into?  If you see there no categories available, please let me know.


    TIA for suggestions

  7. 11 minutes ago, 5waldos said:

    I hope it was an amazing cruise- the pictures are astonishing! But then, so is the price!

    Just one of those once in a lifetime things.  When we were on the Edge in July I kept saying I need to sail in the Iconic Suite never thinking it would happen.  lol

  8. 6 minutes ago, aero777 said:

    Hope you get a chance to do a report or review somewhere, would love to read about it. 

    I just submitted a review and it should be approved in the next day or so.  In the meantime, if you have questions, you can look at our Facebook page (lane cheramie) and feel free to send questions 

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  9. We cruised APEX August 14th and were booked in Sky Suite and for kicks placed move up bids for all categories and ended up in the Iconic Suite.  The move up was $8,050 per passenger.  We were going to cancel the cruise until we found out we were in the Iconic Suite and went on the cruise for the opportunity to cruise in this suite.

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  10. We ate at Raw on 5 during our July 10th EDGE cruise and unfortunately, came away not only unimpressed but sick. The lobster and shrimp in the seafood tower were translucent. Living in the deep south our entire lives we realized that both were not good and only ate one bite of each.  Both seafoods obviously were not fresh and had been frozen and then cooked.  After each taking one bite we woke up during the night with stomach issues that passed within six hours.


    During our August 14th APEX we decided to stay clear of the restaurant based upon the EDGE experience.

  11. On 8/14/2021 at 6:19 PM, fridge said:

    Where is everybody? 😄 Kind of weird with only 10% Capacity but we enjoy every second of it. Embarkation was a breeze and so far we love the Apex.


    We usually book Sky Suites because of Luminae and the Retreat, but the 4 MDR look gorgeous and Lunch at Ocean View was great!


    Happy to answer questions... 

    hey fridge


    we are onboard also. When we arrived at the port we had a clue something was up  as there were no other taxis or buses.


    Checkin was interesting as we were awaiting our antigen results someone tested positive so they moved all of us to the next tent as they sprayed our first location.


    it is very surreal to be onboard with not many passengers. First night we ate at Cosmopolitan and there were passengers at five tables.  

    To add to the weirdness is we are in one of the Iconic Suites so even makes us more isolated. Makes us feel like our own private yacht x 10


    Getting ready to leave Rhodes and then Magic Carpet dinner tonight 

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  12. I had started a thread about this after our July 10th Edge cruise.  In my thread I stated it was quite aggravating to sit for an awesome meal and totally enjoy everything about it, then have to listen to 5-10 "begging session" for perfect scores on the survey.  This began on the Thursday at lunch and happened at every meal until we disembarked from the Edge. In Luminae and the MDR, we heard it from the waiter, sommelier, employee overseeing our table and the maitre'd as we attempted to leave the restaurant.


    While it did not ruin the cruise, it placed a damper on the week.  Reminded me of walking out of a nice restaurant and being hit up for money by a panhandler.  It just presented an uneasy feeling.


    The only place we did not receive the speech was in the buffet and also the hamburger spot near the pool.

  13. Question for the group but more so for the US citizens:


    We are on the August 14th APEX sailing and received our call from Celebrity today asking if we were vaccinated, which caused our wheels to begin turning.


    Scenario: You fly all the way to ATH and discover you are positive when checked at the port or develop symptoms during the cruise and are tested positive or before disembarkation you discover that you are positive. 


    What do you do?  Did you think of these situations before leaving for the cruise?  We took a cruise on the edge July 10th and did not really consider it because we could always drive home from FLL.


    Just wondering if you had thought about it and had a plan in mind? I am not sure that we are prepared to spend 10-14 days in quarantine in Greece trying to get home.



  14. Going on Celebrity Apex in a couple of weeks and forgot about purchasing Euro and Croatian kuna. Last night I remember that I needed to do this, but found Travelex is shut down and many other agencies that deal with the purchase of foreign currency are also closed or no longer mailing currency to the home.


    Has anyone from the US recently purchased foreign currency and how was it done?


    Thanks for suggestions

  15. On July 10th Edge cruise.  No issues getting a taxi from airport to the hotel, hotel to the cruise terminal and then the cruise terminal to the airport.  Only concern was that none of the drivers wore a mask and kept windows up.

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  16. Last week on the Edge, after each meal on Thursday and Friday we received the complimentary five minute talk about completing a survey and practically begging for a 10 on each question.


    The crew does outstanding job and in reality, it would have to be really terrible service or meal quality to give a score less than the maximum. 

    Just found it to be over the top and in some ways, quite aggravating.



  17. 1 hour ago, KKB said:


    Silent discos r a must do-or see! Just as fun to watch as participate

    I would recommend not participating in the silent disco.  Just an opinion but with Delta running around these days, unsure if it is the best idea to be face to face with many strangers on the dance floor during this event.  Now, viewing it I agree can be fun.

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