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  1. If you arrive at your designated time, the cruise ship will not leave without you. Can always call Celebrity and ask the question if there is a burning desire to board earlier or be identified as a priority passenger
  2. Yes those were the officers I saw also. Had not thought they were there to oversee the bar entertainment we went down those stairs also behind the martini bar into no man’s land lol
  3. I called Celebrity Cruises to inquire about any itinerary changes for August 14th. She placed me on hold and came back to tell me we had dropped the two Israel ports and added Mykonos and Cyprus. I told her, yes I knew about these changes and she said, no these just changed a few hours ago. I said, okay the current APEX cruise is going to Croatia and dropped Cyprus. She said no, the current itinerary has not changed for the July 17th APEX sailing. I told her thank you, but I will get my information from Cruise Critic. 😁
  4. Hello Can you provide the current itinerary since it was changed from your original? I have guides contacting me asking if my itinerary has changed but even after contacting Celebrity I am not aware of a new itinerary for August 14th........TIA
  5. On July 10th sailing the suite guests entered in the glass door to the left of the standing in line group Our time was 2:00pm, we arrived at 1:50pm and were in our cabin at 2:10pm. We were lead to the left by the baggage handler.
  6. Just got off Edge in a Celebrity Suite. I only shower and even then my feet were tight at the bottom of the tub. The tub is deep and narrow. Not sure how a 20 year old much less 90 year old could climb in and out
  7. graphicguy --- what is your take on officers standing watch on the 2nd and 3rd levels above the Martini Bar in the evenings? When we pass this area in the evenings we notice 1-2 officers standing near the back areas by the staircases looking down into the Martini Bar.
  8. I will post a review when we get home with my positives and negatives, but wanted to post this one negative here: The chairs in the dining venues are terrible. Every chair we have encountered has been HEAVY and difficult to move back and forward to the table. It is compounded that the dining venues have carpeted floors making it even more difficult to move chairs. Now, towards the end of this cruise we find ourselves laughing at our exhaustion before the meal just from trying to maneuver the dining chairs. 😀 For the second time, I don't get a rocking chair in the middle of the cabins, again on carpet
  9. We had Eden last night at 8pm and your assessment is correct!!! Outstanding food and service, it was great!!!
  10. Service in Raw on Five was top notch, quite outstanding. The seafood tower was disappointing. The lobster tail appeared to have been frozen and thawed before boiling. We each took a bite and decided to not eat the rest of it. Did not want to take the chance of having it just pass straight through us later in the night or today while on a tour. The crab claws and shrimp lacked any flavor. Our other items ordered were good and no complaints.
  11. Thought she was quite loud and obnoxious, dropping F bombs and other words. I guess her tong bikini was appropriate but not one normally seen in the Retreat Lounge area. To each their own, I imagine?
  12. Unsure if one of the "porn stars" was at the Retreat Bar yesterday, but she was definitely out of control with the actions and language I looked around Costa Maya port and did not see any open pharmacies. It was HOT on tour today. I HATE the rocking chair in the middle of the Celebrity Suite. Enough of the negatives for the day lol
  13. Why was some lady on her knees screaming on the dock right off the gangplank? This happened around 5pm. They escorted her away back into the terminal. Not sure if she returned to the ship.
  14. Booked on an Alaskan cruise in May 2022. We will fly into ANC and arrive in the late evening (probably after 8pm or later). How do transfers work to get to Seward? Has Celebrity in the past offered transfers or do I have to handle this myself? Have you stayed the arrival evening in Anchorage and did a transfer the morning of the cruise? TIA for any suggestions
  15. August 14 sailing to Israel is no longer going to Israel
  16. Ship: EDGE Length of Cruise: 7 nights Cruise Sail Date: July 10, 2021 Date email offer received: June 23, 2021 Captain's Club Tier: Select Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: Sky Suite 3 Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Iconic, Penthouse, Edge Villa, Royal Suite, Celebrity Suite Bid Offer: Iconic=$5975 (minimum $4000), PH=$4,625 (min $3,000), EV=$3,005 (min $2,000), RS=$2565 (min bid $2,000), CS=$2,080 (min bid $1,500) Notification Date: June 27, 2021 Accepted / Rejected; Accepted for Celebrity Suite General Comments (offer details, etc.)
  17. Thanks to everyone for the responses, very much appreciated
  18. It seems like it has been "years" since we cruised (February 2020). I recall being able to bid on cabin upgrades, but I do not recall the specifics of the program. Questions I have are what is the program name, when can you place a bid, do you place the bid through the Celebrity website and any other information you can provide. Has anyone ever had positive results when placing a bid? TIA
  19. Steve, adding to my confusion when I asked the TA about the tour policy, she told me that we can take private tours in countries like Greece that have completely opened up travel. I asked about Israel and she said yes, Israel is also completely opened up so you can take private tours in that country also. Thankfully, we have a couple of months for them to figure it out.....lol
  20. On the Celebrity website under the travel alerts section: While Ashore Initially, guests will only be allowed off the ship on one of our curated shore excursions. Most experiences are outdoors and guests will be encouraged to stay with their group. Buses will be at reduced capacity and will be sanitized frequently. Small Group Discoveries will be available and for those who would prefer to tour with their family or group, Private Journeys will be available. Also, when I called Celebrity I was told that the only way off the cruise ship while in port was while on a ship sponsored tour.
  21. I emailed Celebrity shorex and asked how many passengers would be on a small group discovery tour and received the following response: Now regarding your question on the amount of passengers I'm sorry but that is something we are not allowed to disclose, rest assured that we have taken all the necessary precautions related to COVID safety measures so our guests can still enjoy the excursions we have to offer. I think the response is odd. What is so secretive that Celebrity cannot tell me how many passengers would be in a small group tour? If the number is capped at 24 and a regular tour is going to operate with half the normal amount of passengers due to Covid, why would I pay more for a small group discovery tour when the number of passengers would be about the same as a regular tour?
  22. Steve....typically how many passengers are included in a small group discovery tour? I called Celebrity and they could not provide me a typical number of passengers for a small group discovery tour for the two Israel stops. Thanks...........Lane
  23. Steve, are the excursions for Celebrity only viewable after a cruise is booked? We have been thinking of jumping on the August 14th sailing, but cannot locate the offered excursions and prices. We will probably skip anyway unless Celebrity lifts the ban on self booked private tours, so fingers are crossed. Hey, separate question ---- think CA will allow LSU and UCLA to play in the Rose Bowl in September? Another trip we are wanting to book but awaiting word on the game
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