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  1. My wife applied in March and her Diamond status with Carnival (50+ cruises) only got her a Gold card with MSC. I applied 2 years ago and got Black (now Diamond) for my Carnival Diamond. As with most things in the cruise industry, the only thing consistent is their inconsistency. Bob
  2. Which cancels the Meraviglia sailings in September and early October. I was on two of them... ☹️
  3. The email specifies December 8th to June 28th. I assume that’s why you didn’t get one. Bob
  4. Ain't that the truth. Another story about JH and Carnival. JH has said many times that if you are doing B2B, just show both boarding passes and you can bring on 2 bottles of wine per person. So I always carried a printed out copy of him saying that. We were on a B2B a few years ago out of Galveston and we were stopped at security and told that we couldn’t take 4 bottles. We showed them the boarding passes. Nope, can’t take 4 bottles. I showed them the email from JH. Tough crap, you can’t take 4 bottles. We asked to talk to their supervisor and showed that person the boarding passe
  5. No, but it ONLY says on embarkation day (which was my point - not that the word “only” after it was part of the preceding clause). Now, you’re probably thinking, well, that doesn’t preclude other days. Sure, that is one interpretation, albeit a weak one. If their intent was to allow sodas to be brought on board at any port, they would have simply left that off. It would have been easy, and clearer to simply say, “non-alcoholic beverages may be brought on in ports”. But they didn’t. They specified the day that sodas can be brought on board. There is a reason why certain things are specified...
  6. Actually, the rules do not say you can. They specifically say that you may do so at embarkation ONLY. Nothing about bringing more on at subsequent ports. That said, they don’t seem to be preventing it either. So.... Bob
  7. Yes, the Splendor is doing a 24 day cruise to Singapore on October 5th. That pretty much wipes out October for you to do a 7 dayer. You could do a B2B on the I’s if you just want to go away for 7 days, but... Bob
  8. I haven’t sailed yet (next week) but a friend on the Legend right now sent me this... Note the first entry. Bob
  9. Its all part of the back story... like that we were on the Pride, that our reservations were linked, that the Maitre ‘d was a well seasoned and well liked Maitre ‘d. Bob
  10. On the Pride, a few years ago, we had 3 couples, who are all Diamonds, with linked reservations (we all double checked with our PVPs). When we got on the ship, we were at 3 different tables. We went to see the maitre ‘d (a well known - well liked - maitre ‘d who also is known for his singing). He was anything but helpful. And he obviously didn’t pay a lot of attention to the reservations when he was assigning seating. Eventually 2 of the couples were able to sit together at a 4 top, but the third couple was stuck at an 8 top. It does happen. Bob
  11. 😊 Aw, thank you. It’s been a couple of years since I did that. Bob
  12. Will do. You do the same to your family. We leave the ship on the 12th, so we won’t be able to say hi. One of these days we will sail together again... 😁 Bob
  13. This is news to me, so I have a few questions for anyone who has been. What days is it offered? What hours? Do you have a copy or picture of the menu? Heard about this this on a YouTube video from July. I’m hoping it wasn’t just a one time shot on that particular cruise... Bob
  14. I like the food in the MDR as well. But the steakhouse takes it to a whole other level. It’s an additional experience. I also like being on the ship, but I do excursions off the ship for different experiences. I also really like the sea day brunch. Great food. But, the thought of trying crab and lobster Benedict in the steakhouse would be worth the price of admission... 😋 Bob
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