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  1. We always get a printed menu too. Hubby has vision problems and it's easier to read from paper. Besides, we're doing the restaurant a favor by dropping in, not the other way around. I also don't use self checkout at stores--I'm a customer, not an employee.
  2. The Minolta Maxxum was my first SLR camera and the entire reason I went with Sony. Now when I get ready to upgrade I'll have to either find a used body or use an adapter. I don't have tons invested, but I hate to get all new because the majority is less than 10 years old and I can't justify it for the amount of photography I do.
  3. I looked up at just the right time to see this in the sky this afternoon. It only lasted about 10 minutes, so I only got cell phone pictures.
  4. I feel for your daughter. I finished grad school last spring--we didn't have a ceremony either. They did a virtual, but I was at work and couldn't/didn't watch. We were invited to this spring's ceremony, but it would have been a full university with individual colleges (go College of Nursing!) sitting together. And no individual college ceremonies--which was all I was interested in. And honestly, it just wouldn't mean anything a year out. At least I have a pretty framed diploma hanging on the wall to prove I graduated. I got my undergrad from the same university (go EC
  5. AWWWWW! Now I want some ducklings! 😍🦆
  6. Guess we fooled you! I'm only 5' 4" tall. However: Hubby is 6' 4" Older daughter is 5' 9" Younger daughter is 5' 6" Grandson is 5' 1" (at almost11!) His mom is older daughter--her father is 6' 4" and his father is 6' 10", so there is some genetics at play there. Granddaughter is average height.
  7. A few of the family pictures we had done. It was a sunny day and all my glasses have Transitions lenses. I talked about popping the lenses out, then forgot. Oh well. With my daughters and grandkids My daughters The photographer said to say something dirty. I told him the kitchen needed to be cleaned.
  8. Did you look at the Emerald (originally the Crown). It departs London/Southhampton 10/10/22 with Lisbon as one port and ends in Ft. Lauderdale.
  9. My daughter lives in Windsor and works in Santa Rosa, so I try my best to always drink Sonoma County wines too.
  10. Wait! are those instructions in your husband's hands?!? I didn't know that the "ManCode" allowed use of directions. 😆 The pasta fagiole looks yummy! DH and I went to get our taxes today (seems weird to do it after April 15) and stopped at the State Farmer's Market on the way home. They have a great seafood restaurant that serves fresh NC coast Calabash style meals. DH got a trout sandwich with hushpuppies. I got the triple combo with flounder, clam, and shrimp with hushpuppies, slaw, and fries. Let's just say that even though it was delicious, DH has most of it for lunc
  11. North Carolina is too. I've seen toddlers doing a better job masking up than adults.
  12. I have all three birds in my yard too. Wish I was fast enough to photograph them too.
  13. That sucker blends right the heck in, doesn't it?
  14. They flew back to CA the morning after the party on a 6am flight. I'm not sure they got any sleep. We spent just enough time together to not get tired of each other. I am part of a set of birthday triplets, one a former coworker and still friend, and my first skating coach. I'm the middle child. 😆 I also have a niece and a ton of friends and coworker. I agree. As I tell patients, "April babies are the best!"
  15. We were planning our honeymoon cruise (10 years in June!) My favorite color is purple and my new last name was going to be Hays. Thus, PurpleHays. I've used it in a couple of other places, including PurpleHaze.
  16. @piercesI may have to convince the hubby to get a mixer stand. We have so little counter top space and it takes up quite a bit of it.
  17. That looks scrumptious! April birthdays are the best. Hubby's was the 4th and mine is today. We had a cocktail party yesterday (Saturday) with a ton of hand made by me appetizers. I cooked for eight hours and was almost too pooped to party. My younger daughter made two cakes--peanut butter and jelly and walnut/pomegranate. Both were delicious. We invited several folks that have April birthdays and sang Happy Birthday to all of us. I sent a lot of leftovers with my hubby and his cousin when they went to WV today. My gifts included my older daughter, grandson, and her boyfriend vis
  18. My Dad's family is from Missouri, mostly down near Dexter/Sikeston. We lived in Jefferson County when I was a teen and my parents live in Howell County now. I've been in NC since 1987 and am pretty much settled here. I debated moving to STL or Denver when the ex and I split, but decided I had enough friends and one daughter here, so I didn't move. CA is very expensive. My daughter isn't sure she'll ever own her own home. The one thing I miss is the abundant produce. Nothing else.
  19. I just checked my Oct 2022 cruise and the price hasn't changed.
  20. That's a lot of outlet changing. And if your house is like the early 80s apartments that I lived in in CA, there were no ceiling lights--the light switches went to outlets to plug lamps into. Weird, but I imagine it saved builders a fortune. We still have hardwired internet. It was necessary when I was attending grad school and the only internet provider when we moved into this new-build house had iffy wifi. We've since changed providers and have much better wifi.
  21. Your kitchen is gorgeous, and I envy the size. We have the typical tract-built narrow-with-an-island kitchen. It's functional, but not outstanding. And never enough cabinet space. Are those metal tiles on the ceiling? And how do you like your stand mixer lift? The ex and I had a house built with custom oak cabinets. The last time I saw it for sale, the owners had painted it all black. I couldn't believe it. It always appalls me when people cover good-wood with paint. We have an Ace/True Value hardware store nearby.(My) Dave tries to use it as much as he can since it's
  22. I lived in Norco/Corona in Riverside County in the 80s with the ex and when the oldest was a toddler, then in Merced/Atwater in the ?Central/San Juaquin? Valley (also in the 80s) while I was active in the Air Force. Castle AFB is closed now. My older daughter lived in Irvine and lives in Sonoma County now. She's in law, so she spends some time in Sacramento. She loves it there--other than the cost of living. I am somewhat familiar with both those area. My BFF lives in the greater STL area, so I get friends living far away. At least it's easier to keep in touch now that when we ha
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