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  1. Thanks, Dides. I appreciate the pics of the Sky Suite balcony and the area of the hall that is blocked off. I guess that they have it like that for when crew needs to access it? I think on the original design, that extra area was supposed to be public space, but later they added it to the Sky Suite Balconies to make it the ‘largest balcony at sea’ and to advertise the private MUTS viewing area. It is strange though to still build it with those access points and then rope it off. Thanks again. Dinner looked great yesterday. Regardless of others’ view on it, we love Club Class dining. Safe Journeys, Paul
  2. Thanks for all of the information and pictures, dides. Different format for Patters and the Hamburger of the day appears removed from Favorites on dinner menu. That was a secret to many. It is a very high quality burger that is served in different formats every evening in the MDR. Often ordered it a perfect Medium Rare on nights that I wasn’t that hungry. Thanks also for the current movies. I appreciate that information. And, I hope Carlos Oscar is still the Comedian when The Sky gets to Florida. We enjoy him. Safe Journeys, Paul
  3. Thanks, dides. Also, thanks for the pictures that you have been posting. I have really been enjoying them. Rarely do I take someone up on an offer like yours, because I don’t want to interfere in your Holiday. But, it seems that you enjoy an initial ‘Scavenger Hunt’ on a new ship! I just have one question, as you could surmise from my posts and pictures on the Sky Suite. Is the area shown in red below open solely for the Sky Suite? And, if so, why is there a door both into the ship hallway and another glass one between the two areas of the deck (shown in the green circle on my pic). Don’t take too much of your ship time if it isn’t evident! Thanks for your offer. We are on her in three times in the next 3 months! Like you we love to test drive new Princess Ships! Safe Journeys. Paul
  4. Have you tried the above listed cruisetimetables site. Once you find your ship (hit ports link, the departure date), your (and all other ships in port that day) will list your entire itinerary. Each port in your itinerary is searchable with a touch, then a touch of the date. You can search your entire itinerary with two touches for each stop in your itinerary without starting over. Hope that helps. It’s my favorite, as well. Safe Journeys, Paul
  5. As you can tell, I am curious about Sky Suites! This is a picture of the MUTS side of the Sky Suite balcony. The red area is supposed to be the private area of the balcony for Sky Suite to watch MUTS (note the speaker! And loungers). But why the doors (the brown door would lead into the hallway) in the green area? In case Princess wants to open it up to passengers? For room service access while watching MUTS? Curious minds want to know!! The other screenshot is the current diagram on the Princess website showing this area of the balcony. Please comment if anyone is a current passenger. Thanks, Paul
  6. Two enlarged pictures of the back (side adjacent to Retreat Cabanas) of Sky Suite Balcony (courtesy of Cruise Trade News and Charlotte Humphrey) sure seems to lack a bit of privacy. A tall person would appear to be able to peer into the area. I was a bit concerned about the MUTS side, but this side appears to be a bit open. Another picture, (I couldn’t post because there was a person in the pic) even has a door in the border to apparently have direct access to the Cabana area. Definitely interesting. Safe Journeys, Paul
  7. You are welcome. I actually learned that during the famous Everything Royal thread that Dave was running back in the year leading up to the launch of the Royal. We would, as well. The rumor was in a UK Cruise Magazine, so you never know. Safe Journeys, Paul
  8. Same extras that I have ordered with the same response. All but one head waiter were accommodating. He said, ‘where am I going to get crab?’ We didn’t go much when he was there that week. I always ordered it for the next day, not the same day. Also, once I got a much better steak than one of their minute strip steaks. I have found that you need to be pretty specific. If you order the ham with the eggs or the corned beef hash, it’s a micro portion. The ham is way better than the buffet, so I just ask for 3 servings. Safe Journeys, Paul
  9. True for the December 4 (initially planned inaugural Caribbean); so far, not so much for the ‘new’ inaugural Caribbean leaving on December 1. So far all sites showing a conflict on 12/3 with Carnival Sunrise and The Sky. Verified on Carnival and Princess Websites and on my go to CruiseTimetables. Please Report any changes. Safe Journeys, Paul
  10. Kerry Ann Wright is the Madrina (Godmother in Italian) for the Sky. The Madrina is the Female chosen for the naming ceremony when the ship in construction first enters the water at the shipyard. A ceremonial Godmother is later chosen to christen the ship before one of the now ‘many’ maiden voyages. For the Regal, the Madrina was Cruise Critic’s Carolyn Spencer Brown, but the ‘Godmother’ was the Loveboat Cast which led the ceremony before the ‘’maiden’ Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale. I am currently forgetting the Royal’s Madrina, but the Godmother was Kate (Catherine), Duchess of Cambridge. Edit: Victoria Nash, daughter of Captain Nick Nash was Royal’s Madrina. The ceremonial Godmother is usually someone well known and is most likely the one remembered; but, the Madrina is the one chosen to Wish the ship Safe Journeys at the float out ceremony. Keeping with tradition, I’d say that the ceremonial Godmother will be named shortly for an upcoming ‘maiden’ voyage. One rumor is that it will be Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, at the December 1 or 4 inaugural getaway from Fort Lauderdale. See link for the story behind the Madrina for the Sky: https://princessjourney.co.uk/dining-culture/the-unique-story-behind-sky-princess-madrina Safe Journeys, Paul
  11. Until that happens, here is a link to one. Not sure it is current, but gives you an idea what was on the Royal and Regal. http://www.beyondships2.com/uploads/8/2/4/5/8245255/cr201_ocean_terrace.pdf Hope it works. Mangia, Paul
  12. Dozens of new pictures posted on Fincantieri Shipyard site today. Enjoy, Paul
  13. Agree. I don’t let many things bother me on a cruise, but that is the main one. Reminds me of another cruise line. Safe Journeys, Paul
  14. Didn’t send questionnaire on the Royal in May. I went down to Passenger Services on day 5 of 7 to say I didn’t receive one. They said that it was now on your Princess intranet account. I didn’t see it or the notice to do it, but got the color that I wanted from Passenger Services without problem. Safe Journeys, Paul
  15. And there is a simple solution. All he needs is a $Billion Dollars to build one exactly to suit. Safe Journeys, Paul
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