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  1. Thought that I would weigh in for those that are interested. October 2020 paid in full Caribbean cruise on Sky, cancelled in August, FCC chosen and it was credited within 21 days of cancellation. January 2021 paid in full Caribbean cruise on Sky cancelled in November, FCC chosen, cruise dates have come and gone, No credit Received yet, paid First Class EZ Air, insurance or Tax/Port Charges not refunded to CC. March 2021 paid in full Caribbean cruise on Sky cancelled in November, FCC chosen, No credit received yet, paid First Class EZ Air, insurance or Tax/Po
  2. Got the $1k and free balcony offer both times...without stepping much out of the casino. Oh...hmm! Be safe. Paul
  3. Great. Thanks, 2 Cruises. Saves me the search process, which is always a benefit. Paul
  4. Chuck, as others have said, several years ago, it was happening routinely. A Thread posted a direct phone number to a Barclay supervisor line that they were instantly fixing the problem without going through the initial layers of customer service. I, too, have the same issue with a small ($200) end of Sky Cruise settlement from last week’s Sky Cruise. It seems to be a coding issue since it is labeled Sky Princess instead of the typical Princess Cruise Passages to get the doubling. I plan on searching a bit tomorrow to find the old thread with the special phone number
  5. And Print Airline Boarding Passes! Safe Journeys, Paul
  6. Has anyone else encountered this with the photo package on the Sky (no paper prints)? Thanks, Paul
  7. You should double check with photo manager and then go to PS if they don’t provide print. Definitely not what the new policy says. We’ve had it many times, but not on medallion ship. I have it scheduled at the pre-Cruise rate of $199, but will cancel if not corrected. Please see attached policy and what is considered an included event. Good Luck and please let us know. Safe Journeys, Paul
  8. Thanks, Astro. Wishful thinking! Enjoy. Safe Journeys, Paul
  9. Great deal with the option to do the NYE Cruise date. We only ever got one move over offer, but it had a limitation on it to reschedule after 2 months (our cruise was 10 day December and if we wanted 10 day Caribbean Cruise, The offer was restricted to after the Feb cruises). Odd, but we declined. Glad it worked out for you. Safe Journeys, Paul
  10. As always, thanks Astro Flyer for your comments. I may be misinterpreting your comment; but, are the daily MDR Menus now listed on the intranet website or Ocean Medallion phone apps? Thanks, and Safe Journeys. Paul
  11. Touché. Perfect break from the typical complaint threads with similar titles. We don’t even have an issue on land, but love to eat the prunes for breakfast on the ship, because of our less than great diet choices onboard! Thanks for the smile. Safe Journeys and here’s to a smooth cruise. Paul
  12. Some of these posts are so bizarre, it must be trolling. However, if not, I’m glad it’s not my picture in the profile for the proverbial lugie in the plate. Once again, Norovirus is not food poisoning. The generalizations found in some of these posts are astounding in 2019. Safe Journeys, Paul
  13. Just a slight flaw??!!?? I tried to ignore it. Comparing a viral outbreak with a bacterial? Food poisoning (usually bacterial) with Norovirus? Confusing source of virus with means of spreading it. I’ll end with the third world employees’ comment...Really? Many of these outbreaks are in USA schools and nursing homes and on cruises originating in our Country. Just like a viral flu, Norovirus happens in every country and in environs that have a lot of people in a confined area. Likewise, a bacterial salmonella or e-Coli outbreak happens in every country.....like our c
  14. We’ve had no problems doing it in either direction. I’m sure someone will say they did have a problem; so, most likely it’s up to the Head Waiters and Maitre D on any given cruise at any given moment! Safe Journeys, Paul
  15. Sandra and Chris, Thank you very much for your gracious Live from the Sky. It was enjoyable and immensely informative. Looking forward to our trips aboard the Sky. Thanks again. Safe Journeys home. Cheers! Paul
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