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  1. Just got off the Bliss this past Sunday. We had cabin 9923 and loved it as usual. Third or fourth time in an AFT. We did have a little soot but I just wiped it down and all was fine. First time in an AFT where we had any soot and it wouldn’t stop me from booking again.
  2. Thanks. That’s good for my phone but not my cpap. Will pack extension cord. Really thought they would do better with electrical outlets on the new ships.
  3. Are there any outlets by the head of the bed?
  4. I was just thinking the brightly colored tags would be easier for the luggage handlers. The ones I printed out just st say “purple”.
  5. The tags I printed out when I completed my on line check in has a place for our name and address. The tags ncl mailed have no place for that info. I’m thinking I’ll use their tags and just make sure there is another tag that has all our personal info.
  6. I’m thinking this looks like a good excursion. If you’ve taken it was it great?
  7. I was thinking Haven was in the aft area of the ship and the forward facing penthouse was a long walk?
  8. I think these would all be sweet but which is your preference. haven aft facing penthouse with balcony haven courtyard penthouse with balcony the haven spa suite with balcony spa mini suite with balcony spa balcony stateroom if my research is correct, they all have Haven access and the spa cabins also have spa access. It’s so hard to decide. Edit; now I think what I’m reading may be wrong about “spa” cabins having haven access.
  9. My husband and I are on the 8-25 Bliss sailing to Canada. We chose an aft balcony which we both enjoy. I just got the upgrade email and it shows pretty much all the H categories available to bid on but when I do a fake booking, there is only the H7 forward facing penthouse available. Has anyone stayed in one of these and did you like it? I’m thinking if I was going to have the Haven experience (which I didn’t think would ever be possible), would being on deck 13 but still have access to the Haven, be less enjoyable? Thanks for your help.
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