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  1. We cancelled our cruise for March 14th last Friday, Feb 28th. We lost 75% of our full fare. I'm sure some of you will say "to bad , so sad". We cancelled for the same reason as any of you that are thinking about cancelling. I will call Princess and plead my case. I have two criteria that I think qualifies for the full refund FCC. I am of age (over 60 that the CDC says are in a warning group) and I had a severe cold that lasted 6 weeks in Jan/early Feb. I will call next week when things settle down (or ramp up).
  2. Do they still have CONCERTS AT SEA during the day on the big screen by the pool? I really enjoyed them last year. Stones, Hall and Oates, Mumford and sons, etc.The sound system was awesome. Also the MUTS in the evening?
  3. I'm one of "those guys" that either breaks or loses sunglasses. My solution is to purchase light weight, stylish glasses. They have The "O" on the side but are for sure not Oakleys. We call them Fakleys. Anyway they are $6 a piece. $4 a couple years ago. When they get scratched or broken I just grab another pair as I purchase 5 at a time. If someone wants directions, I will post them. Most of the stands in the markets will not have these.
  4. I am wondering if any fo you do the same as me. I walk through the buffet to get an overall look at what I might want to try. I would say 90% of what I look at is a "Nope". It's just something that doesn't look appetizing, flavorful, or the presentation is off. But I do usually find something. Fix you own salad, the carving station, And the omlet station with choice of toast for breakfast. Does anybody like chicken sausage?
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