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  1. If it is the same thing as the US, there isn't any email available. Your options are to send it or fax it. I put the that information on the bottom. The information is from the 2018 form I used. Good luck. In the UK Fax: 02380 657509 Mail: Carnival UK, Carnival House100 Harbour Parade, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 1ST United Kingdom
  2. Thank you all for the information. This helps a lot! We leave in 2 weeks and I now have a packing plan. I am happy to hear that I don't have to go to the Internet cafe, unless of course I have issues. I love when you all share your knowledge so generously.
  3. Thank You!!! I don't think I will need that much done, but I'm trying to pack accordingly.
  4. Hi, This is the first time I am going on a longer (15 Night) cruise with Elite so I have a couple of questions on things I haven't used before. 1. Is the laundry unlimited or is there a certain number of bags of laundry they cap you off at? 2. To use the 250 minutes of free WiFi, is there a password they will give us? Where do we get it from? Thank you for your help. I was on one other cruise as Elite but it was a 5 day so I didn't need the laundry and I didn't use the WiFi, but on this longer cruise it would be nice not to have to bring as many clothes and be able
  5. TA's can get a hold of 3 days for a departure more then 90 days out and a 1 day hold on a cruise that is less then 90 days out. Once I had a 1 day hold but I wanted a different cabin in the same category and she was able to get me moved.I like working with a TA.
  6. I requested it last week through the cruise personalizer for my husband. Within a couple of days I had received an email from Princess confirming my order and informing me that distilled water is ONLY for use with CPAP machines. If I indeed needed the water, I would need to confirm that I was bringing a CPAP aboard by responding to the email. I responded that yes, I was bringing a CPAP on board and they responded with a Thank you and that it would be delivered to my cabin. It was easy and cost nothing.
  7. I would call Princess when they know, that way Princess will begin the refund of taxes and port charges. Technically, they don't have to do anything other then that but I agree that your friends may just want to call and see if there is anything that they can do as far as a future credit of some sort, even if just for the OBC. I'm so sorry they are going through this and I hope they are able to make it. Good luck!
  8. When we were on the Medallion cruise we didn't know the table until we got to the room. There was a little card on the desk that stated the table number and dining room. Bring it to the dining room with you. They will ask to see it when you arrive the first night.
  9. We are on that cruise on 11/19. We should get that announcement soon I'm guessing. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. We were on it a couple of weeks ago. My mom smokes and didn't like the deck 7 because it is a really small area and the ashtrays are literally metal boxes attached to the side of the ship encouraging standing while smoking. There also aren't any tables or chairs, just a few loungers. We abandoned that area for the much larger Deck 17Aft (Port and Starboard) or Churchill's on deck 6. I would be surprised if you smelled it too much. That being said, if you have an allergy or have difficulty breathing, I would avoid it.
  11. We sailed MSC Armonia last New Years Eve. I don't think that we will sail them again unless we get a really good deal. Not many passengers spoke English which made it difficult to mingle. The food was good. The excursions were very disorganized. I would never book shore excursions with them again. We had pretty good service and the shows were good but repetitive. We thought it was a good value all in all.
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