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  1. Wrong. Size was irrelevant.
  2. If flying from Heathrow to New York with an onwards connection to SJ, are there any Viking Reps to assist in New York? Or, do they appear in SJ? (Don’t want to put the red Viking stickers on too soon). Also, if booked through ta (Miles Morgan) do we still get the pouch, luggage labels and bag tags sent out from Viking? And ..... do those items depend on type of stateroom booked? Thanks.
  3. I think it depends on the port and what the circumstances are at the time in question. There's no rhyme or reason - been to one port in a specific country and just used the ship card, next day a bit further down the coast in the same country ….. must take passport, which is something I really don't like doing.
  4. Well said, Mrs Miggins - no doubt you have more than a cunning plan! Keep up the pie shop.
  5. Yip, for sure. Our favourite ones have a light cheese flavour, and usually a large bag with about 7 mini bags inside. Also we pack breakfast biscuits, small packs of hand wipes, and small bottles of hand gel.
  6. When I say that we have no wish to socialize, it's our cruise - you socialize if you so desire; we don't wish to do so, and we will ensure that we have suitable accommodation on board the boat to provide us with our quite relaxation time. If we have to 'mingle' there are ways and means of getting through that sort of situation too.
  7. I assume (living dangerously) that room service will be available for the larger accommodation - so no problem there. Having travelled (and lived) extensively in Europe we've often seen several river boats moored up together - and we have our misgivings about that. We might do a tentative river cruise booking, but somehow I don't really think it's for us. Maybe we need to spend a bit of time investigating accommodation sizes, onboard facilities etc. This business of having to collect a card so that the boat knows the onboard passenger totals is archaic. Maybe if the accommodation is suita
  8. For us it's simply got to be at the very least a Junior Suite. We don't go on a cruise to do laundry, and the earlier opportunity to book excursions (if we want them) makes life a lot easier. We don't live in cramped conditions in any of our properties, and we're not about to start doing that on a holiday. We have our standards, and as our suite is our quiet retreat on a cruise, having the better accommodation is simply maintaining our standards. So, the convenience, space, laundry etc - it's a no brainer for us (simples!). If there's nothing suitable available on
  9. We flew out to Venice on BA, and had a great experience with the transfer. The main hold up was waiting for luggage, then we were meeted and greeted, our luggage was deposited in the place for transfer to the ship and we walked a relatively short distance to the coach which stopped right outside the cruise terminal doorway. Being experienced travellers, we always 'note' things, and on this occasion we noted that passengers were arriving in Venice at roughly the same time but on different airlines and obviously from different locations. We knew before hand which flights were arriv
  10. On an ocean cruise, when one does initial check in and embarkation a plastic card is received, to gain access to the ship, make purchases and access accommodation, as previously explained (your debit or credit card is linked with it). When the card is shown to the gangway staff, they tap dit against their computer screen at the gangway point, and one’s image is immediately shown on the screen, so that they can check that the holder is either leaving or joining the ship, and they can also clearly see that the person proffering the card is the correct person. We’ve never got lost
  11. We have many ocean cruises behind us, but no river cruises yet. On an ocean cruise the plastic card you refer to is multi-purpose, and nowadays it permits embarkation and disembarkation, purchases, and entry to accommodation. Are you saying that this isn’t the case on the VR boats? Sounds a bit archaic if you are correct. We prefer the ocean cruise habit habit of showing the card to the security people on duty during disembarkation and again on embarka and then being able to use the card for purchases and access to our suite as and when we wish without any further formalities.
  12. Why does one have to leave a room key at reception? That’s weird ; that doesn’t happen on ocean cruises- don’t the room stewards hold a master key?
  13. Hi Janet, Thanks for that. Funnily enough, we're just back from a trip to your part of the country, we had a grand time and look forward to returning and exploring some more. We knew about the water-level situation, but we couldn't really do main holiday times due to grandparenting duties. We did wonder about the availability of food river -v- ocean, and what you describe is pretty much as we suspected. I think we're going to try out a VR cruise, mainly because we're lucky enough to be needing a break from ocean cruises. If there's room service we'll s
  14. We also really enjoyed the food in Manfredi's. However, we didn't really appreciate the long drawn-out explanation of all the food on the menu given to us by the waiter. We aren't exactly new to eating in a restaurant, and we can actually read; and for us the over-bearing waiter was an intrusion. However, on the next cruise, we know what might happen (a repetition of this experience), and we are prepared for it. Generally speaking when we are faced with a menu we have already made up our minds, they are not going to be changed by a waiter (unless we are being told that what we want is not
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