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  1. I have a strong suspicion that at the end of the day the people actually responsible for any ships using this particular area are the port authority. My feeling is that if it is true (stressing the 'if'), then the port authorities are surely the authors of this situation? Sure cruise line operators have to contact the various port authorities and request the berth and associated facilities well in advance of any brochures and schedules being published and put on sale. Mind you, if this is true (surely a large ship just can't simply 'turn up and ask for space ad hoc apart from emergency situations?), then I'll be prepared for the whingeing and moaning from the locals because footfall and income will drop. However, so does the tide - and then it smells!!!
  2. It might assist you to have a look on whatsinport.com, that way you can see which other ships are there same time as your cruise. The locals keep on making a fuss - and they'd be much better off improving their own standards of waterborne behaviour first. I've also been there when locals have tried to blockade the port, which did impact passengers hoping to embark and disembark for fly-cruises. Anyway, to be 'real' about all this, the locals would soon miss the money which tourists bring in to the area, and let's not forget the fact that ships built/serviced locally bring a lot of money to the area - and those arrive and/or leave via the Giudecca canal. I've been there during times of flooding too, and had plenty of opportunity to witness the wash created by local waterborne transport and NOT created by big cruise ships.
  3. We’re in the UK and have the email. I’ve gone ahead with it, but since the initial activity I’ve been a bit preoccupied and haven’t done anything further.
  4. Nobody, but nobody 'forces' me into any decision. We go for the larger accommodation just because we are used to having room to manoeuvre, and because that's the way we like it. I don't see why we should be in smaller accommodation just because we are on a cruise. As I read it you state above that the excursions you were trying to book were not sold out - so I presume you reserved the excursions you wanted. So, what's all the fuss? (Yawn). When we don't like a system, we don't get involved with it. Currently we do like the VO system
  5. I must admit I have a penchant for large aft suites, although I do find the corner part of a balcony a bit of a waste of space. We don’t think we are on a lofty perch, just careful with our planning which we do to ensure that we get the best out of our plans. We do enjoy VO, we do enjoy not feeling crammed in, and any perks are appreciated. Meanwhile, I just wish people would be content with their plans. After all they are the authors of their plans! Meanwhile, as they say in the UK: ‘Keep calm and carry on’.
  6. To explain again: your problem probably stems from booking a grade of cabin which attracts a higher proportion of the ship’s passengers. If you book a larger and more costly accommodation, you will get to make your selections (a) earlier, and (b) there are less of these accommodations on the ship there will be less passengers trying to make their selections. It’s a numbers game. Simples! Works for us 😎
  7. You mention that the Viking rep 'mentioned that the excursions had opened up for so many people today'. This leads me to conclude that you have booked a lower grade of accommodation - and that's one of the perils of so doing. (Apologies if I'm wrong). If you are booking a lower grade of accommodation, then you need to be aware that there will be more people trying to book excursions - and the same thing will happen with making dining reservations. Sorry, but that's the way it works - all you need to do is to look at the deck plans and it's easy to work out that the better grade suites get an earlier opportunity to make excursion and dining reservations. On the other hand, if you are in a lower grade of accommodation, it's simply a matter of being flexible with choices of excursions and dining. Simples!
  8. We're not going for a motor home option either! We'll look for hotel accommodation to book well before we make the final payment for the cruise (as and when we get around to it). We've currently got over 30 cruises behind us, and so for what we want to get out of a cruise we think we've got it sorted. We've done several hotel/fly holidays/business trips over to Canada, so we know where we want to stay and what we're looking for. The hotel bit is further helped by feedback derived from daughter's honeymoon (they did a fly/drive from Vancouver to Calgary if memory serves correctly), so we've got a pretty good idea of where to stay and driving conditions. Before anyone asks, our reasons for not using a motorhome is that we'll be on holiday, and that means total enjoyment and relaxation (and that's all).
  9. Morning! Cheers for that - worthwhile information. However, I still think we're going to do the 'land bit' by driving ourselves (at the moment). Once again, thanks.
  10. Hi NS, This is one we are looking at, but as we are keen photographers we don't think that being on a moving train is going to be 'just the thing' for us. Cruise yes, but we are going to try and plan a route/schedule to drive across to get the flight back home. Two other family members have already done the drive section, and we truly think that by driving, we can stop precisely when and where we want to get the photos we want. Going back to your opening post comment, maybe the drive (for us) is especially a good idea. It's bad enough being outnumbered on a ship, but on a small space like a train being outnumbered - earplugs wouldn't cut the mustard! Having said that, have a grand time, Gromit.
  11. Hi NS, I know what you mean. We're certainly not new to cruising, and have cruised worldwide. However, to repeat - I know what you mean about being outnumbered. For us it's never been a problem as we believe we are all simply just 'citizens of planet earth'. We refuse point blank to 'staying this side of the pond' - time is always valuable for each and every one of us on this planet, use it or waste it - it's an individual choice. I must point out though, that I do sometimes feel with VO that folks from 'over there' get better deals, better obc etc; but I make my choice and do my best to make the utmost of an situation.
  12. I'd get that sorted asap if I was you. Another thing - it's not a big cost, but when using a VO booked hotel in Italy, do the passengers have to pay the hotel tax, or is that covered in the hotel/add-on extension hotel charge paid to VO?
  13. If your plan in Dubrovnik is to do an excursion into the town, you can always take the excursion bus into town, and catch one of the frequent shuttle buses back to the ship. That's what we did, because quite frankly the tour guide was an extremely self-opinionated chauvinist, and after tolerating him during the bus drive in to the Pile Gate and about 5 minutes of the walking tour, we ditched that as a bad idea and had a lovely time on our own. We were able to get photographs which we believe we wouldn't have been able to get on the walking tour, and enjoyed our time in town. We caught a shuttle bus back to the ship, which wasn't full at all. It's a hilly walk from the ship to town, and most folk took the buses. On one of our previous cruises we had a ship-excursion (not VO) which went along the coast to Cavtat, which is charming and very enjoyable.
  14. Usually when we are overseas and don't quite want to 'trust' using credit cards, we get a pre-loaded card before we leave home, one which we can top-up as we go along (once we are back safely on the ship or in an hotel and can top-up in privacy). However, the currency of Croatia is Kuna. We visited Split and found the only thing which appealed was Diocletian's Palace; and that there really wasn't anything worth buying. The ship was close in enough for us to go back to the ship for any refreshments - it was a short walk. In Dubrovnik, it's (obviously) the same currency, and in the time available as we stayed in Dubrovnik for our excursion this time, and again the only items on sale didn't appeal, and the ship had a good shuttle bus service going for those who didn't want a very hilly long route between ship and town.
  15. I wouldn't really put much store by what's aired on tv really. The main thing that happens with loads of people is that they start 'believing' in the adverts for various things, including holidays and cruises. One person's meat can be another person's poison, and silly though it sounds something really minor can spoil a holiday or cruise. It's not a tangible item, so for instance if you buy a specific car in a specific colour and somehow something doesn't work, well it's a tangible item, so you can rightfully complain and get it put right. With cruising, there's the element of 'beauty is in the eye of the holder', and also one person may interpret what is put out in the advertisements in a particular way - and when the reality of the experience happens there can be disappointment or disapproval even. To some extent maybe passengers need to be very even handed with how they interpret the experience of a cruise - and pick out the best bits to enjoy and remember, and learn from the 'poor' experiences (if any) and do what they can to mitigate having to go through the poor bit again. We always say that we believe strongly that it is up to us personally to do absolutely everything we can to ensure that we enjoy our holiday. Not that we do so at the expense of others, there has to be some degree of making allowances; the only exception to this rule is the 'rule of the Captain'. If the Captain cancels a port - well it's done for the best of reasons. As to what may have been on the tv in the UK regarding worst cruises - it's aired for sensationalism and entertainment. In reality, if the weather kicks up there's nothing anyone can do to prevent bad weather. If however there's a mechanical failure - that's potentially the fault of the engineering department of a cruise line.
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