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  1. Parsley Cruises


    Firstly, unless we have received outstanding service, we do not tip. Secondly when we have booked a cruise which states that gratuities are included we don't tip. End of story - it's not a matter of finances, it's just how we are. I really don't get this 'compulsion' to show-off with tipping. We were on one particular cruise (not a VO) cruise, and the competition to tip more than others became really vulgar; in the end it all got rather offensive.
  2. Parsley Cruises

    Viking Swag

    Sort of a clever idea, but isn't the Viking logo a case of copyright? I have access to a fully computerised sewing machine, and together with my pc I can easily copy various items, but I won't do it because of copyright laws .
  3. Parsley Cruises

    Information Packs

    You can always get a heap of information from whatsinport.com . Always be sure to look out for public/religious holidays! We quite often look at online maps before a cruise, and if there's nothing suitable available onboard a ship we simply wait until we disembark at a port of call and then pick up a couple of the many handed out by locals at the port.
  4. Parsley Cruises

    Questions about Empires of the Med.

    Ah yes, well - if you are used to living in London then I can appreciate where you are coming from. We are used to wide open spaces and very little crowding. We noticed the poor dogs in Athens - they were seriously in need of a lot of tlc, and we didn't much like the people who were monitoring them (eg using the dogs for begging purposes).
  5. Parsley Cruises

    Questions about Empires of the Med.

    Be very careful going to the Archeological Museum, it’s in a dodgy area. Generally when you’re out and about in Athens there are lots of stray dogs, especially at tourist spots like the Acropolis.
  6. Parsley Cruises

    Questions about Empires of the Med.

    You can find out more about Oroscopo from their own website. We did find though, that a couple of other restaurants en route to Oroscopo we not 'busy' - Oroscopo was never empty; and we think that this observation speaks for itself. Maybe there was something wrong with the other restaurants, either too pricey or food/atmostphere not up to much. Oroscopo had a nice mix of tourists and local people in there. As far as I can remember it didn't close mid afternoon when we were there, and even though we hadn't booked a table, the MD always found a table for us, in a particularly charming manner. The tours that we had on the extension were unbelievable - Mycenae, Epidaurus etc, the Peleponese area, and above all, Delphi. It's right near a small ski resort, so you can imagine beautiful scenery all around (once you leave the main road/motorway). The restaurants used on the tours are superb, and we can't wait to return. The guides were extremely helpful, thoughtful and knowledgeable - there's a Greek word for that!
  7. Parsley Cruises

    Questions about Empires of the Med.

    Ok, we had covered many of your port of call before we took a Venice to Athens trip with VO in 2018. Superb. The only place where we thought it wise to take a longish coach trip (included, I may add) was the trip to Olympia - we'd do it again in a heartbeat. I know what you mean about getting back on a coach, however, Olympia is wonderful. Not too happy about the facilities on the site (left a little bit to be desired), but the actual site - fantastic. We were there with VO during November, and to be able to photograph the archeological items of interest with little wild cyclamen dotted around here and there added to the aesthetic value of the photographs, it added interest and softened the view. There is also a very interesting museum at the site, and a small gift shop. Dubrovnik - the walking tour provided us with a coach ride into the old town, but we left the walking tour guide and did our own thing at our own pace and caught a free shuttle bus back to the ship. Kotor - didn't take any excursions as we simply wanted to run, which was great as the ship berths really close to the old town and it was simple to work out a nice and safe-ish running route. Corfu - head into the old town, it's easily walkable. Athens - do yourself a big favour and have the 4 day extension in Athens - we'll never ever forget it, truly wonderful. If you get to stay in the Hilton in Athens, there's a wonderful little restaurant behind it (just a short walk and cross over two road crossings) called OROSCOPO, again, we'd go back in a heartbeat. Hope your Venice to Athens is as wonderful as our memories.
  8. Parsley Cruises

    Breakfast (uncooked oatmeal)

    We found Viking always happy to help.
  9. Parsley Cruises

    First ocean cruise - what preparation should we be doing?

    Yes indeed, singing up for the M&M could be a good thing - I think that there is a minimum number of potential attendees for a M&M before it gets 'authorised'? QED signing up might just be a good thing.
  10. Parsley Cruises

    First ocean cruise - what preparation should we be doing?

    Just look on this website for 'find your roll call', then put in the name of your cruise line, then the ship and the date - and then you will see your cruise. Just follow through to the discussion, post something and then the rest will follow on. Meanwhile, you will already know the itinerary, so a good start is to look on whatsinport.com, you should be able find your day to day stuff on there by first selecting the country for a specific port of call, and then the actual port of call, and then look for cruise calendar on the following page. You will also get an idea of what the temperatures may be whilst you are on your cruise, and you can start to plan your clothing requirements accordingly. You'll find stuff like local public or religious holidays for your particular day of visit, and then lots of other information. Next, it can be a good idea to have a look at any special visa or passport type requirements, and after that maybe have a look at any vaccination requirements, and finally check on the currencies and decide what you are going to do. One additional thing is that if you are making your own way to your airport of departure - how are you getting there, and will you need to book accommodation for the night before the flight. Good luck - and enjoy!
  11. Parsley Cruises

    Front of the ship?

    Well I think I'd refer to those areas as 'landings', since if someone goes up a flight of stairs and reaches the next deck (floor) the floor area where you complete moving from one floor to another is called a landing. However, , when nearing a port with a busy airport, don't leave the landing lights on !
  12. Parsley Cruises

    Front of the ship?

    Just an old fashioned way to remember port and starboard - use the old saying 'The red port was left on the table'; so when you are facing forward (the front) port is always on your left. Simples. To get all the phraseology in place - the front of the ship is the bow or forward, the back of the ship is aft or stern. Midships is midships (middle of the length), and the middle of the width is athwart. We have known people (on cruises where all the drinks had to be paid for n board, in the bad old days before drinks packages) spend virtually all the cruise in the bars (as long as the bars were open), and then they would have drinks parties in their cabins when the bars were closed! I simply don't see the point of that.
  13. Parsley Cruises

    What is disembarkation day like on Viking ?

    5 to 10 minutes doesn't sound all that long to some folks, but I can clearly remember we made a point of looking online to try and work out which side of the bus to sit on, so that we could keep an eye on our bags when they were offloaded at the airport. Just as well we did, as there were some questionable people taking a close interest in the bags which came off the bus, but at least we were able to keep an eye on the bags, and be quick smart off the bus. I don't know if these people (non-uniformed casually dressed, a bit unkempt) were hoping to con money out of us for wheeling our bags into the airport or what, but I sensed the need to keep these people away from our possessions. I prefer to get off the bus and take control of my bags - it's the best way. I've never seen passengers 'jumping on top of a driver' to get at their bags, but in a public place like an airport it's extremely prudent to keep a sharp eye on your bags - for a multitude of reasons.
  14. Parsley Cruises

    Government Shutdown

    I’ve fortunately not received anything😎
  15. Parsley Cruises

    Room service menu

    Am I right in thinking that you can have (early ish) room service breakfast on disembarkation day? I know that on all our other cruises this option simply did not exist. However, I'd gladly do either room service or Mamsens if either of those are available on disembarkation morning. Last time on VO we simply got into our disembarkation routine which meant going to the WC for breakfast. We still haven't been to the MDR for breakfast - but we'll try that out on our next cruise later this year.