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  1. I did a Balcony Guarantee Stateroom for myself and hubby as well as my two children. It was a good deal. We are leaving in two weeks and got our assigned cabins about 2 weeks ago, so a month out. We ended up with two staterooms on deck 9 forward, but closer to mid-ship. I'm happy with our cabins and would take a chance again. Good luck!!
  2. Thank you for the good information. After looking at the list of wines and not being happy with the minimal choice of wines in the "Easy" wine package, I was able to change to "Classic" through the website where I originally ordered it. Yayy!! :D
  3. I have done 'Guarantee' cabin several times on other cruise lines and have been satisfied with the outcome. Sometimes a cabin is assigned within a few weeks, other times it's not until a few days out. Yes, it's a crap shoot, but if the price difference is enough then I wouldn't hesitate to do it. My attitude is that as long as I'm on the ship I don't care where my cabin is, but that is just my personal feelings. I would only do this if the price is right, otherwise I also prefer picking my cabin location. But you do need to remember that where ever you end up on the ship you can't really complain, because that's what you agreed to.
  4. Thanks for the information and the pic of the list of wines in the two packages. I wish I had waited before I purchased the 2 "Easy" Wine Packages thinking that was the better way to go. Live and learn. Will try to change this but not sure how easy it will be.
  5. We did buy "Easy" thinking it would have better wine choices since it said that they were chosen by their sommelier, but from your pic of the list of wines it looks like "Classic" has more choices to offer. We actually bought 2 Easy wine packages to cover us for the 2 weeks onboard. Maybe this was a mistake! How easy will it be for me to change it to "Classic" I wonder.
  6. We are cruising on the MSC Magnifica in Europe in less than a month, and we purchase the Water Package of 14 bottles of 1 liter mineral water. Can anyone explain how it works? Do we have these 14 bottles delivered to our room on embarkation day or do we pick them up somewhere? We also have purchased the wine and water package for the dining room and also were given the 12 vouchers each for drinks. Can anyone enlighten me as to how all of these will work? Will we get a booklet of 12 vouchers each and need to carry these around to give for our drinks or is it loaded on our cruise cards? Thanks in advance for any information you can give us.
  7. We are on a cruise that docks in Amsterdam at 17:00 and leaves the next morning. What can we do in about 6 hours once we get off the ship. We'll probably want to get back on the ship by midnight. We would like to maybe see Anne Frank house or one of the art museums and do a canal boat tour or whatever is best to see the canals. Do ships dock close to the center of town? What is most important to see in Amsterdam to get a feel for this city? Anything we should try eating that is typical of this city? I desperately need help planning for the 6 hours, I've done some reading but not sure how close or easy things are to get to. Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions you could give me.
  8. I am also cruising on the Magnifica, but in August, and I asked the same question of the reservation department and was told no they don't have any transfers available to the airport or London. My husband and I will be taking a taxi to the Southampton Train Station and train into London, where we will stay overnight before heading to the airport. There is a bus company (National Express, I believe) that does Southampton to the airport, You will need to take a taxi to the Bus Terminal. Hope this helps!
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