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  1. People (including rioters and protesters) travel....and bring the virus back home with them.
  2. Just off Nautica. Great deal in our opinion. Price includes gratuity. Bottle choices could be changed as you went along as long if they were on the package list.
  3. +2 here. Disappointed in the food found in our last 3 cruises. Cruising again soon and hope there's a return to quality of 4 years ago.
  4. Yep, a couple got into a brawl in the laundry room and were kicked off the ship on one of our O cruises in Asia...pretty amazing behavior. We avoid the laundry room. Not worth it. We hand wash our lightweight stuff and send the other clothes out to the laundry. O's laundry service is very good and reasonably priced. I don't want to wash and iron when on holiday.
  5. Cheese plate is yummy and when combined with a basket of assorted breads, shrimp cocktails and wine, you have a great light meal.
  6. Catlover54....wow! Fantastic fare!!! Good on you....
  7. Bought 1 way flight EZE-SBA in Prem Econ from Seabourn. Received the airline we requested as well as our seats for a significant savings over booking independently.
  8. LOVE Leslie Jon....he was our CD for our first 10 cruises....wonderful and interesting man with a great sense of humor. Sadly we haven't had him since but hoping he'll be on in Feb as we would love to spend time with him again. And indeed, he's just like Farmer's.
  9. WOW WOW WOW! We looked at your album several times and are amazed by the scenery, your photographic composition and expertise. Excited about our Feb cruise but now disappointed we won't be visiting South Georgia. Many thanks for sharing.
  10. On our recent trip to Scotland, we were amazed at the number of varieties of gin as well as tonics. I had a wonderful gin and tonic with Boe passion fruit gin and Cushiedoos tonic and pomegranate seeds in a large balloon goblet....OUT of this WORLD! Doubt Seabourn would stock this combo but if ever Scotland, you might want to give it a try.
  11. We will never EVER book a forward starboard room again. On our cruise in June, we were frequently awakened as early as 5:30 am from the smell of both cigarettes and cigars. We were in a forward cabin on Deck 7. Move if you can.
  12. ok, will call. Paulchili, Orv, FBF, and Kate-AHF, Thank you for your replies.
  13. REALLY? Darn, thought I could just cancel and move on.... Thank you Paul.
  14. Feel silly but cannot figure out how to cancel an excursion booking made on Manage Booking. Asking for help please!
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