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  1. Jim was a wonderful online wayfarer and friend. Hold steady Stan....our thoughts are with you and your family.
  2. ps/ Love the photos Dan. Nothing like a road trip in the USA....Nature's wonders are everywhere.
  3. Not all airlines have a Premium Econ class. Perhaps that might explain it.
  4. Thank you for the info. Helpful....
  5. No one HAS to cruise....Your World Your Way Your Choice. Make your own decision. That's what free people do.
  6. Our tour in Stanley, Falkland Islands was wonderful. We took Patrick Watts' tour to Volunteer Point....highly recommend it and much more reasonably priced than the ship's excursion.
  7. We did San Antonio to BA on Seabourn Quest this past Feb/March. Had 8 days in Antarctica and 2 great stops in the Falklands. What an experience! Sailing past those tabular icebergs was AWESOME! as was the other scenery. We were up close to leopard seals, humbacks, and all sorts of penguins. Zodiac landings everyday save for 2 zodiac cruises and of course the tendering at Stanley. All drinks on Seabourn are included in the fare and there were special deck parties with champagne, vodka and caviar several times during our voyage. We didn't spend $25k per person but rather total for the 2 of us in
  8. Susiesan: noted that you are spending 2 nights at Fare Suisse precruise. Several years ago, we stayed there one night after a late night arrival at PPT and a mid morning departure the next day to Huahine. Not many amenities etc for a 2 nights stay ie view, food, pool, beach, Le Truck, etc. You are aware of this, oui?
  9. Thanks you for your service and sacrifice Hawaiian Dan,
  10. People (including rioters and protesters) travel....and bring the virus back home with them.
  11. Just off Nautica. Great deal in our opinion. Price includes gratuity. Bottle choices could be changed as you went along as long if they were on the package list.
  12. +2 here. Disappointed in the food found in our last 3 cruises. Cruising again soon and hope there's a return to quality of 4 years ago.
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