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  1. LOVE Leslie Jon....he was our CD for our first 10 cruises....wonderful and interesting man with a great sense of humor. Sadly we haven't had him since but hoping he'll be on in Feb as we would love to spend time with him again. And indeed, he's just like Farmer's.
  2. WOW WOW WOW! We looked at your album several times and are amazed by the scenery, your photographic composition and expertise. Excited about our Feb cruise but now disappointed we won't be visiting South Georgia. Many thanks for sharing.
  3. On our recent trip to Scotland, we were amazed at the number of varieties of gin as well as tonics. I had a wonderful gin and tonic with Boe passion fruit gin and Cushiedoos tonic and pomegranate seeds in a large balloon goblet....OUT of this WORLD! Doubt Seabourn would stock this combo but if ever Scotland, you might want to give it a try.
  4. We will never EVER book a forward starboard room again. On our cruise in June, we were frequently awakened as early as 5:30 am from the smell of both cigarettes and cigars. We were in a forward cabin on Deck 7. Move if you can.
  5. ok, will call. Paulchili, Orv, FBF, and Kate-AHF, Thank you for your replies.
  6. REALLY? Darn, thought I could just cancel and move on.... Thank you Paul.
  7. Feel silly but cannot figure out how to cancel an excursion booking made on Manage Booking. Asking for help please!
  8. It's been 2 years since we were last on Seabourn so I must not be remembering correctly....or I'm remembering either Oceania or Windstar bagged laundry practices. Nice to know shirts and slacks in Seabourn's bagged laundry come back pressed.
  9. Remember, the bagged laundry is returned nicely folded but not pressed.
  10. Remember the gratuity charge on top of the drink price.
  11. LHT: has your TA sent a copy to you that you are able to share?
  12. The first time we were on an O cruise, we had a private overnight tour to Hanoi....fascinating. Stayed in a hotel in Old Town....wonderful food. 2 years ago, we were on a Seabourn cruise but the ship did not overnight in Halong. So, we took a ship's tour for a day trip to Hanoi. We usually don't take ship's tour but this one was exceptional. 6 of us in a very large, modern touring van. Fascinating countryside and our guide provided great commentary. AND we had a fabulous lunch at a local restaurant...the Lime Tree I think. Totally worthwhile.
  13. YIKES! We were on Insignia for 21 days Southampton-MIA and returned home 12 July. Don't recall seeing the rusty colored water in on cabin on Deck 7 but if we did, we'd certainly pursue the situation. Going to be on Insignia for 31 days in Dec....O will hopefully have addressed the problem....as in NOW! Any updates from the Corporate office?
  14. Appreciate the drinks included in fare but really, how luxury is a cruise line to charge for internet?
  15. We swore "Never Again" after doing a segment on a ATW Southampton-MIA. Relieved to know we weren't alone in our opinion. Now find we are doing another segment of a ATW Jan 2020...hope our experience is different. If not, the NEVER part stands.
  16. and to you and Mr Mike! 😎
  17. Great news! LHT28: Thank you for the clarification....much appreciated!
  18. LHT 28 and sitraveler, thank you for your replies. 2 of the 3 week cruise are our "free cruise" and we only receive benefits for our loyalty level. I looked at the benefits on O's website and it says SAVINGS ON NEW INTERNET PACKAGE So, are the new savings FREE internet?
  19. Have searched O's website and this forum but not able to find current pricing for internet packages as we don't have free internet on our cruise in Feb 2020. Does anyone happen to know the rates?
  20. We used Blackberry Cars who were great! Clean vehicle, picked us on time at 8 am and we were at LHR Term 2 before 10:30. Cost GBP 99 total, though we did tip our driver.
  21. Oh my, we've been reading blogs about Seabourne cruises to Antarctica in preparation for our 2020 voyage . We learned about how special Capt Larsen was and hoped to meet him on our cruise. Indeed, he was a Captain's Captain and beloved by those who sailed with him. So sorry to learn about his passing....a great loss to his family and the sailing community. Home is the sailor, home from the sea....
  22. The Beach: WOW!!! You've truly captured what French Polynesia is. Yes, it's the sunsets and sunrises, the beaches, mountains, atolls, the water with the amazing fish, and the flowers but again WOW, you've captured the warmth and kind nature of the people. Very cool and moving! Mauruuru Roa for sharing!
  23. Did this several years ago on either Nautica or Regatta, can't remember. Regardless, we were fine and there wasn't any memorable rocking and rolling. Now on our Iceland voyage last summer....well, that was different tune!
  24. Go Bucks: what cabin category are you in? Your photos are great!
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