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    There is a "flea market" type place just across the street from the dock, but it's not a large area. You'll find the the shirts and trinkets like on the other islands and you'll also find some local specialties there. If you're doing an island tour, there will be a couple of stops with small areas for shopping for souveniers as well.
  2. You'll find 2-3 names over and over again here...... The one of them I took was: reynotours@hotmail.com
  3. I'm one of those people who posts on Dominica :) It's lush, unspoiled, friendly, and breathtaking.. You really need to take an island tour here or you'll miss the real island. JMHO
  4. Lucky You!! It's hard to say visiting the island with a guide vs. staying on the island for a month- I wish I could give you a real answer. I felt very safe with Reyno Tours when I visited. May I suggest contacting Reynold to ask his advice and maybe you can arrange some tours with him and he can give you his recommendations for the rest of your stay?? reynotours@hotmail.com
  5. I'm one of the good reviews and twice! :) Actually, you might run into quite a few Spring Breakers depending on when San Juan lets out for those, so it will probably be crowded in April. I've really read alot more good reviews than bad ones in the past year, so I think with your attitude, you will have a great time, too :) Please don't forget to visit the Main Destiny Cruisers thread and the Ports of Call boards to help book excursions.
  6. Basically, it's the Carlos 'n Charlies or Senior Frogs of Barbados... A Party place that serves lunch/dinner menus, DJ, crazy adult games, dancing, etc. During the day, they also have beach access with lots of water activities for the entire family. I wouldn't take the kids there at night though- it bit crazy at times :)
  7. We absolutely loved our tour with Glory Tours and would do it again in a heartbeat. The Best of Barbados truly was the Best of Barbados. Our ship left later then than it is now, so we were able to go to the Boatyard for several hours afterwards, but I'm afraid there wouldn't be time to do both now. So sorry about that!! Happy Birthday to your DH though!! :D
  8. We did this excursion a few years ago and the company does Carnival exclusively from what they told us. Highly enjoyed it and St. John is beautiful. We didn't go to a populated area though. The tour was only $75 then. I would try to find someone independently to save money- Carnival takes quite a bit of the cut and this way you'd be supporting the island a little since Carnival will already be getting your booze, spa, and picture $$$ :) Last year, we went back to St. Thomas and toured with Godfrey and it was wonderful to learn a bit, enjoy the island, and hit the Mountain Top. That was only $20 and you get 2 hours of beach time, too.
  9. We spent the better part of an evening with the Delphonics on the Destiny in October. They are great guys who play some great music!!! We had pictures taken and they are in my signature link below. Some of you may recognize them from the 70's or so....Smokey Robinson was said to have been on our cruise, but we didn't get the opportunity to mingle with him.
  10. I'd do the Best of Barbados tour with Glory Tours to hit all the great spots in 1 day. 1) Harrison's Cave 2) Wildlife Preserve (see and maybe play with Green monkeys) 3) Swim w/ Turtles 4) Snorkle in several spots 5) Glass bottom boat to see all the cool stuff/coral 6) Bathsheba 7) See where some of the stars have homes www.glorytours.org
  11. Sorry you haven't enjoyed the island ronzoco.... We found it to be so wonderful! Alot of folks said they had a great time River Tubing, so you might want to try that out since you've done the island tour and seen the pool and falls.
  12. We didn't find much that was sold that we didn't see in St. Thomas the day before with the exception of it saying Dominica. However, the clothing was a few dollars cheaper in Dominica, so save your money for there. We did buy the soaps that are made on the island that folks were talking about on this board though. Haven't used it yet, but I bought 2 different kinds. We wanted to buy some of the Ginger wine that we tasted on our tour with Reyno, but forgot to on our way back to the ship. It's sweet, but it's made there on the island and we found it very tasty with our Plantain chips....
  13. I would say, don't miss the opportunity to take an island tour and see the highlights. I think that those that chose to just walk across the street and shop vs. seeing the island were the ones that didn't care for that port on our trip, too. We made it a point on each of our ports to schedule stuff that let us see the best of land and sea and we weren't disappointed at all. Dominica is really beautiful!
  14. We're doing Glory Tours "Best of Barbados" and you get a bunch of everything the island has to offer.... Check it out online at www.glorytours.com
  15. Like Robstrash said, we usually take some cereal, but to help get us through getting off the ship and to the airport. I've never tried the room service thing for ports though because of the agriculture laws in different countries- just in case. Wouldn't want to wind up in jail for eating my sandwich now :)
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