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  1. pholter


    There is a "flea market" type place just across the street from the dock, but it's not a large area. You'll find the the shirts and trinkets like on the other islands and you'll also find some local specialties there. If you're doing an island tour, there will be a couple of stops with small areas for shopping for souveniers as well.
  2. pholter

    Give me the name of your best tour place

    You'll find 2-3 names over and over again here...... The one of them I took was: [EMAIL="reynotours@hotmail.com"]reynotours@hotmail.com[/EMAIL]
  3. pholter

    Carnival Destiny/Victory

    I'm one of those people who posts on Dominica :) It's lush, unspoiled, friendly, and breathtaking.. You really need to take an island tour here or you'll miss the real island. JMHO
  4. pholter

    Staying on Dominica for one month questions

    Lucky You!! It's hard to say visiting the island with a guide vs. staying on the island for a month- I wish I could give you a real answer. I felt very safe with Reyno Tours when I visited. May I suggest contacting Reynold to ask his advice and maybe you can arrange some tours with him and he can give you his recommendations for the rest of your stay?? [EMAIL="reynotours@hotmail.com"]reynotours@hotmail.com[/EMAIL]
  5. pholter

    Glory Tours- Beautiful Barbados

    [quote name='lrn376']Hi Cheryl, I have been trying to get in touch with Glory Tours for about a week. So far no response. Would you have an e-mail address for them. I sent my an e-mail to [URL="http://www.sarah@glorytours.org"]www.sarah@glorytours.org[/URL]. My e-mail address is:LRN376atyahoo.com Many thanks, Lois[/quote] Try removing the "www." before sarah & "." after org from the email address and you should get through OK.
  6. [quote name='People_Mover']The DW and I love to cruise and we love to sing as well in the lounge and are actually good singers too :D however, I get VERY annoyed when it's 10:00 or 11:00 at night and they are letting these 7 year olds or 10 year olds sing barney and friends or some wacked out song where 1) you can't even hear them sing 2) they are too shy to voice anything 3) they speak the song rather than sing it 4) they speak it so softly, you can't hear them anyway! It wastes time for those who do enjoy entertaining others, but also discourages the crowd by wasting 5 minutes of everyone's time! I don't understand how the older crowd is going crazy for them too?? what am I missing here? Granted 1 out of 100 may be a future american idol and deserve a round of applause, but others are just a waste of time. I really think Carnival should set an age restriction on the singing. If I'm not mistaken, they use to do an afternoon kareoke session in a smaller lounge which would better serve the youths of the cruise. It really puts a downer on (what I feel) should be an adults event especially with all the alcohol being consumed by some before getting up to sing! Would love to hear others opinions.[/quote] I haven't read the whole thread, just your posting, but I have a strong opinion on this as well. The Capers advertise Kids Karaoke and Adult Karaoke and they STILL allow the kids to come in and ruin the adult fun in the adult lounge during adult karaoke. I couldn't even sing 2 of my songs during Adult karaoke because there were minors present and they had cuss words in them. Huh??? Why are they allowed to stay in the first place? It's the same as the Adult Comedy show and they aren't allowed. It's very irritating that Carnival doesn't enforce things for everyone's pleasure. They won't let me play in Camp Carnival or do the Kids Scavenger Hunt....:rolleyes:
  7. pholter

    No cruises to Dominica in Sept 2008?

    I didn't check all the lines- just Carnival. It appears there is a 2 month lapse between the Destiny going there and the Victory taking over the route. I'm confused unless both ships are going into drydock or something.
  8. pholter

    Looking for "knock off" handbags

    No, you won't find shops like that in Dominica... sorry!
  9. pholter

    Carnival Cruise member

    Yes, he is FAB!! :) You can contact him at [EMAIL="reynotours@hotmail.com"]reynotours@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] You might want to check out my review in my signature link for this port for detailed information as my memory is wiped clean from work this week being a disaster.... It's all beautiful and very unspoiled. Also, he's available to book different private tours if you find that the normal highlights aren't exactly what you're looking for. He's very accommodating.
  10. pholter

    Cell phones in SanJuan

  11. pholter

    Destiny Review - Feb. 17-24, 2008 (LONG)

    TennisLover- as expected, you didn't disappoint with your review! :) I absolutely LOVED it and it brought back alot of memories... You know, I don't think I've read a review when the Piano Bar was fun on this particular ship- kinda weird, but Karaoke makes up for it!
  12. pholter

    Any indie tour operators do this excursion?

    I would email one of the recommened guides here and ask... I'm sure several of them have already read your posting because they do read these boards although, they cannot advertise or recruit here. You can try Reyno Tours and if he can't help you, he's so nice and helpful, I'm sure he'll let you know who can. [EMAIL="reynotours@hotmail.com"]reynotours@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] Good Luck!
  13. pholter

    Destiny Dining Universal or Galaxy

    I liked them both- they had the same food :) Last time, we had the Galaxy for Dinner, but the Universe is where we had breakfast, so used them both all week. I prefer to sit at big round tables in the middle of the room, so that's where we are for dinner to meet and have fun with other passengers. I think both have booths though. I felt formal in the Galaxy, but then again everyone was dressed appropriately and enjoying the formal atmosphere that creates, too.
  14. pholter

    Carnival Destiny

    There are some newer reviews posted in the reviews section of these boards- just click on "reviews" at the top right header on this page. Also, there's newer information and reviews posted in the "Attn: Destiny Cruisers...Past and Future" thread here. My favorite ports were Dominica and Barbados and found the best excursions I've ever taken by using the Ports of Call boards here on Cruise Critic as well. Much better recommended guides than any ship tour I've ever taken. Good Luck!
  15. pholter

    Shopping close to ship

    Yes, there is a small "flea market" type area just across the street from the pier with a few vendors. Hopefully, you'll find what you want there. The tours usually stop at a look out point that has a few more vendors to try as well.