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  1. I just read the things than NYGov Cuomo said and they are quite frightening. It is amazing that a few days ago, the whole country had 1500 cases, and now NY alone has1500 cases. The number of hospital beds is the critical point, hence the absolute need to "flatten the curve".
  2. Sorry but I guess that I am one of the "cranky-pants members" as I don't think "issues and paranoia" can quite describe what the world is experiencing: Daily life in the United States continues to grind to a halt as authorities scramble to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Across the world, countries are taking drastic steps, shutting their borders to travelers and enforcing quarantine requirements. Yet local transmission is on the rise in many places, especially Europe and the United States, demonstrating the difficulty of containing the virus.
  3. This new coronavirus is more contagious and more widespread than previous ones. The "experts" say that we have about 2 weeks to "flatten the curve" (the spread of the virus) before it explodes, and we have such widespread infections that our health care systems will be overwhelmed due to the increased number of people who will require hospitalization. Hence the need for "social distancing", limiting the size of crowds, etc. This is a serious public health crisis!!!!!
  4. Another great place for lobster rolls is James Hook and Co, on Atlantic Ave
  5. Be sure to go to Mike's Pastry in the North End for the best cannoli!!!!!!
  6. Jim, how many passengers are staying on for the whole 245 day World cruise?
  7. Just read this: Norwegian cruiser “Viking Jupiter” crash at Piraeus pier on its maiden journey. Just read this on a Viking site:  Three fenders were detached from the crash impact. Small material damage of a length of 15 meters was caused at the pier. The “Viking Jupiter” was accompanied by three tugboats. The Central Port Authority of Piraeus issued a sailing ban for the cruiser until a class confirmation by the technical company where it is registered has been submitted, Greek media report. The 1st Port Department investigates the incident. It is not known what will happen with the passengers. Viking took delivery of its sixth ocean vessel February 7 at Fincantieri’s shipyard in Ancona, Italy. Viking Jupiter began its maiden season in mid February offering Antiquities itinerary between Athens and Rome.
  8. It is called "Along Europe's Western Coast" but still showing only April 2019, no other cruise listed.
  9. When we were in Tromso in June 2017 on the "Into the Midnight Sun" cruise, we docked right near the Tromso Botanical Gardens as we were able to walk to them but I do not know the name of the docking area.
  10. Has anyone used Spain Day Tours to go from Malaga to the Alhambra? We will be on the Jupiter cruise "Along Europe's Western Coast" and are looking into private tours.
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