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  1. Just read this: Norwegian cruiser “Viking Jupiter” crash at Piraeus pier on its maiden journey. Just read this on a Viking site:  Three fenders were detached from the crash impact. Small material damage of a length of 15 meters was caused at the pier. The “Viking Jupiter” was accompanied by three tugboats. The Central Port Authority of Piraeus issued a sailing ban for the cruiser until a class confirmation by the technical company where it is registered has been submitted, Greek media report. The 1st Port Department investigates the incident. It is not known what will happen with the passengers. Viking took delivery of its sixth ocean vessel February 7 at Fincantieri’s shipyard in Ancona, Italy. Viking Jupiter began its maiden season in mid February offering Antiquities itinerary between Athens and Rome.
  2. It is called "Along Europe's Western Coast" but still showing only April 2019, no other cruise listed.
  3. When we were in Tromso in June 2017 on the "Into the Midnight Sun" cruise, we docked right near the Tromso Botanical Gardens as we were able to walk to them but I do not know the name of the docking area.
  4. Has anyone used Spain Day Tours to go from Malaga to the Alhambra? We will be on the Jupiter cruise "Along Europe's Western Coast" and are looking into private tours.
  5. How was cruising thru the Bay of Biscay-we are doing "Along Europe's Western Coast" in April and just wondered about that stretch of water, tho with 2 hurricanes, maybe not a relevant question.
  6. Trade Routes of the Middle Ages does the same itinerary but ends in Bergen rather than Copenhagen. The one we are doing is the only one listed-it might be a repositioning cruise to get it up to the Baltic area, but I don't know if it will be offered each year.
  7. We are booked on Viking Jupiter April 25th, Along Europe's Western Coast, Barcelona to Copenhagen.
  8. Viking Jupiter-April 25, 2019-Along Europe's Western Coast Gigiandbaba
  9. This is a new cruise in 2019 so no reviews. We booked this cruise, and I did start a roll call. Several people have said that the Bay of Biscay can be a "rough patch" of water, but the whole cruise sounds really good so we are looking forward to it.
  10. How was the cross from Porto to Falmouth thru the Bay of Biscay? I have read that can be a "rough" patch of water. We will be doing that next April and just wondering if there are times when it can be a smoother ride.
  11. We did the Oslo to Bergen train in June of this year as part of our Midnight Sun cruise, and it was spectacular. We bought our tickets online 90 days before the train ride-was easy to do by using PayPal because we had a problem using our credit card and were advised to use PayPal by NSB. We had a porter service pick up our luggage so we would not have to worry about that-they picked it up at 7am at our hotel, and it was delivered to our hotel in Bergen by 4pm on the same day, and it was very reasonably priced. We did the train ride the day before we were to board the ship. All in all, it was a highlight of the trip.
  12. Carolyn, we are on the Viking Sea at the moment, and I am so glad that we canceled the optional tour in Tromso as 2 of the places I really wanted to see were the botanical gardens and the Arctic Cathedral. The ship was within walking distance of the botanical gardens so we walked there and spent 1 hour + just looking at the spectacular garden-totally in bloom. Then we hopped in a taxi and went to the Cathedral and spent some time there. It cost 50 NOK to get in. We then walked across the bridge and wandered around Tromso, finding a "locals" place for lunch. That was definitely the way to go!!!!
  13. Try "Friends of Dave" Tours-the guide is Christian and he is really great-we absolutely loved the tour-think there were 8 of us from the ship.
  14. We are having a car pick us up at the Greenwich Pier.
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