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  1. Zactly. I just did this, saved some money by switching, and now I watch for price drops.
  2. I love how you said that. "Hopelessly addicted." So perfect. I hope you have a wonderful cruise.
  3. Contact Hotel Current, LB. They include 15 days for one night stay. They might have some program if 4 of you stay in one room. Dunno for sure though. Lemme say one thing more. We've stayed at the Hotel Currant, 7 miles from LB and it's great. No problem, gave us a shuttle to LB, a breafast, free sex. Well, the last part is a lie but it's a great clean hotel. As a matter of fact we're booked there on the 18th of this month for a cruise to Hawaii.
  4. I didn't quote your question simply for one reason.... Your avatar is beautiful. If that's you, wowzer. Thanks for making an old guy remember why beauty matters.
  5. What's the worst that can happen? Not as good as your others, right. So what? You're still on a CRUISE. Enjoy it and if you don't like Carnival, get your mom to buy you a cruise on another line. She does buy your cruises, right?
  6. Yep. Why the hell put in a person who you "trust" to do what you want? Just phone Carnival, DONT ask for a PPV, just book it. NO DIFFERENCE. And you get to phone ANYONE AT CARNIVAL to talk about the reservation afterwards.
  7. Coolest pic yet. Thanks for posting this ... I didn't even know this type of cabin existed. Thanks very much.
  8. We've been on the Splendor many times .... and we enjoyed her also. Give the Miracle a chance though. The Spirit class is still our favorite. We were so sorry to see the Pride leave the West Coast, damn East Coast thieves :D. Then we had the Spirit and the Ozzies stole her. Again, thieves. I do agree that they've raised the rates. I think it's because they used to have 4 ships to fill, now they'll be down to 3 (or is it 2?) with a lot less berths to fill...hence more demand, higher prices. Just grin and pay. :eek: We'll be on the last Splendor cruise from the U.S. back to the U.S. Then the aforementioned thieves :D will get her.
  9. Personal opinion. We, my wife and I, can drink a large bottle easily and still wish the bottle were larger.
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