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  1. Annietoo

    Just got an upsell call...

    We have received several great upsell offers. The phone always shows 'Carnival' and we have always booked directly with Carnival. We now know to answer that call!
  2. Annietoo

    When You Get THE Call

    We received a call on our last two cruises and both times my phone showed "Carnival Cruise" calling. I always book online with Carnival and I do not have a PVP. Both times the deal was really good, not amazing, but worth the price. We upgraded from interior to aft balcony on a trip to Hawaii and were so glad we did.
  3. Annietoo

    journey Cruises

    Our cruise on the Miracle , January, 2016, is round trip from long beach for 13 days to Mexican. Local food, artists, throw back events and two days in puerto Vallarta and cabo. Throw in good weather and it should be a great Journey.
  4. Annietoo

    Miracle 5/13/14 future cruise credit

    We were on the Miracle to Hawaii on Sept. 18, 2014 and since Carnival had to change the schedule (lost one day in Maui), we were given a 25% off future cruise. This came in letter form with a code number and I had to call Carnival to have it applied to my next purchased cruise. It was not something that showed up on my account until I made the call and had the letter in hand. Check your files for a letter.
  5. Annietoo

    Help! Connecting rooms question!

    I am so sorry that I can't help you out. It was late when I read your post, quickly, and just noticed that our numbers were adjoining but did not notice the interior/0ceanview difference. I wish you the best.
  6. Annietoo

    Help! Connecting rooms question!

    Merry Christmas. I might be able to help you out. We are in 2335 which is a connecting room with 2334. We would be willing to make a trade if possible. I assume this might be done with guest services on board. Can you call carnival to check on this? Enjoy your holiday.
  7. Annietoo

    Aft View Cabins - Loved or Hated??

    We are just off the Miracle and had an aft extended on Deck 6. We loved the view and having a lounger on deck. Since we were 16 days at sea going to Hawaii and back, it was the perfect balcony since we had no wind on sea days and could go outside whenever. Others complained that with a 30 mph wind at times, they could not use their side facing balcony. On the way home, however, we had to remember to close the drapes to prevent the afternoon sun from heating up the room too much. You will love the sunsets!
  8. Annietoo

    Miracle Dry Dock...

    The 16 day cruise to Hawaii, just returned, was originally scheduled for two days in Maui and it was reduced to one day back in April. The medical emergency only slowed the ship down by maybe 30 minutes but it was a surprise when we stopped in the ocean 250 miles from Hawaii. Stopped! at 6:00 a.m. to let a Coast Guard plane make a quick medical supply drop. Your schedule should remain the same or they would have adjusted it by now. By the way, menus were different every night but I believe we had prime rib 3 times. It was a fun cruise and the Miracle Band is amazing as well as the dancers/singers.
  9. Annietoo

    Miracle Dry Dock...

    Just off the Miracle on Saturday from the 16 day Hawaii cruise from Vancouver to Long Beach. Great cruise. They are going into dry dock to repair a propulsion issue. The ship has had to go slower the last several months due to this issue. We had to miss a full day in Maui. The burgers on Lido did not have any flavor. Guys Burgers are great.
  10. Annietoo

    Back-to-Back Cruise, Have You?

    Yes, carnival is aware that you are b2b and it is very easy. Just wait for directions from the ship and enjoy.
  11. Annietoo

    The Upgrade Fairy

    Carnival showed up as the caller. It was a 1-800 number.
  12. Annietoo

    The Upgrade Fairy

    No experience in grand either but also got the call the other day from carnival with a deal. We booked a 16 day to Hawaii from Vancouver and got a great deal on an inside room. We booked in January and when it is so far away then an inside room anywhere seemed fine. The guy offered us any balcony for an extra $50 per day for total of $800. I asked my husband, who took the call, if he really said ANY balcony. I quickly looked up rooms on our almost sold out cruise and found a premium balcony on deck eight with 230 sq ft or an aft facing extended balcony on deck six. I called carnival and sure enough he said I could have either room. We took the aft facing room to try out and hope we love it. Now I am super excited to head to Hawaii in this new room. Carnival said they called us because they ran out of inside rooms to sell and we were past carnival customers. Enjoy your suite. Bet you will love it!
  13. Annietoo

    I got the Upsell call. Deal or no deal?

    Thanks everyone for helping with my decision. We took the deal and cannot wait to enjoy our aft facing cabin. Our overall price was still low for a 16 day balcony and appreciate that carnival called us as repeat customers. Apparently they needed to free up some sold out inside rooms. All ocean views sold out too. The rep said we could pick any balcony room and I noticed this extended aft view and needed your opinion. I know we will enjoy the fresh air and view and especially the Hawaiian Islands.
  14. I have an inside room booked on a 16 night cruise to Hawaii in September and paid a great price for this. Today Carnival called and offered me a balcony room for $50 per night more (not per person but total). Not just any balcony but an aft extended balcony for this price. I have never had an aft facing balcony. Deal or no deal?
  15. We loved our B2B out of Miami in February. We sailed on the Glory to the Eastern Caribbean and then continued on the Glory to the Western Caribbean. We were given instructions on when to meet in the lobby and we were off the ship maybe 20 minutes. We turned in our room key, were escorted off the ship and thru customs and then back on with our new room key. We did change rooms but they moved our luggage for us. We also travel across the country from Seattle and one week just is too short. We saw many ports rather than repeats by doing the same cruise twice.