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  1. marysb, great photo's, thanks for sharing.
  2. I am going to assume that Sam Ting was only kidding about telling a lie about spouse being a diabetic. Since my DH is a diabetic its not something to speak lightly about. Just saying.
  3. Thanks Lindae3213 for the information, friend submitted original passport for renewal and was able to track it. Passport Division was able to locate it and will try to expedite (for extra cost), so that it will be available for potential cruise on 10/27.
  4. Thanks Sparky1093 for the information. The plan is to call NCL tomorrow and hopefully a supervisor is available. NCL does have a documentation page, just not clear if full transit or partial of canal. Thanks everyone for the assistance.
  5. LHT28, thanks for helping me brain storm . Yes, will have him call regarding expedited passports, but he has already surrendered his original for renewal. I'm booked and sailing, so no problem for me, my passport is current. Just trying to help a friend out. Thanks again and happy cruising. Have to give NCL credit for having a page dedicated to necessary documents for travel, I now know where to look in the future.
  6. LHT28, thanks for your quick response. I checked the NCL site , and it was clear that if doing the panama canal, a passport is a requirement and you will be denied boarding without it. The only issue is that the ship is not going all he way through just doing partial crossing. Will call them, but with NCL, you never get the same answer twice.
  7. I am sure this scenario has been presented already, but not seen in last 4 pages. My friend sent in his passport for renewal last week. Now a deal has come up for a last minute cruise on 10/27 on NCL, partial panama canal transit. He lives in Michigan and has an enhanced drivers license. I live in Florida and not sure what an enhanced license is and what it can be used for. The cruise starts in Miami and ends in Miami. Is a passport still required in this situation. Thanks
  8. Not on the Breakaway 2 weeks ago. I don't care for mussels so they omitted them and added more shrimp. One of my favorite dishes.
  9. BirdTravels, you are most likely correct, didn't pay attention to the "store products", just the usual Starbucks coffee menu.
  10. Just off the Breakaway on 9/15, The coffee bar in the Atrium is now a Starbucks, and does not accept Starbucks gift cards.
  11. Just off the Breakaway two weeks ago. The coffee shop in the Atrium is now a Starbucks, however, it does not accept Starbuck gift cards.
  12. Had 2 cabins (4 passengers) in which the reservations were linked. Prior to final flight information, everyone was on different flights, as timf2001 stated, it was just a placeholder. At 40 days out, the final flight information became available and all were traveling together. I called the airfare department at NCL just to be sure they showed the reservations linked. Worked out better than expected, non stop flights at a reasonable time.
  13. Can the non-refundable OBC, be used towards the purchase of cruise next certificates? Thanks
  14. Same as Dealic, in post #5. No deviation, notified at 42 days prior to cruise.
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