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  1. Agree with zqvol, take a taxi to the ship to drop off luggage, and continue on for sightseeing. Taxi fares are at a fixed rate and are reasonable from airport to port. Enjoy your cruise.
  2. Thanks for the your review, going on the Escape for the first time and gives me some insight.
  3. OSheehan's is open on embarkation. Games can also be watched in the casino (if casino open). Was on the Dawn last superbowl and now I know the lucky winner of the squares - Bostonfred.
  4. First cruise on RCL, the water/soda that can be brought on board is in addition to the 2 bottles of wine, correct. thanks
  5. I was also on the October 27th sailing, and found some of the late night activities to be lacking. Karaoke was a joke, not sure what they were thinking. People would sign up and instead of everyone getting at least one turn, they would have some singers perform 4 songs in a row, yes others were signed in. DJ was useless and not entertaining. Its a shame that on this big ship the only place to have a "dance class" is in the atrium. At times the dancers were just stepping on each other and couldn't see the instructor. I wasn't one of the dancers just making an observation. None of thes
  6. Four of us did the American Diner last week. I had OBC so did not use it as part of the dining plan. The four of us shared a nacho - did not really care for it, the "goodies" were all dumped in one section and the little bit of chili that was on it made it very soggy, we didn't finish it. The cheese sticks were good. Lobster roll was different than the Ocean Blue window on other ships, this one wasn't really a lobster salad, but rather pieces of whole lobster and the sauce on top is spicy. I was warned it was a little spicy, but I would say it was medium spicy. Good but other shi
  7. Just of the Joy, 12 day cruise, and they offered the 19.95 a bag twice during the cruise.
  8. Line of credit (casino credit) is the best way to go. I find that I play slower and smarter knowing that I have to go to the cashier for more money.
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