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  1. Love this Mysty! As I was working late yesterday, gazing out of the window of my new home office .... the maple leaves out front seem very yellow, and then I noticed another tree was not green anymore either, I believe autumn is upon us! We have 90% of our unpacking/putting away done (well for the stuff people will see, let us not discuss the basement). My heart goes out to you for what is upon you. Happy to report, we are going to depart for our next adventure on Sunday morning, to cruise with 2500 of our closest friends up the coast from Boston to Halifax & Bay of Fundy. That jerk Dorian decided to visit just ahead of us, and of course caused some damage, still power outages as well. So far, it looks like our planned hikes at Acadia NP and Fundy Trail are still on. Enjoy Burlington this coming weekend JP & Chris. if you need a good grocery be sure to check out Healthy Living, or need gardening supplies, Gardeners Supply is up there as well. Plus, depending on the route you drive, most adorable miniature donkey farm on the way, around Essex I think? Have a great day everyone!
  2. Bon voyage Ann & Peter. I'll be looking for you on the Northway as I make my way down to Albany, can hardly wait to see the traffic on the way home this evening. We're just over 2 weeks from our sojourn up the coast from Boston, bags packed, some of the few clothes I know where they are! The new floors are being installed Tuesday-Wednesday, and then I can put everything back, and the rest of the boxes can be put away .... yay! I'll be so happy not to be living out of boxes. Have a great day everyone, I need to boogie a bit early today, lots going on in the office, and I need to jump on a call at 8:30 for my friend's business (she's going out for more funding, very exciting). I was going to ask "is it Friday yet?", but I remembered, IT IS!!!!!!
  3. Oh, no ... Mr. Trudeau is not my type, I'll stick with my very own Canadian cutie. Of course, if I was Melania, Bernie Sanders may be looking like an upgrade 🤣
  4. The Cluny is my FAVORITE!!!!! I am not ashamed to admit I visited it 3 times in the week we were there in 2017. We studied some of the holdings back in the post Middle Ages (when I was in high school) - and specifically the tapestries. So incredible to see up close, and being that I'm a weaver now, breath-taking. The stained glass and limoges work was also worth the admission, and if you are feeling extra spunky you can join the tour of the old Roman baths in the subbasement - it was in French only, but I was able to understand most of what she was covering. Our hotel was just a 5 minute walk to the Cluny, so I took full advantage. Also, Sainte Chapelle for the stained glass windows - really gorgeous. I'm jealous Lois. Do you need a travel companion for Paris? I offer myself as tribute.....
  5. Yes, I've had days like this, that's why my hair goes into a bun almost immediately. Thank you Mysty for the funnies. Less than 3 weeks and I'll be storming the shores of your great land... with that turncoat hubby of mine (and some Quebecois as reinforcements). Fundy Trail, here we come!
  6. And that's why you fly "PreCheck" - shoes stay on, laptop stays in bag, as far as my hair - it always looks like pic #2 on a good day, usually standing out a bit more, ironically it was far worse before it went grey-silver-white. Happy Friday all, light day at work, house closing (for the one we are selling) is later today, flooring for new place being delivered on Monday, and .... we're going to see Santana/Doobie Brothers tonight!
  7. This pretty much sums up my morning, thanks Mysty! Happy Friday-eve.
  8. Woo hoo!!! So happy for you Mysty! It seems like houses are either selling really fast, or not at all. The house that Jeremy attempted to buy back in February, it had been on the market 5 months then .... still on the market, it's almost 1 year now. Nice house, a couple of code issues, and a bat-crap crazy owner with anger issues. So, we found one that is lovely, no issues, sweet owners ... and we are doing the same for the folks buying our house (on FriYay!). In fact, this weekend, I get to give the new owners a tour of the gardens, point out the plants, and give them the care & feeding explanations. I started a write up to make it easier for them. Mysty, have you found the place you want to move? And ... may the garage sale season start?
  9. Davy, so sorry to hear about your unwelcome house guests. My heart goes out to you and OH, and the little four leggers. Time to change the locks and beef up the security, sounds like it was a targeted visit.
  10. ACK! Sorry that you had disgusting people going thru the house. Usually the real estate agent keeps better track of them, I know I would never think to do that in someone's home. Bleah.....
  11. Woo hoo!!!! And that's how it started for us, we had one showing the day it was listed, 4 the next day, and 2 the following - we had to cancel the last guy as we had accepted an offer before he was scheduled to come see it. Ironically, that evening we had 6 more requests for the Friday and Saturday before the scheduled open house on Sunday. Obviously the open house was cancelled but not in time to pull it from the newspaper - so, yes, we had several people ring the door bell (even though we had a sign posted on the door that the open house was cancelled). We needed drinks after that!!!!
  12. Well Mysty, it's sorta close - my mom was from the Ozarks, so yes, school trip was uphill both ways, they just never seen snow. How did the photography & listing go? Our agent turned the photos into a YouTube video that was posted as well, we were laughing so hard. Have to say, our old house looked fantastic in photo, the new house - pictures didn't do it justice. Second night in the new house, I finally got some sleep (apparently I looked like the walking dead, office manager kept suggesting I go home early yesterday). I even found my clothes for work this morning, and remember which cabinet the coffee cups are in. Off to a great start 😀
  13. Mysty, may you have the good fortune we did, and have your house sell in 1 day from listing! Yesterday was our move day, house is box-chaos, and I am gleefully sitting in my office at work. At least here, I know where all my stuff is. For some reason, my husband's idea of prepping for retirement in 5 years, is to acquire a much larger home. I did not think I was a pack rat, until time came to pack my quilting & weaving supplies .... honestly, I think I can open a store, and run classes! Well, it will save me money, I won't find the need to buy anything, anytime too soon. Congrats on your upcoming move adventure, and imagine all the travelling you can do without the worry of taking care of a house.
  14. Absolutely, as you know, it's important to stay hydrated! When we have house guests (usually Jeremy's family), we did the "drunk tour" - start at Exit 9 liquor, then head to Shmaltz for some tastings, and then across the drive to Yankee Distillery for some bourbon and a quick playtime with Barley the pug, back to the house for a nap. We'll be trotting over to Exit 9 later this afternoon, not sure if it will be before or after our walk-thru today. It's such a fun store, there's always hidden little treasures to be found on the shelves. When Jeremy's Montreal family were down visiting a couple weeks back, his brother found the Bob Dylan Whiskey that he's been dreaming of - we'll find out the reviews today on the weekly sibling call. I'm certainly going to need something light and fruity for the week ahead
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