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  1. We've never had one walk out prior to the handover, because they want to take every last minute to finish up their business, like pardoning political cronies, etc. We have had several times where the First Family packed up and was gone prior to the Inauguration hoopla, no nice formal handover. It's a "people thing", and it takes all kinds. I wish that today would be a decisive awarding of the job, but alas, it will most likely not be. Due to Covid-19, so many people across the country voted as mail-in. Those votes have to be postmarked by today, so it could take some time to c
  2. Thanks Lola, I knew what you meant. The 2000 election was most unpleasant with the indecision, and political maneuvering. All I ask for is that the eventual "winner" actually wins both the popular vote and electoral college vote. When that doesn't happen, it really makes me question why I stood in line (this year, outside, in the cold) to vote when it doesn't seem to count. For the first time since I was eligible to vote (which is about 10 Presidential elections), there were 5 different candidates to choose from for President. Only once can I remember when we had a viable 3rd party candid
  3. Its a thing, much like Meatless Mondays, or Taco Tuesdays, it is Thigh Thursdays. I always stock up when Fresh Market has theirs on sale. The broth that comes off them when I make chicken & dumplings is nothing short of heavenly.
  4. If you have a Dutch oven, I'm sure that would work. Low & slow, and finish it off in the broiler.
  5. I think it would be heavenly in a slow cooker, you'd get to sleep all those spices for a few hours.
  6. Instant Pot Moroccan Chicken With Lemon, Olives & Potatoes Author: Instant Pot Eats Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes Total Time: 50 minutes Yield: 4-6 Description You will love this family-friendly, one-pot Instant Pot Moroccan chicken stew with potatoes, carrots, olives, lemon and apricots. Gluten-free and Whole30-friendly. Serve with couscous, rice, quinoa, crusty bread or cauliflower rice or green veggies for a lower-carb version. Ingredients 2 l
  7. Sorry to hear that, but guess it means more time for quilting! Fun fact, I was assistant manager of the fabric store in my town when I was in college - 25% staff discount, including on sale items. So, I'm still working off some of my stash, good thing I had classic taste since this fabric is 35+ years old. I had acquired some great suiting wool, which isn't enough to cover my posterior at this stage of the game, so it was stripped and braided into an entryway rug when we moved to the new house last year. If you ever want to come to the dark side of weaving, let me know ......
  8. mmmm, fried green tomato blt! Yes, lots of leftovers, which is good since I'm in the office tomorrow. It was perfect meal on this first snow of the season eve. Spices are garlic, cumin, chili, paprika, cinnamon, and ginger. My tummy feels warm, great spices for digestion. Give me a few minutes to waddle into the office to upload the recipe on the laptop. Honestly, it looks a bit intimidating, but it came together really quick. I did up some basmati while this was cooking, so everything was hot & fresh. I picked up my last csa box yesterday, so there's some g
  9. So, I cooked something new tonight, and it came out amazing. Not much to look at, but the aroma and flavor exceeded expectations. Moroccan style chicken thighs with lemon, olives, and apricots
  10. Long time quilter, from a long line of quilters. My first quilt was a 4H project which also doubled as a social studies project in 7th grade. When my Mom passed away in 2005, I inherited her weaving loom and feel in love with that. My goal is to be able to retire with enough eyesight ( and brain cells) to enjoy sewing & weaving. Here's hoping...
  11. Lola, I hope they fit as well. If not, let me know and I will happily fire up the sewing machine for you. It's been lonely lately, and I'm trying to work up the energy to make something, which will most likely be a cute little doggie cover to cute Mr. Cutiepie dry when carnage is raining from the skies this winter. It's not about keeping him warm, he has a fur coat, it's the soaking wet on top of it being cold that worries me. Plus, less mess to mop up when he races inside.
  12. The suggestion would be to dropped the Boiled, afterall raw would be stiffer and hurt more. Also, by boiling, you lose some of the nutrients, just saying....
  13. I hook over when I write, so basically I always write upside down. When I was first starting school, I also had a habit of starting from the back of my notebook. Its the way we're wired, right brain left brain, which only got worse since the aneurysm. Poor DH is constantly hovering, so I find it necessary to play the occasional game of hide & seek on him... yesterday, I hid in the she-shed, when I heard his voice trailing around the front of the house, I made a dash to the deck. By the time he got back around the house, in a panic, I was resting in a chair by the heater, pup under my
  14. Greetings Coolers, stopping in to catch up. It was a great weekend, cold but sunny. Spent a lot of time outside with the pup, it was our 1 year anniversary of his adopting us. Hope everyone has a good week, best of luck to those with medical appointments.
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