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  1. 'Morning! Just a quick drive-by posting - kudos to JP & his hospital. It was on the news yesterday of the release of a recovered Covid patient - Vet. Nice to see you all have been working on some potential treatments that are showing great results. Stay safe my friend. I'll be down in the office in Albany tomorrow for some meetings (our building was badly damaged in the riots over the weekend 😒 so our return to normal will be delayed. Not sure why they felt it necessary to smash every window in an office building that houses non-profits, but left the State Sheriffs association two doors down unscathed. The landlord covered over the first floor damage, but alas, the windows on the 2nd and 3rd floor (where our offices are), and open, so we were shooing birds out Tuesday morning. Not good, when you realize how close we are to the Red Tail Hawk nests at the State Ed Building..., it don't mind sharing my office, but they're too noisy, and messy.
  2. And that is why there are less potholes on that road .... good intentions hold up so much better than asphalt & tar. 😉
  3. She reminds me of Silversea's Moss, albeit, it seems like Moss was always the last to leave the sinking ship. Front line and end of the line, heroes nonetheless.
  4. I'm not leaving Quarantine until I find out who let the dogs out, who, who, who? My little dude yesterday - 8mos old
  5. YAY! Glad my hometown did right by you. I currently live 1 1/2 miles north and east of Exit 9, so that's staggering distance. They really are nice folks.
  6. $43.67 at our super liquor store. Perhaps I should give it a whirl?
  7. Fantastic shots JP! Since this is our first spring at the new house, we are happy to have the same "usual suspects" at the feeder. Lots of woodpeckers, including the Redbellys, no Pilated as of yet. We had several Carolina Wrens sitting on the little doggie fence on the front porch, right outside my office window, singing their little hearts out. Home isolation is working out well, I'm getting a butt-ton of work done that was going slow due to my recent medical excitement. Hoping that when we get to go back to the office, I can go back full time, instead of the 2 half days a week I was able to do in mid March. I was in the office Saturday (vendors appreciated getting paid, I'm sure), and downtown by the Capital building looked like a ghost town, complete with tumbleweeds blowing across State Street. Even the spring sighting of the Hawks of Hawk Street were missing. Very strange times. Stay safe my local friend, hope to get to meet you & Chris as well as the FlyingScots once the 2020 Plague is passed.
  8. Exit 9 W&L has curbside pickup, and many cars in the parking lot. The one industry not seeming to be devastated by the pandemic.
  9. Happy birthday Lois, 29 again this year?
  10. Jeremy's famous for tossing lonely socks ... I'll give him this thought before Friday (laundry day). We always tossed them in a "rag bag" to be used for clean-ups, or until their sole-mate showed up. We were not a paper towel household.
  11. Instead of Zombie Apocalyse, it's the Mummy Apocalyse, and they're here for our toilet paper!
  12. Perhaps he didn't breathe the entire time? People just don't think sometimes, stuck in the "it can't happen to me".
  13. 1lb ground chicken, pork, or turkey 16oz coleslaw mix - or shredded cabbage 5 cloves of garlic minced 1tsp ground ginger 1/4 cup chicken stock 1/4 cup soy sauce (I use Braggs amino) 1 tbsp seasame oil (or some other oil) Mix the stock, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and oil, set aside. Open Instantpot, and put on saute. Add ground meat and cook, stirring occassionally for 5 minutes (until cooked thru) Add coleslaw mix and stock mix to the Instantpot Close Instantpot, set manual for 0 minutes When the timer beeps, quick release and stir well. You can top with chopped green onions, serve in a bowl, or over rice, or put in eggroll wrappers and attempt the airfryer route. The flavors were really perfect and honestly were fantastic as is, without any other condiments. I had a small container of Quinoa in the freezer, so I pulled that out, and spooned this over it. Very healthy meal, quick and easy, and unfortunately there were no leftovers. I'm going to add to our regular week rotation, along with salmon, and a cobb salad. It sure does make grocery shopping a lot easier.
  14. Sorry to hear that, but I agree it was in your best interest with radiation and all. Hopefully this all blows over quickly, and the cruiselines/travel industry will be having some serious deals when there is an "all clear".
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