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  1. Because they have to have a PCR test that can take a longer period of time to process. Some reported theirs took 48 hours or more.
  2. The message you post on JH's FB page goes directly to him or his assistant. It is not public.
  3. Have you considered a Panama Canal Cruise? Start: Galveston Ocho Rios Aruba Curaçao Cartagena Colón (Panama Canal) Limón Cozumel End: Galveston
  4. https://www.carnival.com/Legal/covid-19-legal-notices/covid-19-guest-protocols?icid=advisory_cruisehealth_072821 Fully Vaccinated Guests Vaccinated cruises are available for guests who have received their final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the sailing day and have proof of vaccination. The CDC requires pre-cruise testing for vaccinated guests to be taken within two days prior to the sailing date. If the sailing is on Saturday, the test may be taken on Thursday and Friday, and as late as Saturday, if you are guaranteed to receive your results in time for check-in.
  5. If you have Early Saver and booked with Carnival online or with a PVP, you do not have to call or e-mail to get a price drop. You can use this form: https://www.carnival.com/core/requestforms/priceprotection.aspx
  6. Since the booking is before final payment, unless it is a totally non-refundable fare the Mom can get 1/2 the amount of the cruise back (minus anything that is non-refundable). Son would have to pay for double fare to use the cabin.
  7. From the info here:https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2544/kw/age to be in cabin alone If you are willing to be the "guardian" of the 18 year old he can board with you and stay in his own cabin. Just contact your TA, PVP or customer service to link the bookings Guests are required to be 21 years of age (on embarkation day) to travel on their own. Guest ages will be verified at embarkation. Guests not conforming to this policy will result in denied boarding and no compensation will be provided at embarkation. For additional minor age restriction guidelines while on board, click here. Guests Under the Age of 21 MUST travel with a relative or guardian of 25 years of age or older The guardian does not need to be a legal guardian. The bookings must be cross-referenced with the relative or guardian’s stateroom and documented properly.
  8. In the past in Galveston there was an "on time" line and an "early or late" line. When you got there determined what line you got in. Once you get in the building you board by your boarding group. My last cruise (Sept 13th on the Breeze) we had a noon check in time. It was pouring down rain. When we got to the port they were allowing everyone in the building with no regard to check in time.
  9. When I asked my PVP to change the rate on two of my bookings, the first thing she checked was when was my final payment date. After she verified that she was able to proceed. From that I assume that if after final payment date I would not have been able to make the change. I was able to make the change from fully refundable, to RU2, and now to Military Early Saver all on the same cruises BUT it was before the final payment rate.
  10. I had two RU2 cruises booked... one for Feb 2022 and one for Sept 2022. I was able to reprice those two cruises to Military Early Saver rate... saving $695 total. First thing the PVP verified was that I was not past final payment date for those cruises. 'The idea of Cheers was nice, but no way it was worth that much $$ to me.
  11. How about trying to get the oxygen note on your file by contacting the "guest access" department.. looks like that is the new name for "special needs" department. From Carnival Website: If you require additional information or need assistance to ensure you have the best accommodations for your needs, please call our Guest Access team at 1-800-438-6744, ext. 70025 or 1800 072 670 ext. 70025 if calling from Australia. You may also email us at access@carnival.com.
  12. BUT it Cruise Cash is non-refundable. You do not have that problem with gift cards or cash.
  13. Carnival Gift Cards are your money and the amount that you do not spend is fully refundable. If there is a positive amount on your Sail and Sign account at the end of the cruise you can: go Guest Services to get a refund of the $ in cash use the kiosk to get a refund of the $ in cash go to the casino, add the total amount to your casino account and cash out at the cashier there if more than $10. you will get a refund from Carnival - I believe that is it a check form rather than return of the amount in a gift card. That is different from OBC that is non-refundable. Your only option there in the past was using the casino.
  14. We cruised out of Galveston on the Breeze on 9/13. It was pouring down rain. Our arrival time was 12:00. We got there at 11:45 and anticipated waiting outside the terminal till 12 to get in line. At 11:45 we were told they were letting everyone check in regardless of arrival time so we got in line to enter the terminal. This is different from our Feb 2020 cruise where they had two different lines. One for on time and one for early/late. Possible difference was the rainstorm? They did have a rain delay in boarding due to lightning in the area.
  15. FYI We got off the Breeze on Sept 18th. There are now two casinos on the Breeze. One smoking and one non-smoking. We saw both casinos multiple times. The smoking casino always had a lot of action going on. The most people I ever saw in the non-smoking casino at one time was half a dozen. The non-smoking casino did not have a bar connected and that could have been one of the deciding factors.
  16. Yes, they work for Carnival. You have the option with Carnival to have one assigned to you (or if you have a referral phone number/e-mail you can contact them directly.). It is normally easier to get through to them on the phone than the general Carnival number. To get one assigned you can go to the carnival main page and click on "request a PVP
  17. We went from booking ourselves and controlling the booking, to using a "big box" store that gave us some OBC or store gift card, to booking ourselves, to currently using a PVP. We used the big box store when I had a complicated B2B and the OBC was good for that 9K cruise so continued to use them till it became more complicated to use them for changes... I call them... they call Carnival... they get back to me... etc. A pain not worth the $$ OBC ($70 for last cruise I took. ) I have three currently booked. Two I booked by myself and the last one with a PVP. I will now use a PVP for all future cruises or any necessary changes. This means I avoid long phone times to get simple issues fixed. I do not rely on the PVP for knowledge based questions because I like to do the research. Cruise Critic has a ton of real experts too! 🙂
  18. This OBC would be refundable OBC. If you do not use it you will get a check in the mail for the unused portion. '
  19. Only after boarding. No advantage to prepaying gratuities in advance, so save those for the ship. Cheers is 10% cheaper if you prepay so factor that in if you want to use OBC to pay for Cheers.
  20. 33 hours... IF the covid test we take tomorrow is negative.
  21. Just for clarification, the time on the boarding pass is check in time, not boarding time. In Galveston they monitor the check in time closely. If you are not in the check in window, you have to go to the "early or late" line. Once you go through the check in process, you then have to wait in the terminal till your boarding zone is called. In my case I have D01 and check in time of 12:00-12:30. So if you have A01 and I somehow get in the line before you, you will still get on the ship before I will due to the boarding zone. <Galveston has been proactive about boarding times for several years>
  22. You can use your gift cards pre-cruise or on the ship for reservations.
  23. We cruise Carnival because we like the laid back atmosphere, the included food options, the Galveston home port, 5 day cruises vs longer, and the price works for us. RC is going to bring 5 day cruises to Galveston and we may look at their options at that time.
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