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  1. We have never been on MSC and have 2 YC cruises booked. My wife is gluten free. I have noticed that unlike other cruise lines MSC does not mark GF/Gluten on menus. It seems like they are taking a stricter view of it using the GF kitchen. If you are in YC will they insist on bringing things from the GF kitchen also? Why can't they just tell you what is GF on the menu like every other restaurant in the world? You cannot guarantee GF but it most cases although being "glutened" as my wife calls it is unpleasant it is not going to kill you and most people are hap
  2. I had this on a Europe cruise in a YC suite. It was so expensive for a third adult in the cabin that I booked another inside cabin and invited someone else along. It is costing less than $500 for an extra person and extra cabin.
  3. Last time I parked in Glasgow, around 15 years ago, I came back to the car and a kid on a bike told me "wash my car for a fiver" I said it didn't need washing and drove off. Apparently I didn't understand his accent and he was saying he had watched my car. He probably should have asked before I left it!
  4. We are getting a bit off topic, but RCI now allow you to change the country at the top of their home page just by clicking on it. I used to have to use a VPN. For MSC you just use msccruises.co.uk or msccruisesusa.com Google will find you US based internet travel agents which I use as a way to search multiple cruise lines at one and quickly check prices. There are still fee free cards available but a lot less than there used to be. Barclaycard do a fee free card that pays 0.25% cash back even on overseas purchases. Back to the Europa, I would lik
  5. I booked a cruise through a US website around 10 years ago. The TA I dealt with then left and I have been using her ever since. I always compare prices between the US and UK now. Sometimes the UK is cheaper. My cancelled cruise on the Anthem this summer was thousands cheaper in the UK than the US. As well as being cheaper the US usually has better booking terms. With RCI you can cancel without losing your deposit which you cannot in the UK. This also means, I think, that you cannot reprice as easily if the price drops in the UK. On MSC gratuities
  6. Just realised I posted the same plan twice. It certainly appears that 16002 is the larger room with the smaller balcony which is the opposite of what the renders show.
  7. Got my confirmations now. I am in the UK, but it was around 20% cheaper to book this ship through a US travel agent. After cash back the OS will be around $10000 for three of us. That is very cheap for a over 1000sq ft cabin. I have booked 16002, as mentioned by someone else, I think this is the bigger OS by looking at the deck plan and the renderings on the MSC UK website seem to be the wrong way around. The rooms are listed as 78 and 104sq metres, yet both the same price. The smaller one has a larger balcony, but as they are 65 and 48sq metres,
  8. Just booked the YC Owner's Suite out of Dubai which has a very small premium considering how much larger a room it is. Also a third adult in the room was very expensive, it was only $460 more to book an entire extra YC Inside cabin and ask along another person. A kid or teen was next to nothing, but an adult was almost $3000. So we booked that extra room and invited my best friend. Seems a shame to not have more people taking advantage of the large balcony and hot tub. Not been on MSC yet but I can't resist a shiny new ship and the itinerary has some new stops which wil
  9. New video on FB. No sign of sales yet. Hoping they might have some two bedroom suites similar to RCI. https://youtu.be/hwRGL2uYhSQ
  10. All the videos Youtube of the first sailing and he fact I will now get my second vaccine by end of July as second shots have been accelerated has me looking at the Virtuosa in August. Is the expectation still that they will run at 75-80% capacity? The ship looks so quiet on the first voyage limited to 1000, but I'm surprised they would jump straight up to 4500ish. I am looking at YC, leaving from Greenock. Although MSC allows you to book most of their cruises from different departure ports, they limit room availability. My daughter would like to bring a school friend so
  11. The website has changed to say just Southampton and Liverpool and the individual dates have been removed. I was all set for Newcastle as it is just a short trip for me from Edinburgh. Will have to reassess again. Not sure it is worth going to Southampton for a 3 night cruise. Of course it may just be a glitch, but it seems odd to change the wording so specifically.
  12. I expect Disney to be expensive, but I would pay more up to a point as I think there would be more to do on a round UK Disney cruise. I wonder if Disney have an issue getting permission for these cruises. The only cruise line not insisting on vaccinations is MSC and they have months of experience of this protocol. Disney do not have this experience and I would't be surprised if the government wants their passengers vaccinated which is a problem as you would expect most people with kids of Disney age to be under 50.
  13. Does anyone know when these go on sale? They just say April on the website and I want to compare the prices to MSC.
  14. Thanks, I am not paying much more than that in the Royal Suite next year. I had booked us into the Royal Loft on the Anthem in August for which I got a good deal booking via the US, way cheaper than the price listed in the UK, I wouldn't pay the normal Anthem price. I fear that the cancelled Anthem sailings will lead to much higher prices. Issue for us though is we are in our 40s and not vaccinated yet, so I think we can only go on MSC or maybe Disney who have not confirmed the need for full vaccinations but I would think will find it difficult with the age of their cus
  15. Those prices look pretty normal for "cattle-class". What kind of figures were you hearing for YC? I was originally in YC on Virtuosa in July but moved it to next year assuming it would be cancelled.
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