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  1. I had a cancelled cruse that I had part paid for with FCC. When I tried to use the FCC after the cash cost of the cruise had been refunded, it didn't work and said it had already been redeemed. When I called up RCI, they said that you have to request a FCC to be reinstated if the cruise is cancelled, it is not automatic. They had to send an email requesting this to be done and it took a week.
  2. Thanks, this does seem to be the policy. In the end we decided to book an MSC Yacht Club cruise for next summer. The biggest reason is actually that we have done 3 western med cruises in the last 5 years and wanted to do something different. I originally had a cruise on the Indy booked for the Baltic that was cancelled. I would happily go to the Baltics with RCI but I far prefer to go on a newer ship and they don't send them to the Baltics. It will be interesting to compare YC to Star Class, I don't expect it to be as good but the more interesting itinerary
  3. Yes, I don't think I can post exactly, but find a US agent on Google. Sometimes they ask for a zip code, just find one on line and use that. Some cruise lines do try and stop overseas bookings, but I have found it to be OK. You will have to pay 3% extra on most credit cards for paying in foreign currency. I have a US Dollar card and also the in laws are in America so if their were issues I can use their address. The last time we went on Spectrum I booked via the US as it was cheaper. For the Med booking in the UK seems to be cheaper.
  4. Sometimes we make bookings in the UK and sometimes in the US depending on the price. I have a UK booking on the Star Class on the Allure in July this year. I had £3000 of FCC applied to it from the cancelled Independence cruises. I have worked out that the best idea for us is to transfer the deposit to another cruise and use the FCC for that, the alternative is to pay a five figure sum to RCI and then end up with two lots of FCC that need to be used in the same year. If I just transfer to the Harmony next year there is no issue, although it is somewhat more
  5. I have stayed in it, fantastic room. We had 13 people. Loved having the hot tub, although the heater was broken when we were on board. It used to be that you couldn't book these on line, but normally you can book the first 4 people now then add more by calling. These large rooms book out very quickly, especially since they added Star Class. During any kind of holiday period they usually book out within a few weeks of being available, this is why you won't be seeing any on line. Basically if you want a Star Class suite at a busy period you need to be looking
  6. A lot depends on the rate of increase of people with the virus over the next few days. It will be interesting to see if it slows down once we get 14 days out from the quarantine of Wuhan. But if it does continue to get worse then any businesses and events that involve large number of people congregating together are going to have problems. It is surprising that more countries have not closed their borders to people who have been in China. I note that healthcare staff in Hong Kong are threatening to go on strike because the border has not been closed.
  7. This is an unusual rule in the USA. In the vast majority of countries you only have to go through customs and immigration if you are connecting to a domestic flight. Usually when you enter a country you have to go through customs and immigration at your port of entry. But in most countries if you are transiting through the airport to another international flight then you don't usually have to go through customs and immigration, usually you just go through security and back into departures assuming that the layout of the airport allows for this.
  8. I think the official term for travelling through an airport is "transiting". It may well be that RCI means this by saying "through" but they could probably be clearer. I would consider that I had travelled through "Hong Kong" to mean that I actually went through immigration and into Hong Kong for some time then came back. If I just switched planes and stayed airside I would not consider that I had been to Hong Kong. I know that you could say I was being pedantic, but this is the kind of official notification that needs to be exact. No doubt once eventually t
  9. Is a flight connection in Hong Kong airport considered being in Hong Kong? I would guess that the policy means that if you went through immigration into Hong Kong you couldn't board, otherwise there is no way to tell from your passport that you were in Hong Kong airport for a connection. This could of course be covered by the secondary screening requirements for people who have come into contact with people from China. It is not clear if the OP just transmitted in the airport or actually went into Hong Kong.
  10. Sorry, I missed this over the holidays, it was indeed a Grand Loft Suite, it was too late to go back and edit it.
  11. On our recent Spectrum cruise I had never seen so few people use the pools, especially in the mornings. You won't get a better chance to swim on a cruise ship than this. One pool is indoors and presumably heated although I didn't check.
  12. My parents are on this cruise. This morning they were very worried about the weather. Now as I pointed out they are getting three days for free. They booked their air travel through RCI, will it be rearranged automatically? I told them to ask on board, but I thought I might get a quicker answer here.
  13. OK, I just got an email back from Ellen who was a great concierge. The Silver Lounge and Dining are available to Diamond and above members as well as suite guests. C&A members do not get any priority in the main dining room. Just to clarify, Silver Dining is a buffet, so like a nicer version of the Windjammer. The food quality is similar, but the ambience is much better. Happy hour (5-8.30pm) for Diamond members is in the Silver Lounge. The Silver Lounge concierge is available to help Diamond and above members. The priority seats in the theat
  14. I have copied the benefits page that was in our room below. On entering the solarium I saw a sign saying that it was available to Diamond members and above and so I thought that Silver dining was also available to these people. Now I am not sure, I am going to email the concierge and see if I can get clarification. I have also included a copy of the queue at the Windjammer at 9am one morning and a picture of the buffet in the main dining room at the same time. A crew member told me that the buffet in the main dining room actually had more options and it was certainly qu
  15. Just a few more comments now that we are on our way home. Disembarking does not begin until one hour after the listed arrival time. We actually arrived at the airport after our flight home had closed due to this but we still got on the flight. Immigration in Shanghai is very slow. You need a visa or transit without visa just to make the trip from the ship to the airport and they have exit immigration so we actually went through immigration four times in Shanghai. The staff were extremely friendly and I think this was the best service we have ever had. For example staff went
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