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  1. messengerc21

    ?'s about upcoming trip on equinox

    Hi Cathy, This one in St Maarten........Soualiga Destinations Capt Bob Cass Search Tripadvisor under St. Maarten. Mark
  2. messengerc21

    Confused About TAs

    Yes!!! I have my 2 favorites that I will contact once I see a Cruise and Price I like. Sometimes they can beat it, sometimes they can't. I certainly have used many smaller companies that have had some great "group rates" along with some nice perks! Rule of thumb......Shop around and be leery of Companies that charge Cancellation fees. That said I have had to cancel only one or two Cruises in my life and many times I have booked with a large Online Company that does charge cancellation fees. I have read from some that rooms aren't discounted only perks vary. That simply is not true! It is in some cases, but I have usually managed to get pretty good to outstanding buys with good perks by buying early enough and shopping around! Mark
  3. messengerc21

    ?'s about upcoming trip on equinox

    Having been to these Ports many times, and took my 26yr old Son in 2016. We hired a Guide/Taxi I found on Trip Advisor for St. Maarten. I had him take us to Orient Beach in the Morning for around 3 hours, we swam, ate and my Son rented a Jet Ski....Had a nice time. Then he picked us up around noon or so and took us to Maho. We were there around an Hour or so. Saw about 6 planes come in. Not much of a Beach as it has been washed away and was Crowded. Then he took us to Phillipsburg, we had about an hour and a half before we needed to get back to the ship......Take a Cab or the Water Taxi. Nice time and very Reasonable! In St. Thomas, My wife loves to shop there in the Morning, then we had Lunch and got a Cab to Emerald Beach, which is very nice and not crowded. This Beach is on the other side of Downtown ( Where the Allure, Oasis Dock) not where the others go, below Bluebeards ( Havenstaed...pardon the spelling) worked out well....I don't think there is enough time to take the ferry and shop Downtown......Just a couple of thoughts.....Have a Great Time! Mark
  4. messengerc21

    Only in Cabo and PV for 6 hours

    Hi Cheryl, Cabo Wabo would be fun.....Plenty of others to choose from as well. As far as PV, once you cross the River on the Foot Bridge and head towards the Ocean, There is a lot of places to choose from. You will see "The Malecon" which is a large cement sidewalk that goes along the Ocean....Turn right (north) and it is a great walk back with loads of shopping and places to stop for a Margarita or??? Enjoy!!! One minor suggestion is on your first stop, hit a Bank ATM and draw out some peso's. Much cheaper at those and you will get more using Peso's than the exchange at various shops and Restaurants!! Enjoy! Also, don't worry about the Ice in Drinks, Very Safe! Never been sick! Mark
  5. messengerc21

    Only in Cabo and PV for 6 hours

    Hi Cheryl, Not knowing your interest, other than no Beach, Here's what we like to do in a short period of time. In PV, I would get a Cab out on the street ( They are cheaper) and take it to the Mercado as it is a fun area to shop around in, then by the Mercado walk over the foot bridge in to Old Town ( Other wise known as Zona Romantica) This is a Wonderful area to walk around as well, Head towards the Ocean and there are numerous places to eat and have a Margarita. Cab back when your ready. As far as Cabo, you can get a water taxi to the Rock Point which is fun, Takes around 30-45 minutes, then walk around Town a bit to get the feel of it....Much more Touristy than PV. Lots of places to eat and drink, whether around the Marina or Towards town. We have Cruised to both many times and have spent weeks at a time in both. PV is our favorite "Go To Place"! Feel free to message me with further questions and/or recommendations for Local Restaurants! Mark
  6. messengerc21

    # of days till your next Norwegian cruise?

    4!!!! Need our Vacation!!! Sailing out of SF on Monday for 14 days to Alaska on The Sun.
  7. messengerc21

    Manzanillo Mexico, first time visiting

    We did a Tour that I found on Tripadvisor that took us to a Turtle Farm and we Released Baby Turtles on The Beach, Then took a Boat Tour in the Mangroves and lastly they took us to a Village on The Ocean and we had a Marvelous Lunch. Glad we did this as there is not a lot to see or do in Town.
  8. messengerc21

    B2B Question on Celebrity??

    Hi All, We are thinking of Doing a Back to Back on The Equinox in Jan 2019. I have only done this once before on The Allure. How does Celebrity handle this? I will try to book the same room. On Royal, we were escorted off, then back on and treated to a nice Lunch in their Italian Restaurant. Thanks for any Feedback!!!
  9. Hi All, I've been Reading different accounts on this and would appreciate some answers. I got the Dining package as one of Two Perks for Our 14 Day Cruise on The Sun next May to Alaska. Questions are: 1) Do we Book when we Get on Board? How Booked out do they get? 2) Are Tips additional (Seems that is mentioned on Website) 3) Good at any of the Restaurants On-Board? Thanks in Advance to Clear this up! Mark
  10. messengerc21

    Our Day in Cabo - We Eat Seafood, Go to Arch & the Beach

    Nice Video! Thanks for Sharing! Couldn't make out the Restaurant name....Do you Remember it? Thanks, Mark
  11. messengerc21

    Turtle sanctuary

    I Think I responded as well! There is usually someone on your Cruise that organizes it and contacts Princess prior with a count and coordinates the meeting and time. Just ask about it on The date of sailing that you have. Any other questions about your Cruise, let me know. Mark
  12. messengerc21

    Specialty Dining Option

    We chose the Specialty Dining Option as one of our Perks. How does that work? Do we make Reservations once on Board or can it be done day be day as we want? Thanks!
  13. messengerc21

    Turtle sanctuary

    There were some as I got 2 Bites, but I did use Repellent there and the other stops in Mexico, with the exception of Cabo, as I didn't see the need. Mark
  14. messengerc21

    Turtle sanctuary

    Just got back from our 10 Day Cruise and yes, we did the Turtle Excursion with a Private Company. Very Enjoyable, We Toured the Compound and were able to touch some of the Adults that they have in Holding Ponds. We then went to the Beach and were able to Release a Couple on the Sand and they shortly were carried off by the Surf. You also see where they have the nests that are marked and penned up. We also did a Boat Tour of the Mangrove area next to The Reserve for 80 Pesos for the 2 of us. Well worth it to see the various species of Birds, Baby Crocks and Tilapia that were there. Lasted about a half hour. Then Proceeded to a remote Town close by and had a Great Lunch at a Restaurant that was Beach-side. Tour outfit was DaniTours. Hope this Helps out for those of you Heading here!! Mark
  15. messengerc21

    Turtle sanctuary

    Hi, We are leaving on The Grand to Mexico this Sunday and The Turtle Sanctuary is on The List to see by the Private Guide I hired. I will let you know about it when I return on Oct 5!!!! Mark