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  1. My PVP always tells me the best way to cure the cruise blues is to book another cruise. We booked on the Miracle Jan 4 2020 out of San Diego. It’s a 5 day cruise that visits Cabo San Lucas two days in a row and 2 sea days.
  2. I like the idea of watching a safety video prior to your cruise or on the cabin TV. Then making it mandatory to physically walk to your muster station then either have a staff verify you went there by scanning your room key or having a terminal that you can just go up to and swipe your card. Knowing where your muster station is, in my opinion is crucial in the event of an emergency.
  3. I tend to do all the research for the cruise and the date that I want. I then call my PVP at Carnival and we discuss it in further detail. My wife isn't interested in the details she just wants to sail. So at least I have someone to discuss the itty bitty stuff with.
  4. Don’t forget if you have a target red card you get 5% off gift cards purchased there..
  5. Thank you, I tend to travel for work so I don’t see my kids as much as I’d like to. When we go on a vacation we tend to spend as much time as we can together..
  6. Hi, hope everyone is doing well. So out of the blue we have 3 families joining us on our next cruise. They have kids aging from 6 to 17. What advice should I give the kids? I’m already planning on telling them: no running. stay near your folks. don't get too close or climb the railings. be on your best behavior. What pearls of wisdom would you bestow? -ron
  7. Can anyone post a picture of the night-light?? I’m curious!
  8. How do you guys feel about being on a larger ship? I think the Spirit class ships have the perfect balance of space. I’m sure the Fantasy class ships have a special place in everyone’s heart also...
  9. This is one of the reasons I choose to be one of the last off the ship. My family’s comfort comes first, once the CD saw us lounging and said we maybe the last ones on the ship. 😂😂😂. We literally walked from ship to customs to our luggage in 7 minutes.
  10. I’ve cruised to Ensenada many times. After you exit your ship there is a small shopping area, after there is a shuttle service that charges $4 round trip to drop you off in downtown. Otherwise it’s a good 20-30 min walk into town. While on the shuttle they make a sales pitch to go to the buffadora (blow hole). Usually the ship charges $30-40 for this excursion but you get the same tour for like $15. They do offer other tours also, although I’m not sure how many tours would be offered that late. Also my recommendation for eating is a place called el charro, it’s a rotisserie chicken place, large portions and very succulent.......
  11. This is the room service menu but from Carnivals website, there are some free items and for charge items but it doesn’t list prices. https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/explore/dining/menus/room-service-menu.pdf
  12. Thanks for your post. It’s been so hard to find recent detailed info on the splendor. How was Lee the cruise director?
  13. Does the ship still have bad mojo from the fire in 2010 ? We are booked at the end of July on the splendor. Makes me nervous. I wasn't going to buy trip insurance, but I think we may need it now.
  14. I was actually looking for an answer to see which of the two ports we should do a day pass in.
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