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  1. Just love your photos and Vlogs! What an incredible trip - it would be so hard to choose a favorite port. I'm even more excited for our cruise this summer! And thank you so much for taking time to keep posting this week and not leaving us hanging -- I can't imagine how much you have to do with your wedding so close. Silly (but practical) question - Average cost of using a WC? Wouldn't want to be denied when the need is great 😂
  2. Having so much fun traveling along. Your photos from Mykonos are beautiful - hopefully I can use them to convince my kids that an early walk to town is way to go! What exactly did you have for lunch? It looks great! I'm looking forward to eating in all the ports so please share any favorites or specialties that are a must to try. Wish RCL changed the menus to reflect each region of travel rather than having a standard fleet wide. I understand there is more variation on Asian based cruises but offering a few entree's typical of local cuisine would be great. Not surprised the food on the ship hasn't been too memorable.
  3. Loved your video - thank you so much for sharing! Trevi Fountain obviously was very crowded but overall did you find the streets very crowded? Any concerns walking around Rome?
  4. Loving your review! We are on the same itinerary in June and still deciding on some excursions so excited to see what you chose to do in the Greek ports. Would you recommend Brassai? We have a VRBO booked just steps from the footbridge to the castle for a few days pre cruise. Hadn't really considered touring the castle since it's our first visit to Rome but now might consider spending a little time in the morning before heading to Civvi.
  5. Thank you for the great review and sharing your experiences! We are on a similar itinerary in June and still deciding what to do in a few ports. Love seeing all the different things people do. Also looking forward to singinalot's review!
  6. We were on Allure this summer and Evian was included. We would stop and get 1 L bottles from the carts they had strategically placed to purchase water when disembarking in ports. We were allowed one Poweraid and one bottle of water for each person with the package per transaction. San Juan was so hot that we ended up refilling the water bottles from the drinking fountains at San Cristobel! Smoothies in the spa were also covered.
  7. What was the cost of the high speed train from Rome and was the Rome train station easy to navigate? We will have a group of 6 starting from a yet to be selected hotel in Rome next June. Traveling with teens/young adults so prefer to immerse them in culture but weighing adventure/cost vs convenience of private transfer.
  8. Just off Allure and thought I'd share info on vegan options. My 20 yo DD has been strictly vegan for a year and eating away from home can be very challenging at times, especially as she is also very picky. We chose main dining and indicated need for a vegan diet hoping that having a consistent wait staff would make this request easier. Yes, there were "bumps" but she was delighted that there was a vegan menu and she enjoyed all but one or two of the offerings. Several of the rolls are vegan and she was brought her own basket of bread and a plate of vegan "butter" each night. Eating at other venues was more challenging. Park Cafe had a hummus wrap, Johnny Rockets has a Boca burger that is available and for breakfast the patty is also offered and we were told that the pasta and marinara sauce were dairy and egg free. Couldn't get a clear answer if the steamed veggies had butter so she passed but was frustrated as that could easily be an option if not buttered. Fruit and green salad were always an option but can get a little boring. We knew that fruit would be her only option at lunch on Labadee so planned ahead and carried off snacks for her. We tried main dining room for lunch one day but were told there was not a vegan menu available for lunch (I suspect that they may have been willing to prepare something if she ordered a day ahead and planned to eat there daily but she did not want to commit to either a lunch time or venue). Menu is posted below. The crunchy tofu tacos were her favorite and she requested them again later in the week. Happy to answer any questions.
  9. We have sailed in both an ocean view and aft boardwalk balcony cabin. As many others have said the boardwalk is fun for people watching and watching the movies and aquashow at night. Maybe a little noise but was not bothered by it. Happy to have experienced it but personally prefer the ocean view and the quiet retreat the balcony offers. Next cruise we booked the ocean view and the kids into the boardwalk across the hall - may just need to hang out on their balcony a few evenings!
  10. I can confirm that in the past (pre Irma) you could not access Maho beach from behind the hotels and back side of the golf course when walking from Mullet Bay - the attempt at the short cut turned into a nice tour of the golf course! It is a very easy walk however to Maho. Just walk back to the main road from the Mullet Bay parking lot and follow the road to the right and stay right and it will lead you to Maho! I too would be interested if this has changed as we will be visiting in July. Mullet Bay is our favorite beach but it is easier to catch a taxi back to the port from Maho!
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