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  1. I had asked this very question and was told no by NCL. It is true you may get a different answer from the airline. The problem in asking the specific airline is that they currently use three airlines and you won't know for sure until you are booked with a specific airline. Therefore you must commit before you know if you can upgrade.
  2. I had this same issue when I booked the Escape in September. The website says I have the Ultimate Beverage Package but my Confirmation and Amenities Sheet both say Premium Beverage Package. You should check your confirmation and Amenities sheet sent to you.
  3. It is really the little things that add up to make the Haven so enjoyable. The free movies, the snacks in your room, the Restaurant Maitre’d remembering your name, the attentive service in the restaurant and throughout. I had a problem with my internet minutes and I went to the Internet Cafe to fix it where I was faced with a line of 6 to 8 people ahead of me. Instead of waiting, I went back to the Haven and asked the Concierge to take care of it and he did. I remember on one of my non-Haven cruises waiting in hot weather to get back onto the ship. The NCL attendants came by and pulled the Haven people off the line and got them aboard. I believe that Norwegian wants their Haven guests to be as stress free a possible and they do a wonderful job of delivering. You can have a wonderful cruise not being in the Haven and I still do, but when I can swing the Haven, I’ll always take it.
  4. I absolutely agree with you Dave on all your points. We bid up to the Haven on a Baltic cruise as a splurge. We didn't realize what a difference the Haven makes. It felt like an entirely different experience. It is truly relaxing with none of the hustle and bustle of jockeying around with 4,000 other guests. I am comfortable spending up to $3,000.00 per person for the Haven. I see people saying the Haven isn't worth it and I am sure to them it isn't. We all make our choices of what we want on a cruise.
  5. Taking this cruise in June on the Star. Keep the information coming. Thanks to all.
  6. Wow, very nice review. Your ability to point out the good and the bad goes a long way in the credibility department. I am cruising on the Star in June and will keep your review in mind. Thank you for taking the time to write this. Eric
  7. Nola may be right however I spoke to NCL about upgrading seats on a flight they booked on Wednesday of this week and was told by NCL hat while you can change the seats you will lose the NCL discount and have to pay the full amount for the seat. I would ask Delta directly because I have been given incorrect answers on several occasions by NCL reps. Eric
  8. Are you going to take NCL excursions? If you do then $50 a port can add up to $250 or $300 in saving which is more than the WiFi package which would cost you $105 for 240 minutes. If you are doing private excursions or self guided explorations then take the WiFi. I have never taken their air fare. You are restricted to their choice of flight and seats. You also cannot upgrade the seats. I would rather pay more and control my flights. Regardless of what you choose, you should have a wonderful time on an amazing cruise! Eric
  9. Congrats on finding a more enjoyable way to cruise that costs you less and allows you to cruise more often. I think it is great that NCL offers so many different ways to enjoy your cruise based upon your own personal tastes.
  10. Yes but I prefer being in the Haven or an aft balcony. Being in the Haven, all the Haven amenities are right there and the aft balcony is so large and has a great view. My least favorite would be the Spa cabins since they are smaller and are not carpeted as far as I can tell.
  11. I recently got off a cruise with a guest who had specific dietary restrictions. (no butter and no salt) He was asked to let the dining staff know 24 hours in advance where he would be eating. He was told the menu for the next night at dinner and he gave his order and how he wanted it cooked. His dinner would be ready for him the next night.
  12. I am really enjoying your posts and your great pictures. You are posting lots of useful information. My wife and I are in the Bliss Haven at the end of January. I hope we get Lanie too! Thanks for taking the time to do this. I am looking forward to your upcoming posts! Eric
  13. Josie, I don't know specific rules regarding advance booking of specialty restaurants. If you are not able to make reservations on the NCL website then no one is able to book. Just keep checking. Regardless, I would not worry about it too much. My experience with the Haven is that your concierge can get you reservations in the specialty restaurants when you are on the ship even when the restaurant is fully booked. The whole point of getting a Haven cabin is to relax. Enjoy the perks you get. They will take care of you. Eric
  14. I took this tour a week ago. The tour does not go to the top of the rock. The highest point it went to was the entrance to St. Michael's Cave where the apes are. Eric
  15. I have sailed in regular balconies and the Haven. I see nothing wrong with offering guests more luxury and perks for a price in special areas. If you don’t like it, I think Norovirus got it right, don’t sail on ships that offer an exclusive area to higher paying guests. I also wonder if people have problems with NCL making Spa Access and the Vibe Beach Club extra cost? Isn’t that the same thing as the Haven?
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