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  1. Love this! Raggedy Ann looks good to go.
  2. We used port valet after Alaskan cruise last July. We flew on SWA and if I remember correctly, the service was offered for flights between 11:30 or maybe noon until 6 pm. Seems like we got forms on second day of cruise. Good luck.
  3. JacknShelby, we have been back from our cruise for a couple of weeks. The Elm Wildlife Tour was absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend it. Our cruise, overall, was great, but we missed two ports (Akaroa and Fiordlands) because of high winds and had 27 hours of rocking and rolling in the Tasman Sea. We had a good time, but if I had it to do all over again, I would take a land tour of New Zealand. Such a beautiful country and we only got a taste of it.
  4. Just got off the Ruby a couple of weeks ago from New Zealand/ Australia cruise. This was our fifth trip on the Ruby so we have seen her age and change through the years. We love the ship overall and found the food to be very good on our last voyage. The Ruby has great beds and the staff was great on our last trip. We missed the best New Zealand ports (Akaroa and Fiordlands) because of high winds, so that put a bit of a damper on the voyage, but was not the ship's fault. We had 27 hours of rocking and rolling in the Tasman Sea, but the crew handled it all admirably. Some of the passengers, not so much.
  5. Hi, Carla- We are going to be in Dunedin on Jan. 5 on the Ruby Princess and I had the same dilemma as you when making decisions about what to do in port. The train ride is very expensive and many of the reviews are lackluster. After looking at many possibilities, the four of us decided to book the Elm Wildlife tour to see penguins, sea lions, and albatross. The tour lasts about seven hours and has great reviews and appeals to our love of nature.
  6. Thank you so much Jeter02. I would be so appreciative if you would send me the link to this blogger. bonship at gmail dot com. Thank you!
  7. Love that you are sharing your experience with us, Sandra and Chris and that you are willing to answer questions. I have a crazy request: One of my photos was chosen for the public areas and cabins of the Sky. The photo is of King Penguins in the Falkland Islands. If you see it anywhere, would you let me know, or better yet, snap a photo? We plan to cruise on the Sky in the next year of so, but would love to see my penguins having a good time without me. Enjoy your cruise and your scavenger hunt!
  8. Just completed Alaskan cruise with Princess last month with whole family R/T from Seattle. My son and all six of my grand children DID NOT have passports, only birth certificates. No problems checking in and no passport needed at the stop in Victoria--just needed cruise card. Lots of wrong information is this thread, although I agree that it is best to be safe and have a passport whenever leaving the country and always if Princess says you need one.
  9. Had the same issue last week with American. It took Princess a couple of days to ticket my flights ( I purchased flexible fare),then I went to AA site and pulled up my flight using confirmation number and purchased comfort seats.
  10. jlduchin, when I booked my Indianapolis to Auckland flight with EZAIR for $1300. a few weeks ago, I went to the AA site and upgraded to premium economy for $130 per person using my EZAIR confirmation number.. When I re-booked today at $930 on EZAIR, I lost those seats, even though I had the same flight as I had originally for my return. I called AA and, after an hour and a half of waiting, was told that my new flight needed to be ticketed first and that I needed to purchase new premium economy seats and then call AA to ask for a refund for the prior booking. The AA agent was rather curt and wouldn't say if I would be granted a refund. Sigh... Oh well, I saved $400 a ticket by re-booking so I will still be ahead. Call the airline, but you might not get an answer.
  11. Just got off the Ruby a few weeks ago, and as a good grandma and frequent cruiser, I punched holes in all my grand kids' cruise cards so they could wear them on their lanyards and not lose them. First time we left the ship, they told kids they couldn't use them and cards could not be punched. We had to scramble to the front desk for new cards and then buy new lanyards (overpriced in the gift shop) with plastic sleeves on them.
  12. fluffybunny22, I really don't think there is a better time of day to check. I haven't checked fares for quite a few days and lucked out today. I just checked again and the $932 fare is still there. I am surprised because we are flying out the day after Christmas, which I would think would be more expensive. Good luck and keep checking.
  13. We are sailing on Ruby Princess out of Auckland, NZ on Dec. 30 and home from Sydney on Jan. 13.. Booked air through EZ Air about two weeks ago for $1500 (flexible), which was considerably cheaper than booking on my own. A few days later, the fare went down to $1300, so I re-booked. I felt really good about that fare from Indianapolis as every travel site had the fare at around $2000. Today, just on a whim, I checked the fares again and it was $904. with one stop and good times. Of course, I re-booked. Lesson learned: Keep checking fares even when you're happy with the fare you have. I never expected to pay under $1000 to fly to Australia/New Zealand.
  14. We sailed on Ruby Princess last week R/T from Seattle and the grand kids swam every day except Ketchikan. The weather was sunny and mid-60's but felt much warmer. I didn't pack my swimsuit but wished I had. Many people were swimming on a daily basis late afternoon. The only day we wore a hat and gloves was in Glacier Bay.and it wasn't really even cold. Check the forecast before you go and I hope you get nice weather like we had.
  15. Thank you all for the great reviews and photos. You really lucked out on the weather and wildlife viewing. We are leaving leaving for Alaska next week. Hope we get a fraction of your good weather and wildlife. I've been checking the webcams and it looks like a lot of rain this week. Fingers crossed
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