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  1. As people have said, it's a personal decision. We also were supposed to sail the last week of November into December, and we decided to cancel right before final payment. I just didn't want all that $$ (over $8k) tied up with NCL at this point. I do have other cruises booked - May 2021, October 2021, and January 2022. I will worry about the final payment for May next, but to me it wasn't worth it to have the funds tied up during these uncertain times.
  2. I don't really know the answer to that, I have had the same thought - what's to stop you from selling immediately. But I have sent in the form and the info 4 months prior to sailing and they gave me the credit fairly immediately. I just send the form and then print out the most recent statement from my account (redact the account number and any sensitive information). I just send the part of the statement with the NCL stock, you don't have to send the whole thing (at least I have not). You could try to send it all now and see what happens?
  3. I just read this whole review and I still have so many questions lol! FBI? ICE? Banned? My god. Anyway, I too like to indulge in reading the "worst cruise ever" stories, and it never ceases to amaze me how just ten minutes of research could reset a lot of preconceived expectations that cruisers may have. But whatever. If they start doing their research I won't have all these terrible reviews to read!
  4. This is interesting. I am Mlife Platinum through Mlife and always get $200 OBC for every RC and Celebrity cruise I book, I just thought it was automatic once they have your Mlife number. Makes sense that you wouldn't get the additional perks if you gain status through the relationship, but I wonder how they know that. I guess it's tracked somewhere? Maybe not tracked very well since experiences seem to differ. Might be worth another call, just in case.
  5. I have done this also. I haven't lost it for good, thankfully, but now I am careful to put everything in the pouch at night AND feel around all corners of the safe and light the inside with a flashlight or my phone before we leave just to make extra sure I don't leave anything in there. The dark color lining does make it an extra challenge!
  6. That's good to know. I will call them back--I called earlier and whomever I spoke to made it seem like it was going to be the hardest thing in the world, put me on hold for a bit, and then I got cut off. I am definitely trying again though, it's absolutely worth the hold time if I can get it done!
  7. My recollection is about once every hour. It's a very easy process--you get your ticket on the ship and they give you a wristband when you get there.
  8. I got it on one of my upcoming cruises (POA) and the price was exactly the same. I believe they have to cancel and rebook you, though, so you get whatever the price and promos are today. On the other hand if the price went down I guess you would get an even better deal. I still have to call for my other cruise since that one is through the casino and for whatever reason it's always more complicated to get things changed, in my experience. BUT, for that one the price hasn't changed either so they should be able to add it, I hope. It's pretty port-intensive cruise so the extra $5
  9. This happens to my husband as well-- he carries a knife in his dive bag. They have always let him keep it, though.
  10. Ooooh. Yeah, that part would suck I guess.
  11. Geez, a couple extra days in the Haven, that's horrifying! 🤣
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