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  1. True. But typically if you book the Haven you are getting the drink package with your booking, since all perks would be included, unless you decline them I guess.
  2. It is. We got it from the juice bar in the buffet most mornings. Because you can make way better mimosas that way. 🙂
  3. Never know. I have not experienced this but have read posts where people in the same group under separate bookings were on completely separate flights, with different layovers.
  4. Is there a lounge? On some ships, yes (the larger ones have a bar and restaurant). Which ship are you on? They typically have a full bar and refreshments at certain times of the day. Is daily bottled water available as a suite amenity? No. Bottled water isn't included in any package except the upgraded Premium Plus Beverage Package, which would be an upgrade from the regular beverage package promo that you have.
  5. I don't know for sure, but you could theoretically take it with you, and then share with anyone you wanted, so I don't know if they would care if you share at the table. When we did it, it was just me and my husband so we both had the package anyway.
  6. I SO want this to be true, as it was certainly not my experience. Please report back once you've taken your cruise, I'm very interested to hear how it worked!
  7. My husband used it in April. As others said, he purchased the ticket on board the first day, in order to get to a private scuba dive excursion. Worked perfectly BUT as others have said, the last ferry back may be crowded so get there with time to spare to ensure you get on it.
  8. I wonder if this is a difference between booking in the UK and booking in the US. We also were told in no uncertain terms (twice on the Jade) that it's $35 and under. I would presume to keep everyone from drinking the heck out of the Louis XIII.
  9. You call call NCL to book and not be charged upfront if you have the $50 excursion credit. Then once you take the excursion, you're charged the price minus the $50.
  10. Nothing to do with door decorations, but speaking of listening to instructions: A couple of years ago, we were on the Getaway in an aft Haven cabin. I went out on the balcony and was surprised and sad to see that a bird (like a song bird, not a seagull or anything) had perished on the balcony. Since it had just been drilled into us that it is impermissible, under penalty of jail time and/or certain death, to throw ANYTHING off the balcony....I called the butler and apologized and asked him what to do. Not sure what he did with it but he took care of it. Anyway, if we'd not listened to the safety instructions I suspect we would have just tossed the pour creature overboard and not thought a thing about it. PS. I have magnets with our names that I always put on our door. I think it's fun. If others don't, well....don't look at my door, I guess.
  11. I'm curious about this too as I also did the math yesterday and it doesn't seem right, at least from past experience. When we have previously upgraded on board, as you mention, we have gotten $125 credit. Hm.
  12. Good question. You would think you could take one back unopened.....but we did not test that theory. Can't hurt to ask and frankly I'm not sure why they would care.
  13. As far as I know, it's not printed anywhere (at least I could't find it), but it's what we were consistently told when we had this package on board. All drinks under $35 qualify.
  14. I also did this tour (this EXACT tour actually!) and enjoyed it tremendously. I thought it was a really excellent value, honestly--island tour, snorkel, sloths, AND monkeys and I want to say it was $60pp. I would go again.
  15. In some of the bars, yes (at least, on the Jade anyway). And keep in mind that if there are two of you in the room, that's two included bottles at dinner per day....and you don't need to drink it at dinner, you can take it back to the room or keep it at one of the bars of restaurants too.
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