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  1. On the last "Snowbird Migration" cruise i did from Quebec to FLL we also stopped in Port Canaveral. At least 30% of the cruisers disembarked to return home. Very convenient for central, Florida residents (many were from The Villages) travelling for the Winter season. Mary
  2. I could not stop laughing 🤣 at this. Thanks for brightening my afternoon.
  3. Very enjoyable read about your visit .
  4. Picked up a couple of bottles last time i was in lake Louise, sadly finished it already. It's also great over vanilla ice cream. Looking forward to picking some up next year ( would prefer to visit this year, but I'm being realistic). M
  5. We are currently in the middle of a thunderstorm in South Florida. Just got this shot of a rainbow 🌈 from my balcony. Beats snow, but unusual weather for this time of year.
  6. Roy, I was sad to hear of your brother's passing, it must have been a great shock. But take comfort in remembering the conversation you had with him yesterday. Mary
  7. @superoma What an exhausting and stressful day you had. Glad the posts helped at the end of the day. Please have a restful evening and prayers for a full recovery. Mary
  8. @rafinmd hope everything goes well with your tests. A second surgery for your brother with more extensive aftercare will hopefully solve his medical issue with his back. I'm sure its stressful for you especially as you are so far away. Please take care of yourself. Mary
  9. These 2 comments are so true for me. I'm feeling a little more optimistic now that I have had both shots, but this "daily" gives me hope and a feeling of connection in this necessary time of self isolation. I may not post every day but I certainly read every day. Thanks Rich, Roy and all contributors you are providing hope that cruising will return. M
  10. We visited the Normandy Beaches and Amsterdam on the same trip, so many emotions and so much to be grateful for . Thanks for the memory jogging posts. Mary
  11. Hopefully you will get some answers today and he recovers quickly. M
  12. I had heard to say "white rabbit' on the first of the month. This was from my Irish mother. Not sure of the origin of the saying though. I still say it every month!!
  13. Good morning everyone. it is so encouraging to hear that so many are getting their jabs and it does seem that systems are being established. Still their was an article in the Miami Herald Herald this morning that private jets are still flying into Florida so people can get vaccinated. The centers in So Flo are now requiring proof of residency (utility bill, driver's license etc) before the first shot. Hopefully the people who are still waiting will get theirs soon. I still have no side effects from my 2nd jab on Friday, however DH started with chills, painful muscles and stuffy nose yest
  14. Great!!!. I'm so pleased for you. Glad you made it despite the weather. Mary
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