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  1. There are reports of Covid vaccines causing nodes in the armpit, which can also be a cancer sign. When I had my mammogram earlier this year I was asked if I had been vaccinated and also on which arm. Praying for everyone to get negative results from screening tests.
  2. OMG, that artichoke and carpaccio looks amazing.
  3. No review this time, this was the first cruise with my husband using a powered mobility scooter and I was concentrating on that. The lower passenger count did mean that access to elevators was great 👍. Mary
  4. Hello everyone, Back home from our cruise, from leaving cabin to front door was 40 minutes this morning. I had an enjoyable cruise and am ready to go again. I felt comfortable with the procedures and distancing, some masks were worn even in areas not mandated and I only saw one argumentative passenger. There's always one right!!! I have to catch up with the daily postings now. If you're on the fence about cruising my recommendation is to go for it. It's a different experience now but still restful and invigorating at the same time. Mary
  5. I also have been following Chris's vlog. He is from the same area of England where I grew up. Did see him last night and we had a nice conversation, will let him know you're following. I mostly cruise Royal at the moment as the ports are convenient. My husband has several medical issues and is essentially confined to a mobility scooter after not so successful back surgeries. I retired late 2019 and had planned 3 cruises on HAL with great itineraries from Port Everglades. The SA circumnavigation is hopefully in our future. Looking forward to seeing more BHB in So Flo soon. Mary
  6. In Cozumel today and Senor Frogs is open, but not crazy busy 🍹🍻
  7. Hello everyone, Spending the day at Cozumel. There are 3 other ships here, but it is really quiet in town. I am enjoying the cruise and feel comfortable with the new guidelines. The entertainment has been amazing, last night there was new show and the level of music and dancing was probably the best I've ever seen on a cruise ship. Thanks @rafinmd for including me in the celebration list , it's working I'm enjoying myself. Mary
  8. @TiogaCruiser I'm on Odyssey of the Seas. It's RCL newest ship only been sailing 2 months. Leaves from Port Everglades which is a 20 minute drive from home. No flights needed.
  9. Good morning everyone, will arrive at Costa Maya this morning. I am really enjoying the cruise sailing on the open ocean is so restorative. The passenger count is approximately 40% and the Covid guidelines are being enforced. Staff are really happy to be back at work.i am enjoying the solarium, picture of my favorite chairs directly at the bow with a great view.
  10. Great shot, saw it forming yesterday from our balcony but it moved west before we could get a picture.
  11. Thanks for the picture, looking forward to a week at sea. And the western tropics look quiet at the moment so good weather is forecast.
  12. I've also printed a hard copy, just in case. We're obviously not millennials!!!
  13. just got this also from the Abbot Bimax test I did yesterday. MSC result also there from August cruise. Mary
  14. I was able to book dining for my cruise on Sunday, but only on the website not the app. It does show up on the app on my calendar though. Entertainment can only be booked when connected to ship's Wi-Fi. Mary
  15. Truth to be told I haven't either, DH has but I usually wait until last day to pack. If i start too soon I seem to keep adding things I really don't need.😀
  16. We have been to Grenade twice on cruises. The first time we took a ships tour to a spice factory and cigar making facility. Both were informative and I got to roll my own cigar. The second time we got a driver at the port and went on a tour of the island. It is amazingly mountainous and very lush and green. Would love to visit again.
  17. Good morning everyone. I was woken up at 5am by a thunderstorm. This is sunrise photo from this morning. Hope the weather is better tomorrow for sail away. According to the weather forecast it should be nice.
  18. Looking forward to your review, I am on the Odyssey but will try to keep up. Hopefully Laura will get to see Mama Mia. It's a great show.
  19. So excited to see a Radio Live! I will be sailing on Odyssey Sunday but will definitely follow. Your 2nd week Live will help with my cruise withdrawal. Have a great cruise and make sure you have time to "watch the news" Mary
  20. Good morning everyone . We just finished doing our proctored Binax covid tests and we are negative . Testing was easy with minimal waiting ,although my husband did have trouble with the accents . I was able to help him though. We are going on Odyssey of the Seas on Sunday , a new ship for us. Leaving from Port Everglades so only a 20 minutes drive. Really looking forward to some days at sea. Mary
  21. Today is a good day, we just finished our Binax Abbott proctored covid tests and are negative . Now can start packing for Odyssey on Sunday 🚢🍸 Test was easy very minimal waiting . Husband had some difficulty with accents but they allowed me to help him. Looking forward to seeing a new ship.
  22. I'm sailing from Fort Lauderdale in November and don't see anywhere on the app to add vaccine status yet.
  23. @richwmn Thank you for including port of the day in The Daily. I don't always post pictures but if I have visited the area I do look at my photos. It is a good reminder that despite not being able to do my planned post retirement travel, I have been fortunate in being able to visit so many places in the world so far. Hopefully we all will be able to travel to our bucket list destinations soon🚢
  24. We spent 4 weeks in Hawaii in 2008. Flew from Island to Island. On the Big Island I had a great hike over the lava fields, it was really interesting seeing how the lava had flowed. My husband is always on the lookout for "danger" and I have a collection of photos of warning signs from our travels! Me, I'm just looking for adventures.
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