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  1. I have heard that C&M are now going to offer a drinks package on mini cruises, I am not sure how true this is. We are on a 3 day cruise Aug 2020 as a group of 10 and think the package would suit us. How much is it per day and has anyone else heard about it being offered to short cruises. Thank you
  2. we are going September so I guess we will have to wait til june/july.....
  3. Does anyone know when the show on Oasis changes. It seems to have been CATS forever and would be great if it changed next year
  4. Yes I agree the staff work so hard seems harsh to remove tips, although I much preferred it when you got the vouchers and gave them to every one that had served you, at least if the people removing tips had the shame of not giving a voucher to their room steward, waiter etc it may make them think twice. I do like to tip separately too though, giving the staff that have given me great service a little extra. I actually thought that RCI had the policy that tips could not be removed....guess I was wrong
  5. Hi there! How much is the RCI train to Rome please. I believe we travelled on the train before whilst sailing on the Liberty of the Seas and the station in Rome was near to the Vatican. We explored Rome, had lunch:cool::cool: and then back in time for a train back to the station on the port but it was a while go. Can not remember if you can just book tickets for the train on board the ship , whether its part of an excursion or if you can book tickets on line.
  6. hi, I am not sailing until Sept 2019. Please does anyone know if there are any alerts available to let you know when drinks packages go on sale or do I just have to keep checking my RCI account....thanks a million ;)
  7. How much do the packages cost. We are going on the Oasis next September and was thinking we would do without a package and pay as we go but on second thoughts we like a drink with lunch, dinner, in the evenings....its worth getting a package I think ;p;p
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