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  1. The tips collected by RCCL go far beyond the people you see every day. They also go to some behind the scenes people such as laundry and others who serve the customer facing crew. If you remove the auto-gratuity and tip cash, these tips must be reported to RCCL and pooled also. If you leave the daily gratuity in place and tip extra to those who serve you, they will get all of that. If you remove tips and feel only tipping the people who serve you is the way to go, you are doing a dis-service to laundry help, dish washers, etc. All of the people who make the customer facing staff look good. And if you feel this way about cruise line tipping, do you advocate for honest wages to be paid for service people in the U.S.? Just raise the prices of the food and beverages. I will continue to pre-pay gratuities and add extra where deserved.
  2. Thanks for sharing. We will be on her for the same 5 night itinerary in early January. 🙂
  3. Following. I also have the RC App and it has the menus for our 01/05 cruise. As you, I wish there were more details in the app.
  4. I did find it amusing that my wife and I got one, and my son got one. My daughters did not. So they picked the top and the bottom C&A.
  5. We are going to be on Indy this January. Last week I got the email for the Royal Up options. We are travelling with 2 other groups. Neither of those got an email. Is this something that all passengers are given the option to? To be exact as to all of the details, my wife and I are Emerald. Couple #2 is Gold. Couple 3 is a father and son on their first cruise. So is this something that maybe trickles down to see how many people bid? Thanks.
  6. I just looked at the Cyber Monday Sale Preview for our January cruise. The prices for the deluxe package are the same as they have been for months. On the other side of the coin, we saved $3/day on our refreshment packages for Black Friday. As others have often stated, check your reservations as each cruise appears to have their own pricing.
  7. Thank you for the heads up. Our January IotS refreshment package dropped to $17 as others have reported. No big discounts on the deluxe package and that does not make the kids happy. 🙂
  8. I got the Royal app for my phone. The menus are on there for this cruise. We ae also using Park and Go.
  9. I was on Freedom last November and there were $5 tables. I had a few minutes. Took out a $20. Played 4 hands at $5 each. Won them all and said goodbye.
  10. We will see you in January. Looking forward to meeting you.
  11. I did not see a sail date for the OP. As stated above, if there are allergy issues, and the cruise is approaching, a little urgency may be required.
  12. Thanks so much for the review. We will be on her in January and looking forward to a great cruise. We will be in a Promenade room also. We love the rooms for the view and the little extra room. I will admit that we are more night people and most often don't get back to the room until after midnight. Glad you had a good cruise.
  13. I have been reading about the pool in the Costa Maya port and am getting some conflicting information as to cost. Is there a charge to use the pool? I understand there is something called a Port Pass for about $39 that includes other activities in the port. Does anyone have any information on either of these.
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