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  1. Could be. But I think the cruise lines know something. I just saw an ad for NCL. I haven’t seen any cruise lines ads in quite a while.
  2. IMO. It’s not worth it with kids who are hit by cars going to school. Do you remember when they did go to permanent DST?
  3. In the mid-1970’s, Florida did go to permanent daylight savings time. They do this to keep it lighter in the evening which keeps the bars busy. The results were with less daylight in the morning, the was a major rise in kids getting hit by cars on their way to school.
  4. I am with the above looking to view live (virtual) events. DCL has put a few shows on YouTube. If something like that could be done while viewers can chat at the same time, that would be great.
  5. Like those above, I like to unplug from the world while cruising. With that said I use my phone as a camera, watch, magnifying glass, and many other tools. This app will just be another tool. From what I’ve seen, a very good tool. But it will not be my toilet reader. 😇
  6. There is a big difference between safety first and total fear. If you drive a car, you understand safety first without fear.
  7. Yes. Safety first. Until a vaccine or cure is in place, we will probably wear one anyway. It’s no big deal and as said earlier, safety first.
  8. In 2020, with air being the primary mode of inter-city transportation, CLIA should be lobbying Washington to end the PVSA. Can you imagine the great coastal cruises on both coasts.
  9. The last I heard was that due to maritime law and the drug/gang violence in Mexico, west coast cruising stopped.
  10. The issue that I have is if you remove responsibility for the virus, corporate cost savings hit and I don’t believe the cleaning/sanitation procedures will truly stay in place. Every ad you see says “your safety is our top priority”, but the longer things go, the less is being done.
  11. I forget the exact article/section, but one of the recommendations in the EU return to cruising documents was to separate seniors. It was a recommendation. As said above, I can’t see any enforcement if people wanted to be with the younger group.
  12. No. IMHO, no passing on a ‘property’. Those would be experiences. Then, after the game we would compare the game results to our actual experience on board.
  13. I do like the countdown option. Everyone starts with $20,000. Each ‘property’ has a booking value. From inside guarantee up through the suite levels. Once ‘booked’, then the various properties become cruising costs. Start with something like drinks and bingo up through ship tours and high end dining. Instead of collecting $200 for passing go, you pay the daily gratuity. Last person with money wins.
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