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  1. Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to do this review. It has helped us plan our time in Bermuda.
  2. I am really enjoy8ng your review. Thanks for posting the compass. We sail on Saturday.
  3. We will look for you! If we don’t see you during the day, we will come by the casino. We can’t wait for the cruise. It is our first kids free cruise in ten years. We haven’t told our kids yet that we are cruising without them. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Disney and cruises are definitely Chris favorite things, with Disney being first. My favorite vacation is a cruise. I like Disney too but cruises are my first love.
  4. Yes, we are going on the five night Bermuda cruise. I wish it was a longer cruise, but it works with our August calendar. (We are going to Disney at the end of August.) This will be our first time on the Anthem. Our last few cruise have been on the Allure and Oasis. We will have to find my husband some Bermuda shirts.
  5. Noreen, I am enjoying your review and photos. We are on the Anthem in two weeks. I have been thinking that your husband, with his island shirts, is like my husband and his Disney World shirts. He almost always has on a Disney shirt if he is wearing a t-shirt.
  6. Thanks for the info on the time difference. I am really looking forward to this excursion.
  7. Was your ship time 2 hours ahead of Roatan time? We have the same excursion booked.
  8. At least they held together in van, in front of other people. 😀. I have threatened one one of my children that I was going to video their tantrum and send it to their teacher. Your review is very entertaining. You are doing a great job.
  9. I am enjoying your review! And no, you aren’t the only one! Last summer, I sat in the middle of my 11 and 8 yo and let my 13 yo sit int the front while we were in Kauai to keep all 3 of them from fighting in the back seat of the Jeep. We should have rented the minivan! I keep saying we should get a 15 passenger van so each kid has their own row. They can keep it together driving around home but the excite of vacation makes them crazy!
  10. The Schooner bar is beautiful. I love the Oasis class ships, but when we were on the Jewel, we kept saying, “Look, you can see the ocean!” The inside venues with the ocean views are very nice.
  11. I love your review. I really hope to get to Bonaire sometime soon. Last September a flight over winter break would have been over $1500 a person from DC. We need to find an ABC cruise that works with our schedule. Thanks for for taking the time to write this and share your photos.
  12. Andrew, you probably already said this, but how to a find your periscopes? I am enjoying Rick’s!
  13. I am enjoying your review. And the wine and cheese on your balcony sounds like a wonderful idea. Look like you were the only one awake on the ship at 7AM.
  14. First, I just have to say, Go Hokies! Last year, we got off the ship late and 3/5 family members did the zip line. We ended up spending the rest of the day on adrenaline beach. We loved it. We just walked back to the ship so we didn’t have to deal with the shuttles. I have no patience for that. I am really enjoying your review.
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