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  1. I drink [tea] and read. What else would I WANT to do? I LOVE sea days!
  2. I have little money. I am going on a 28-day cruise from LA to Sydney in a few days. There is simple NO other way I could afford anything approaching this with any other venue. I am a true 'Hillbilly', but always dreamed of seeing the World. Never actually thought it could happen. This is a perfect retirement for me.
  3. A word on 'bias'. Two positions are NOT equal when one says 'you must always do as I say', and the other says 'you can wear whatever is comfortable for you'. If the second had said 'you may NOT wear formal clothing', THAT would be equal argument. Same as gay v straight has always been. No gay person insists 'everyone must be compelled to be gay'. One side believes in choice, the other in self-righteousness. Yet they pretend it is 'just each person's opinion'. Why do you care. Wear what you enjoy and let others be comfortable too. I just do not go to 'Formal Nights'; though I miss th extra quality food served then. I avoid the arguments. But please, do not pretend 'equal bias'. Not!
  4. We are Elite, but we are also not particularly wealthy. We always choose inside/outside cabins. It would be difficult for us to turn down a 'downsell', let alone a 'move over', no matter how much we wanted the cruise. OTOH, we only ever really get upsells we mostly cannot take. Oh well, a day at sea is great no matter. Please send 'move-over's'!
  5. If your cruise is actually 2 back-to-back cruises, but bought as one, do you get a set-up for each segment? I am doing 28 days, with a 20-day, and an 8-day segment. Hopeful in all that time for renewal.
  6. HAL tends to have better long cruise ports, because they can generally get into smaller ones that the larger PCL's cannot. I am kinda old and kinda a loner, liking the quiet spots on HAL. Princess has better service, IMHO, than HAL, RCCC, Norwegian, or Celebrity, which I value above most things. PCL also have IC, best pizza, best breakfast [because if they dont have smoked salmon out, I can always ask and it shall be given. Inn fact, I have never been denied anything available upon asking, even If they had me wait till next day. I have 6 sailings on HAL, more than a dozen [Elite] on PCL. PCL has the best loyalty benefits I know, period. Therefor, while I will gladly sail on HAL if the price and intenery are right, Princess is my 1st love.
  7. By 'olive salad' are you meaning tampenade?
  8. Heck yeah! I had an absolutely wonderful Porterhouse. The starter was oysters, which I will have anywhere. For desert the banana whiskey pound cake was good, and my traveling companion loved the fried yellow peach pie. I love the Bayou, my favorite upscale on Princess.
  9. The Alfredo is awesome, but my A1C limits that. I, of course, love the escargot, but soon realized that what I loved was the GARLIC BUTTER ...... LOL; I could eat the rolls dipped in the garlic butter. The Black and Blue onion soup is excellent, 2nd only to a variation I found at a sports bar in Quebec, which was about the best thing I ever put into my mouth. They have, or at least used to have pete fors (sp?) with chocolate and marshmallow and the chocolate was absolute PRIME quality. But what comes to mind for me comes from my southern hick background. Only on the Coral and Island can you find the New Orleans style eatery with my lifelong favorite, fried green tomatoes. Not as good as mine, but still a wonderful treat for regaining memories. Cannot wait till September for our next chance. Princess rox!
  10. Most longer cruises have far larger RC. Usually means experienced cruisers, with more likelihood of looking for private excursions and on board entertainment, as well as meeting old acquaintances.
  11. They make these offers because they feel that this close to sail; they can sell lower cabin easier. Better to get as many on as possible. If you like what you have, sit still; if you got it hoping for an upsell, congrats, your dreams have come true!
  12. Hmm, and I still cannot. Get some unaccessable 'info' in a white square, and no way to close it, or to get any response outside the square. It seems to be forever trying to access. May have to delete the site and re- search and save. Thanks
  13. I have been trying to get onto HAL website since last night. Is it down, or is my server at fault? Anyone else having problems?
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