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  1. We are Elite and get all the perks that come with that, and it's great. But we never get free upgrades or move-over's offered. You know why? The two biggest money makers for the cruise line are the casino and the drinks. We neither of us gamble, and we do not drink [alcohol, obviously]. Did you think they do not know what to do with this info, which they certainly gather? So; No upgrades or move-overs for us. I am not complaining! Love the perks of Elite But i do not blame PCL for looking after their big spender. It is, after all, a business. We live happily with that
  2. Hmm, UTAH Senator. Does this not sound a little contrived? After all, all those cruise ships the origonate in UTAH ............ Obviously this is purely political. You will certainly hear the resistance from corporations who have to compete with "those dang ferriners" who "use Third World workers at Slave wages" This is NOT gonna happen folks, or at least without a LOT of resistance' which I suspect our respected Senator is hoping for. Politics!
  3. Diamond Princess is doing a unique, one time repositioning from LA - Tokyo on April 5, 2022. It stops in Hilo and Honolulu, then in Guam, before 4 ports in Japan. 22 days. I am signed to be aboard. I did the Tokyo to Seattle on the Norwegian Jewel in 2018. The ship was ok, the food not terrible though repetitive, but the stops were great. So much better than Holland or Celebrity. I would recommend it above those if you like Alaska [we had 5 stops in Alaska, and Petroplavosk was really awesome, do the Volcanologist lecture if you get a chance]. Professor with a dark but nice sense
  4. Call them! If you need flight help, call them. They always help us when we call whomever. While the website has problems, the service has been fine.
  5. Sadly, in general, cities are creatures of the state. That is; state can overrule virtually anything they disagree with done by cities. In Michigan, they even removed a lot of elected city governments, took over land there, and gave it to contributors for an upscale golf course. You can guess who the city officials were, and who was running the state.
  6. I agree the research offers some comfort. But, what happens to a cruise in which someone has a confirmed case? Turn around? Stop and quarantine? Trust me when i say Princess, or whatever cruise line, does not want to face that again. I live where a LOT of folks believe that responsibility is not a requirement for liberty. It's scary.
  7. If you are correct, then unfortunately, there WILL be cheaters. Just like there are those who snatch masks from people's faces and berate them as 'liberal fools who believe whatever the liberal press tells them'. Sure enough. My sister nearly died of COVID, and yet this happened, and happens a lot here. I know who is doing it, and so does everyone else. I will avoid the politics as much as possible. But, if they accept paper evidence, there WILL be those who will, with great contempt, cheat.
  8. You would certainly have to give them permission, but why would you not? It would make sense that a cruise line would want to make absolutely certain of no breakouts of Covid after the catastrophe last year. Princess especially since the Diamond was such a public tragedy. BTW, I have 2 scheduled on the Diamond. I suspect they will be VERY careful. Their entire operation may depend on it.
  9. Oops, just noticed you are from Canada. Do not know what is done there.
  10. When you get vaccinated, Walgreens or whomever are required to add your info on that to a database for the State, which I believe is accessible by Feds and the you must give permission for others to access [like all your medical records]. It is a useful database, as it will be easy to lose/destroy your paper record. I remember mine specifically being added, the Pharmacist took my info for it.
  11. BTW, I would not expect cruise lines to demand 'Virus Passport', the paper product, anyway. They will get your proof straight from the database made when you where vaccinated. You DO remember you were added to the database? And that could have a fun result. Mr or Mrs Smarty, who has fake 'passport' will not be in the database. Hopefully banned thereafter.
  12. You're welcome ..... LOL. Still have all my info apparently. Hope that continues.
  13. And yet: Princess has Antarctica sailing for sale from Dec 2021 to February 2023. Are they seriously not intending on doing those? Makes no sense.
  14. Does anyone know if any of the Princess ships have been refitted to the Polar Code specifics? We have been looking at Antarctica voyages, buy supposedly as of January, the new Code will be implemented. Need to know if the advertised sailings will REALLY be able to do the 'drive-by. Anyone heard of such refittings?
  15. Do NOT log in! Go to 'Booked Guests'. Go to 'Manage Booking' Again, do not use THAT Login either. Below it ..... Use 'Access your cruise without logging in'. Fill in info with that specific booking number. You will get your access to That sailing only. If you try for more you will crash, but you can do it for each sailing.
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