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  1. We are Elite on PCL, and have at least 1/2 dozen HAL cruises. HAL is definitely more sedate, which I like, and probably the highest average age in cruising. The ships are mostly smaller than PCL, and can go into ports [and do] that PCL does not. They have the best classical music I know. All that said, I usually prefer Princess. But I would never discount a HAL cruise to places I want to see.
  2. We usually get inside or OV depending on the deal, which we look for religiously. We are and must be 'budget' cruisers, and since we prefer at least 60 days per year, usually in 14 - 30 day sailings, we look for additions to our previous destinations. I love sea days, but since I spend very little non-sleeping time in cabin, insides are not a real problem. Exception: When we go to Alaska, we must have a view. God's own country, that.
  3. My favorite Princess ship is now the Sirena, now belonging to an upscale line. There was great reason they wanted it. It was twin to the Pacific Princess, which I have yet to get on. The Ocean Princess was beautiful, with paneling of lush dark wood. It had the best library [my natural habitat], large, complete, and very comfortable. I think I met every person onboard on our 16-day 'Midnight Sun' cruise. There are few 'intimate' cruise ships left in the affordable [for us] range. So sorry it was sold. Next is surely Coral, always [been on 4 times] great service above and beyond. Sh
  4. Lousy at math? 5 meatballs is 25% more than 4. Of course if they decide to drop back, they only need to make it 20% less meaty to resume the original. Meaning they saved 5% while not really changing ...... do you understand?
  5. Well, the thread is what the thread is ............. but it seems to me the idea of discussing food on cruise lines has been completely subsumed by story telling that would be better done by direct communication of the parties. Now it is no longer possible to discuss any thing except personalities and noise. I thought this was going to be an interesting topic. Not!
  6. We are also Elite, and get almost none from Princess, but countless from Celebrity and Norwegian, whom we have sailed only occasionally. I WANT Princess offers, as many as they will send, so I asked them, and got a few a couple years ago, and then they stopped. Don't know why, but may have a theory: We are Elite, but we are not big spenders. They keep track of everything anyone spends on board. Neither of us gamble, neither of us drink. Maybe we are just not making them money? We do use largely Princess excursions, but still, makes me wonder?
  7. I certainly hope the Pacific Princess is not being sold/moved by Carnival Corp. They sold Ocean, which was a most wonderful ship [old wood paneling and greatest library at sea], and Pacific is her sister ship. Never been in her yet, but sure will be disappointed if she goes too.
  8. So we could never learn their lesson? Never mind, we never even TRIED. Instead it was a hoax! Why even try on something that was just a fake from the 'enemy'? Deny or equivocate all you will, but we know why no effort was made.
  9. Because the CDC is not getting cooperation to limit spread simply because of denial of the responsibilities of members of our society who carry this attitude. THEY are insuring that CDC will have to try to limit activities because of uncontrolled risky behavior. We COULD have done what S Korea, Taiwan and others did, but NO-oo-oo! intransigence from deniers is spoiling it for everyone, and KILLING more people than we lost in all wars since WW2. Liberty equals RESPONSIBILITY, period!
  10. Please stop doing that. You KNOW what my intent is. This is using the letter of the law to defeat the intent of the law. I am saying that there are certain people, and you know whom I mean, who would refuse to cooperate with anything that is aimed at responsibility to society suggested by their 'enemy' JUST BECAUSE it is. Yes, they would drink and drive; "I have never wrecked while drunk, so why should I be 'punished' for other's carelessness, I have a right to drive when I want!" Yes, they would turn on their lights during night bombing; "It's my lights,
  11. Whatever happened here? Does anyone think the same people here would have abided by 'Meatless, wheatless, and sweetless days' like most every American did in WW2? Hard to accept things could change this much.
  12. Those are countries with freedom, but their people, unlike so many of ours, believe liberty comes with concomitant RESPONSIBILITY. If choosing 'liberty' means putting others at risk, they act RESPONSIBLY and do what is needed. They don't just cry about how "if I don't want to, I don't have to; I am an American!"; Boo Hoo
  13. I have sailed many times as a diabetic. I usually eat in the buffet specifically because I have so many choices and can always find plenty for a great variety. Princess will always get you whatever your want that they may have [for me, every morning is smoked salmon, but vegetarians will see plenty to choose too]. No other cruise line I have sailed is as good as Princess about going out of their way to help you.
  14. FYI: There have indeed been a FEW cases of 'reinfection' of COVID. Rare but not unheard of. Like virtually all viruses, the 'immunity' conferred by recovery are not absolute.
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