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  1. So, we have Lifted & Switched our April 2021 on the Constellation cruise to one on the 4th April 2022 on the Millennium. We were offered a few different cruises that we were able to move to and the 4th April 2022 suited our dates the best so we opted for that one. Strange thing is, even though it was our agent at Celebrity (we book direct) who moved our cruise, I cannot see it listed any where online?? It not showing on the Celebrity site either as a listed cruise? The cruise prior to it and the cruise immediately after it are listed but not ours? Any reason why this would be? We were even sent a screen shot of the intinery by the agent? Very strange..............
  2. Wendy, you're a star. Thank you everyone that assisted me. I have now found it. Although its not showing that I can bid on an upgrade. Oh well, will stick with my Aqua class room and enjoy Blu 🙂 24 days and counting...…….
  3. I think it must only be available on the US site as the UK/GB one doesn't show it as an option at all? Tried to go incognito to find it but my laptop keeps going to the UK site.
  4. I have read that some people go to the 'MoveUp' site to submit bids for upgrades. I cannot find this site at all..... Can someone point me in the right direction and provide a link / web address Cheers, Jo
  5. Will be following this review as I will be getting on next Sunday (8th Sep) Yay!! Have an amazing cruise!! ps - thanks for the info about the Sky Train from the Airport, will use that instead of a taxi next week.
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