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  1. Will be following this review as I will be getting on next Sunday (8th Sep) Yay!! Have an amazing cruise!! ps - thanks for the info about the Sky Train from the Airport, will use that instead of a taxi next week.
  2. Has anyone used the supplied travel cot that PO provide? Have a one year old going on their 1st cruise - PO say that they would supply a travel cot if needed. Is there any room left in the cabin once it is put up? Would you recommend taking your own? Does anyone have a picture of their room with a travel cot in it? Cheers, Jo
  3. Did ring twice and got the same answer from two different agents [emoji53] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Yep, I was told you can’t even purchase onboard [emoji17] idiots onboard have really spoilt it for all. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. You're too kind :) fyi - married at 19 :) I was onboard in May - didn't hear about anybody being removed from the ship - think I was too busy watching the royal wedding to notice ;)
  6. Mini cruise aka a 3 night short cruise (I call them mini cruises) :)
  7. Ok, So just rang RCI to pay my final balance for our cruise and to also pay for a beverage drink package only to be told that RCI have now stopped selling drink packages on Mini cruises - sure enough I can only see a water package available to purchase online. What on earth!! Booked this cruise as part of our mine and my husbands 30th wedding anniversary (party of 14 onboard) some have purchased the beverage package already and some (like me) haven't. Was told you cant even buy them onboard. Such a shame :(
  8. Hi Has anyone sailed in 3004 and got any pictures of it inside or view of it from outside. Is it a noisy room at all? It's quite forward and I'm sure I read somewhere cabins can be noisy over the theatre and can also get anchor noise?? Cheers, Jo Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. Hi We're from the UK and have booked Business flights with Viking for March next year with Emirates to Sydney via Dubai. Doing the Sydney to Bali cruise on 10th March. Got good flight times and the price was cheaper than going direct through the airline even with taking into account if we booked own air taking off the 'airfare' element than we would have been deducted from our cruise fare. So 'one happy bunny' here looking forward to going 'down under in style' :)
  10. Just upgraded our flights through Viking Air from the UK to Sydney and Bali back to the UK for March 2019. Was given a couple of options for flight upgrades, premium economy or business and then a choice of BA or Emirates. Have plumped with Emirates Business class - did a comparison myself on costing direct with the airline and Viking was cheaper although I think the difference was the 'flight allowance' that is built into the package cost of the cruise (as it included return flights) - tbh I'm happy with what I'm paying so all is well :) Jo
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