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  1. 12 and up go to the teen club. Which is joy adventure ocean. It’s more of a free for all. My extrovert joiner happy son didn’t line the teen club and refused to go back after the first night. He missed AO. It’s too bad the teen club starts at 12yo. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Yep. We have ingredient issues and got them to show us what they were using for milkshakes at JR. Nope. Not actual ice cream. At B&J it was their real ice cream, we know which ones are ok for my son, so we went with them. Many many times. By the end of our first cruise with my son hitting B&J each night the employee there made him shakes with 7 scoops of ice cream. My son loved it. :)
  3. Aren't most HS graduates 18? I mean, I wasn't, but I was the third youngest in my grade for most of my schooling. Or does "adult" start at 21 for Sandals?
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