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  1. We were on the Eurodam last week and the first menu was used.
  2. Not only has he been to Mexico he knows all about it. He would say that you feel safe because he is doing a good job. :-)
  3. I have a family member who works in Homeland Security. He tells us not to get off the boat anywhere in Mexico. I only disobey if I am on a cruise ship excursion.
  4. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on HAL. After 13 or so cruises on Celebrity, we are taking our first HAL cruise in November. looking forward to the comparisons.
  5. I live in the area. DO NOT stay near river walk. It has gone downhill recently. I would recommend the Town Center Area, or the Tinseltown area.I would also recommend Jacksonville Beach, near the Pier. Great walkable area. In fact, I think Jax Beach would be the best and be fairly walkable. Ubers aplenty if you "need a ride."
  6. I am just going to throw a wrench into the situation. We are booked on the 2020 cruise to Hawaii RT San Diego Our itinerary was supposed to include Nawilliwilli. HAL dropped Nawilliwilli several weeks ago and added an overnight stop in Lahaina. I did not realize this until I looked at my actual itinerary. The website still lists Nawilliwilli. Therefore I would be hesitant to book an inconvenient cruise just because the itinerary now includes Nawilliwilli. I would book what is most convenient and look into adding a day trip to Kauai from Honolulu, probably the first day of the overnight.
  7. Yes, I miss Bistro on 5. I was heartbroken when they changed it to sushi. My husband will not eat sushi so I have never developed a taste for it. My heart aches every time I walk past the sushi place. (I am trying NOT to be melodramatic here). But I doubt if I will be sailing Celebrity much in the future, so they can do whatever they want, as far as I am concerned.
  8. Thanks! I found it. It was under "Internet and more" down at the very bottom. It was not listed when I scrolled over "Internet and More" I had to click on "internet and more" and then scroll down to the very bottom. The online price is $249.99. Has the price increased?
  9. We are taking the kids and grandkids on the Allure of the was to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Your ideas are great. I particularly like the one with a picture from the wedding. Would love to hear more ideas if anyone has any. Question: Where do I book the package online? I can't seem to find it on the cruise planner.
  10. Informational: some have reported an increase in breast cancer among girls who tuck their cell phones in their bra.
  11. Our disembarkation on Feb 17 was super smooth. I think it took about 5 minutes from the time we left the ship. They used facial recognition and there were no lines anywhere.
  12. Rumor has it that the best way to get a free suite upgrade is to loose MEGABUCKS in the casino on your previous cruise.
  13. My husband and I were "forced" to participate when we took our adult kids and spouses on our anniversary cruise. The most awkward question for us was "Where is the most interesting place you made whoopie?" We won. We received a bottle of Dom Perignon-ish champagne and a bag for of stuff, the best of which were 2 T-shirts. The humiliation was not worth the prize, but we did enjoy some of it. After all, we did win.
  14. The only time I got a discount on specialty dining was when I first opened my account. I got a free specialty restaurant for 2.
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