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  1. I am assuming you don't mean March of 2021. March 2021 has come and gone. Do you mean 2022? We tend to take short cruises when I find a low price fairly last minute. If I am interested in a particular cruise, I watch the price and how the cabins are selling. When you see a price that you like, I would book. I find that the prices do vary and often are at their lowest just inside of final payment date. But that is not always true. If the cruise is not selling, the prices drop.if it is popular, the price stays up or even increases.
  2. I am not sure of all the implications of being in a travel agency's group booking, but I did run into some situations. I brought my whole family on a cruise. None of them had been on RC before. I wanted to get the "refer a friend" bonus (back when they were offering it) and found out that I was in a group booking and therefore I did not qualify for the bonus. In some situations with some cruise lines, group bookings are not eligible for certain loyalty perks that involve pricing. I have also had it effect the best price guarantee. That particular agent was n
  3. I have used an online travel agency for 10 years. Actually, I have used several, and have narrowed down to just one that I really like. I use the computer to search for cruises and figure out what the price will be, then I call and confirm with an agent that what I am thinking is correct. My thoughts: Not all travel agents are the same, even within the same agency. I find one that I like. Some agencies will have different agents for booking and making changes. I prefer to work with the same agent. I don't give my credit card number until I am happy with the propos
  4. To respond to the question of whether companies have the right to set their own rules. I believe that the answer is yes but they cannot conflict with local, state, or federal law. For example, a restaurant cannot decide that it will only serve white people. That conflicts with a law. If the fire Marshall determine that you can have only 125 people in your restaurant, you can decide that you only want 100 people.
  5. Think about this. If you are vaccinated for COVID, your chances of dying from norovirus are greater than your chances of getting COVID, never mind dying from it. People forget that we now have good treatment options for COVID.
  6. I have sailed in both a sky suite (S2) on Celebrity and a Signature suite (SY) on HAL. There is no comparison. Our HAL suite was just a big room. You will love the pampering and perks that you get in a Sky suite.
  7. AH! Taking that first deep breath of sea air snd feeling all the everyday cares roll off my shoulders That first glass of champagne. Feeling like royalty as we are greeted by the crew. Finding that one special bartender with whom we are going to bond for the rest of the cruise. Meeting our waitstaff and table mates at dinner Walking on deck after a rain shower. Leaning over the rail of our balcony to be mesmerized by the wake. Live music. I think I might actually cry for joy when I can get on a cruise ship again.
  8. I sailed on HAL for the first time in Nov 2019 after sailing only Celebrity and Royal for 10 years. My last Celebrity sailing was Feb 2020, so I have recent (relatively) experience on each. I would say that Celebrity did more upsetting that HAL. The crowd on HAL is definitely older. Many people required mobility assist devices. All the tables in the forward lounge were hogged by people doing jigsaw puzzles. There was very little to do after 9:00 pm. The entertainment on Celebrity was better, IMO. I did really appreciate the live music on HAL (dueling piano
  9. Given your CC name, I would be happier if you didn't swim in my pool.
  10. Thanks Karen! I, too, appreciate the little ray of hope. As a reforming pessimist, I have a thought for all of you who think you are being realistic when you are pessimistic. Pessimism is no more realistic than optimism.Realism is somewhere in the middle. Both pessimism and optimism error with about the same frequency. The optimists are much happier people. Cruising will begin sometime. I will be cruising with the optimists, and we will be having so much fun. 🙂
  11. The more rapid the test the more likely it will have false positives.
  12. Thanks! That is just the kind of thing we enjoy doing.
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