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  1. Given your CC name, I would be happier if you didn't swim in my pool.
  2. Thanks Karen! I, too, appreciate the little ray of hope. As a reforming pessimist, I have a thought for all of you who think you are being realistic when you are pessimistic. Pessimism is no more realistic than optimism.Realism is somewhere in the middle. Both pessimism and optimism error with about the same frequency. The optimists are much happier people. Cruising will begin sometime. I will be cruising with the optimists, and we will be having so much fun. 🙂
  3. The more rapid the test the more likely it will have false positives.
  4. Thanks! That is just the kind of thing we enjoy doing.
  5. Yes, it is! It's my husband's 65th birthday and we are planning a bit of a splurge. 🙂
  6. Thanks so much Pam! We are foodies and love a great restaurant in a great setting.
  7. We have reached a decision. Thought I would let you know. Thanks again for all your input. Our travel agent suggested a tour with Railbookers. They organize train vacations all over the world. We will be traveling independently. They just book the train, hotels, and excursions. It is customizable. As I was rereading the description of Celebrity's cruise tour, I noticed that they also describe their tour as "Independent." For our tour, we are taking the train from Vancouver to Jasper, staying at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge (Just like Celebrity). We will stay there for 2 nights. The first day has no structured activity. We will probably get a picnic basket and take a hike. The next day we will be taking a 1-way excursion to Lake Louise through the Columbia Icefield. We will stay at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. We will take a Mountains, Lakes, and Waterfalls excursion from Lake Louise. In Banff we will be staying at the Rimrock Resort Hotel for 2 nights. Our excursion is an Explore Banff Tour with Banff Gondola and Lake Minnewanka Cruise. We will, of course, see the Hoodoos. From Banff we will take a shuttle to the airport in Calgary. This tout is one additional day compared to Celebrity's. The cost is a little less overall. I am purchasing trip insurance because the company does not do refunds, just credit for future travel. (Thanks to those of you who shared your frustrations.) I appreciate all your feedback. Happy Travels!
  8. Wow! Glad to know this. At least if I am doing a tour, they will be responsible for making adjustments if this happens.
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience. That is exactly the kind off situation that I am looking to avoid. It's too much money to lose.
  10. Oh that sounds like it would have been a wonderful trip. Usually I like to plan trips down to the last detail, but for some reason, I find that overwhelms me with this trip. I think it is too many different places that I want to go I want it to be just right for buy husband because he has wanted to do this for so long. I plan to present him with options and let him decide.
  11. LOOOOVVVVEEEEDDD your photos.I especially appreciate the composition and techniques that you used. They made your point quite eloquently.:-)
  12. Thanks for the great suggestion. I was thinking that it would be great to let someone else tend to the details but you raise some very pertanent points.
  13. Have any of you done the Canadian Rockies Cruise tour in conjunction with an Alaskan cruise? It seems a little expensive, in that it would add about $4000/pp to the cost of the cruise. However, it is over my husbands 65th birthday and he has always wanted to take me to Banff. My questions are: Did you enjoy it? Was it "the trip of a lifetime?" Did you like the cost:benefit ratio? It does include a night at Chateau Lake Louise. Did you stay here? Were you impressed with the hotel? How much additional needs to be budgeted for meals and tips? Did any of you plan your own post cruise trip across the Rockies? Any additional tips or comments. I really appreciate hearing your thoughts.
  14. Happily, it turns out you are right. We took the watch to a jeweler who has a certified Rolex repair person. he had a different story to tell.
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