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  1. Read and weep for those scheduled to to there this year. https://www.caymancompass.com/2021/08/03/tourism-ministry-in-talks-to-bring-cruise-ships-back-to-cayman/
  2. Most all there sites are open 9AM - 5 PM Mon-Sun Here is the one near Port Canaveral Vineland Site 8200 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821 FL Orlando, Florida Mon - Sun 9AM - 5PM
  3. Orlando covidclinic.org Vineland Site 8200 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821FL Orlando, Florida Mon - Sun 9AM - 5PM
  4. Same here. Walgreens, CVS, Walmart all urgent care are only doing PCR testing and that can take up to 72 hours for your results. I already have given the website to check on to see if one is near you. 2 hour results rapid test. Not free. But I sent my bill to Humana which will refund my cost. covidclinic.org You can schedule just about any day and time.
  5. When we hit the 25th I did not know if there was any perk. They gave us a diamond card that said on it 25th. The bartender said congratulations and asked if we got the 25% OBC. So we went and found out. Yes we did. 25% of the cost of the cruise. if both you and your wife are doing the 25th. You both get it as OBC. Here is all the information. We are doing our 50th. GUEST RECOGNITION - MILESTONE REWARDS PROGRAM As part of Carnival’s Guest Recognition Program, Milestone Rewards was developed in appreciation of longtime Carnival guests. This milestone reward benefit is in addition to the wide range of amenities and privileges that guests already receive as part of the VIFP Club. Milestone Rewards Program denotes a guest’s 25th, 50th 75th and 100th revenue cruise with Carnival. Guests will receive a special Milestone Sail & Sign card on their corresponding Milestone cruise. We want to distinguish guests on their Milestone sailing with a unique card so that we can make his/her Milestone experience extra special and memorable. After this milestone cruise, they will revert to the card that corresponds to their VIFP level. In appreciation for their loyalty, the guest will also be granted the opportunity to redeem a future non-refundable onboard credit equivalent to 25%, 50% or 75% of the cruise ticket price, corresponding to the milestone reached. And when a guest reaches his/her 100th cruise, will qualify for a FREE Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Alaska or Australia cruise of their choice (8 days or less, for 2 guests), in accommodations up to and including Ocean Suites (category OS). This onboard credit may be applied to any future cruise in accordance with the terms and conditions below. If you have questions regarding your Milestone rewards, please contact our Milestone's Desk at 877-CCL-VIPS. 877-225-8477 Terms and Conditions (in fine print on the bottom of the Milestone letter) · Milestone Reward is valid for its stated value in U.S. dollars, only on Carnival Cruise Line and/or Carnival Australia cruise booking, to be used as a credit on board a ship. The Milestone Reward is not valid on any other cruise line, including any Carnival Corporation affiliate line. Milestone Reward is nontransferable, nonrefundable and has no cash value. · Milestone Reward must be redeemed at least 30 days prior to sail date and will be applied to the booking on the week prior to sailing. · Only one Milestone Reward is redeemable per guest, per booking; more than one guest per booking may redeem a Milestone Reward. · Booking must be made within 18 months of the date stated on the letter from Carnival's Milestone Desk; there is no specific sailing window.
  6. No. The PCR test on board is only for those that show signs of infection. If you can use the rapid test. google covidclinic.org and see if one will be near you when you leave the ship. You can book a test way i advance. A rapid test result is within 2 hours.
  7. No, they charge the tax when you order a drink. Not on the package. You will sign for that tax charge.
  8. No. Usually the discount is prior to your cruise purchased on the website. Check it. It will tell you. Once on the ship it is usually higher.
  9. See if one is near you for a rapid test. covidclinic.org
  10. From what I can find out. Two weeks ago in the UK.
  11. The outbreak on the ship. Before or now?
  12. I know. Why did you say that? I said MSC
  13. In addition to the above. Non Specialty. Shaq's Big Chicken, Guy's burgers, buffet, pizza, soft serve ice cream. Drinks. Ice tea, hot tea, Lemoniid, milk, non special coffee, tap water. But a must have for us each cruise Fahrenheit 555 only $38.00 pp includes the gratuity and the first maybe the second evening a free bottle of wine. A great price for awesome food. Now includes the most expensive steak. Australian Wagyu.
  14. The new menu includes the very best steak in the world. Australian Wagyu. Does anyone know if there is an upcharge for this steak. Our local butcher charges $45.00 a pound. The Wagyu not from Australia is $65.00 a pound. Our up and coming cruise I will ahve to try that. Oct 30 on the Mardi Gras
  15. First, the price includes the gratuity. Second. Booking the first evening you will be able to pick white or red bottle of wine for free. Some ships include that on the second night also. The first evening is casual even shorts. The reason. many have not had their luggage delivered by the time you go to eat. Third. Here is where you can read all about it including many things people ahve not realized what is available at the steak house. We ALWAYS do the Fahrenheit 555 the first night on every Carnival cruise. We go at 5:30 and almost have the place to your self for about an hour. As for what to eat. Everything we ever had was excellent. Just pick what you like. Caution: You need to be empty because you get a lot of delicious food. I am sure you will be enlightened after reading the following. https://www.carnival.com/awaywego/cruising-fun/what-to-expect/10-things-need-know-carnivals-steakhouse
  16. If it is for your insurance company. They would have a form for you to fill out for reimbursement. I am sure they want a copy of your receipt. I do not think they care what your results were.
  17. MSC has no obligation or any other cruise line to inform you. Trust is not any issue at all. Over the years there have been many quarantined for different reasons. If there was an outbreak on your cruise you can rest assured you would be notified and proper steps taken to protect each and every passenger. No cruise line would ever want there passengers in any danger at all.
  18. WHY? Will it make you fell better? What good will it do for anyone?
  19. What can you do? My wife loves it. I go and eat. 99% of the time. When she get to the table I am finished eating.
  20. Are all adults in the state room required to purchase the easy package if only one wants it?
  21. Please do not go there. I only bring one pair of black socks to wear with my dress shows. On one cruise I had only one sock in the suitcase. So I wore none. Never do that again. As for a jacket or suit. A few years back when a suit was the norm. I got to our room and realized I left the suit in the car. Close to the end time for boarding. I got off ran to the parking lot which was not close. So I am so happy no more suit. Every evening, whether casual or elegant. I always wear a nice collard dress shirt, nice pants and dress shoes.
  22. People die on cruise ships all the time. I could care less who died or why. I do not like to hear on the news every darn day on how many now have covid and how many died. What is the purpose of it? Do you fell better when you hear it? It does nothing for me but upsets me to even hear it. Will that information help me in any way? NO! All it does is scare people and does nothing more.
  23. Talking to the manager at our local Golden Corral. And I quote. No one can eat more than what our cost of food is. We always make a profit and each and every customer. So that is certainly telling me there cost of food is extremely low. We enjoy going there and find the quality to be as good as any restaurant. Senior lunch is just over $8.00 includes the drink also. When you go to any regular restaurant and pay $5.95 for a slice of pie, $2.95 for a soda. The Corral is suddenly the best deal of all. Needless to say we enjoy the buffet. Carnivals is not as good as the Corral but it is fine. The best buffet we have had is on all the Royal ships we have been on.
  24. Agree. The SKY Princess blows away anything Celebrity has that floats. The APEX is nothing more than a fancy cold hotel. Pigs, elephants and horses OH yes wooden art ? are the type of things you see all over the ship. A farmers paradise. Try to even eat on that outside dining elevator. The wind blows everything to the ground. As for food. Princess and Royal in my opinion have the best. Unless you are talking steak Carnivals Fahrenheit 555 has the very best. Hands down. Were never disappointed and stuffed. The only bad steak and service we ever had was on the Caribbean Princess. Both were terrible.
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