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  1. Thank you. I did what aliaschief directed and it worked. Kind of wierd that it wasn't there. Appreciate the assist from all.
  2. How long is the terminal walk/ Do they provide rides free or not? Thanks
  3. How does one get a ship included. I figure because she's a new ship they have not been able to include her. I know people are booked for upcoming cruise as we are.
  4. vb cabin is still available...working on my hubby. Also planning a cruise on New Year's
  5. RosieRoo that's great to know! A great way to start the cruise!
  6. Thank you ladies. I'll see what TA can book. We're driving so no worries about planes. How's the parking at the cruise site? Should we park their lot or do a hotel/cruise package?
  7. We like to be close to the elevator due to knee issues. I like the best bang for my buck. Love a good large balcony and have been drawn to bump outs. TA is looking at 4b's for me. Is that a good class? We want to avoid too loud music and noise. Having said all that nothing is a deal closer.
  8. We are considering the Hawaiin/South Pacific cruise in Feb/2022. Looking for a nice balcony with less motion since we will be on the Atlantic quite abit. Is there significant differences between vc, vd, ve, vf? Any cabins to avoid? We are experienced cruisers but have only done Holland American once. I want a nice cabin. Unfortuatley, the suites are not in our budget. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Thanks Island Lady! I want to wave at my cousins as we sail out by the bridge. I will book starboard for the very reasons you pointed out.
  10. Thank you torpeedo. Very computer challenge so I'll need a nephew or two to help. Is there any difference in the mid-ship cabins? Are there any to avoid?
  11. Tried various searches to no avail. Need advise on midiship balcony cabin and not interested in a suite. Thanks for your time and help. We're looking at the 12/31 cruise out of Tampa. Port of starboard?
  12. Good info. Scott, I'll have to come back to you when I have nailed down the cruise and islands as to what we must do. Appreciate your response.
  13. Thanks CruiserBruce. That makes things easier to look at. Now let's get rid of the virus so we all can return to a cruising life! Hey look at that my 1000 posts on cruise critic! A mere drop in the bucket for you but I am still impressed!
  14. Thank you,Scottca. Since you've hit all the sailing months did you find one month less expensive than another? I looking at the costs of the cruise and the costs of excursions on the islands.
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