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  1. I see a few people cancelling their booking and booking a cruise slightly further down the road. Rescheduling might be a good idea but booking a cruise within this year may not be so wise. Current info doesn't sound like they have a control on this and treatments may take months to develop . The steps the governments are taking is damage control and not a cure . I think if your cancelling because of fear of the virus or the impact of your travelling plans , you should either book nothing at this time an
  2. I'm booked on a cruise on the Magic and I'm concerned . There are people on that ship that have something that the local government is concerned about . Is Carnival going to replace the staff members tha t have been in contact with these travelers on the next cruise or are they going to let potential carriers infect future guests?Even if they pull them for one cruise that would be something to help control these illnesses.
  3. Some time ago I as researching cruises and ports and I read about the trolleys in San Juan . It seems they are not running no though . Does anyone know if there is a plan to start using the trolleys again ?
  4. One thing that concerns me is that there are some tour operators that list things about if you would like to do tours and the cruise ship offers tours to book thru the cruise but on the carnival site on the excursions offered for the port ( not the specific cruise list) they offer tours to the place I am looking at just not specific activity.
  5. About a week ago I got notified my cruise itinary had changed . Same ports just different days and times . I have not booked excursions yet . I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to do in one port and feel it will still be available but the other three ports I was still looking forward to planning and weighing my options. The problem is only the excursions involving the homeport were listed . It has been over a week and still its just Miami excursions. Since 2 of the ports are ports my family has never
  6. I had a question for the cruise bar cash . I bought some cruise bar cash for wife using a cc reward . there may be times that I might be the one grabbing the drinks with my room card .Im the one paying the bill at the end either way . If at the end of the cruise she hasnt used the cruise bar cash herself but the room has purchased more then the cruise cash bar credits are the credits just applied to the room charge?
  7. Sad to hear that it might not be on the app anymore. I always get the package with the Canvass print when I go on 7day cruises. I like looking on the app to see the photos without the crowds or the sales people hovering over me . I usually buy a few more prints because I like having a pic of my family at each port we visit the first time together . My wife and I often have trouble choosing which ones we like best but after a few days of looking at them on the balcony having breakfast those choi
  8. How do you go about warning them can you tell the waiter or is it something that needs to be done prior to that nights meal? I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes . My Dr thinks I should be able to control my levels with a little help in the pill form . My daily scores have been good but he told me if I'm on the cruise its ok to splurge a little and that If needed I could increase my dose in the morning . Im only taking half of what he prescribed for me per his direction and my prog
  9. I have a question about these glasses. When you buy the cup initially are you getting a drink in that glass or is that just the price of the cup and then you have to buy the first drink . I know the refills will be a deal because your getting 4 more ounces in that cup .
  10. I saw on a facebook group that buckets were half price for a limited amount of time on embarkation at Red Frog Rum Bar . That would be a great time to get a bucket or two . Does anyone else know any more info on that deal?
  11. I have been to Grand Cayman on cruises a few times did some excursions with the ship and did some snorkeling on my own from Eden Rock . I was thinking of snorkeling the other side . On a previous trip I had drinks at a bar on the other side of the terminal and saw people were snorkeling and a place to rent a locker .The place I was at before has closed and reopened as something else . Does anyone know if there is a place to rent a locker near the Cali Wreck .
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