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  1. Just transferred our Oct Med cruise to Sep Cape Liberty. Not sure it will happen but I certainly don't want to travel to Europe with all the restrictions.
  2. Ossobuco! But I also think they have one of the best filets at sea.
  3. Just wondering if HOS is on the dry doc schedule? She will be 5 yrs old in 2021 & that is usually when the are refurbished. We have a Med. cruise planned for Oct '21. Just wondering if there is potential for cancelation. (And yes I realize there is always a possibility for cancelation due to random circumstances)
  4. We use the hooks for several things. Put one next to the air vent & swimsuits will dry in a matter of just a few hours. They are also great for keeping things tidy. I use them for keeping my jewelry organized, charging cords, hats & bags up off the counters. I don't like a lot of clutter so, this is a great solution.
  5. Really the only difference I've seen is when a Visa is required. Other than that the experience is the same. Most port agents speak English & the process is the same. It will feel very much the same.
  6. The ones we used were not too far but they weren't private for cabanas only. Not to say they don't have them. we just used the ones we saw first.😉
  7. It really depends on the cabana you are assigned. I would take the tram as close as they can get you then transfer her to a beach wheelchair. Staff on the island ca help. It's worth the effort (IMHO). The lagoon is beautiful with calm water. Once you get there it will be nice for those with mobility issues. Just don't be afraid to ask for help!😉 Also go to guest services as soon as you board & try to request a cabana close to the entrance. They will tell you they can't do it but, They might pass the request along.
  8. Bon Voyage!! As always I'm looking forward to your review! Thank you for taking us along again.
  9. Glad to hear that! We are there one week from today & have a cabana booked. I've been concerned about keeping the reservation. Hopefully things will be back to normal by then!
  10. That lunch looks yummy! Enjoy your last day onboard! I can't believe it's almost over. I'm going to have withdraws next week! Thanks for taking us along!
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