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  1. Yes it should. Just checked my express passes for both upcoming cruises (both in suites). Both say PALL. I’d contact Celebrity (or your TA if you used one) to get this sorted. Cheers🙂
  2. I have sailed with Captain Kate, and while I agree that she’s very personable (and professional) I wouldn’t choose a cruise solely based on her presence. I thought Captain Dimitrios Kafetzis was equally personable and professional, and many have said the same about his brother, whom I hope to meet on my upcoming Equinox cruise. I tend to book cruises at least several months out, so it’s impossible to predict who will be Master by the time I board. If Captain Kate is Master of my upcoming Edge cruise, I’ll be delighted. If not, I expect to be happy with the alternate captain.
  3. I understand completely. We’ve enjoyed gorgeous weather in London, Cornwall, and N. Yorkshire in September, but I should have considered the weather at sea. Yes the protected jacuzzi and loungers are very enticing. Hmmmm I wonder if my DH would consider a move up bid on a PH suite for our December cruise on Equinox😁 We have a corner aft SS, so he’ll probably say, “mustn’t be greedy”😂
  4. How lovely to have a proper table on the veranda! I hope you’ll be able to enjoy some of your breakfasts al fresco.
  5. Good morning to you too. How nice to see your snide post. I was referring to price drops in general, regardless of the current program.
  6. We haven’t yet been on a b2b, but we have two booked next year. The first requires a cabin change, but the second does not. Having once had the enjoyable experience of suite boarding at T25, I would definitely prefer my suite leg to be first on a mixed cabin class b2b. Yes, you’d downgrade for the second leg, but you’re already aboard😊
  7. It’s lovely to see that you’re heading back to sea after so much upheaval and uncertainty. Thanks so much for taking us along. Wishing you and your family a delightful cruise.
  8. You’ll need to contact either Celebrity or your TA, if you booked through one, and ask them to get you the price drop.
  9. Sometimes one can get a price drop amount in OBC. Some of us are doing so during the current sale. FWIW I’m getting OBC for my October cruise. Good luck!
  10. OBC from Celebrity was not affected. My travel agent's OBC is based on fare, so it's normal to see OBC reduced along with fare reductions.
  11. True, but that isn't the message I see on the app in that case. My 2023 Eclipse sailing appears in gray below this header: "Your reservations on ships not yet available on this app"
  12. OVC looks more crowded than I expected, given the passenger load. Maybe everyone turns up at the same time. The Indian food station is my favorite too.
  13. I've sometimes had to add cruises to the app, but I've never seen a message like yours. I would find that a bit unnerving. Good luck!
  14. Good one, but I fear they simply take me for granted😂 I hope they realize that I would try another line if I saw compelling reasons to do so. For now, we've several cruises booked with Celebrity, and it would certainly be lovely if they rewarded our loyalty with a suite upgrade. Being a realist, I'll simply enjoy my complimentary bag of laundry😜 Oh, and my PUPS😂
  15. Thanks to the TA who is working today, I've received new Booking Confirmations for all my 2022 cruises (two b2bs). Total cruise fare savings is $2,919. Total reduction of TA OBC is $800. Net savings is $2,119. I'm so happy that I may book the 2022 fall TP (Vancouver - Honolulu) that I have on hold😂 Good luck, everyone!
  16. How can they assume everyone has sailed multiple cruise lines? How could I reasonably have an opinion about lines I've not sailed? Having only sailed on Celebrity, I would have had to list Celebrity only. That wouldn't have told them much😉
  17. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up. My CVP sent completed an online form & said it could take up to 14 days to be reflected in the cruise planner🤷‍♀️ Just checked my Cruise Planner. No change.
  18. My Celebrity CVP believes I'll receive $454 in additional OBC for my October cruise. He said it could take up to 14 days to see the change. Unfortunately, my attempt to get over $2,800 in price drops on my 2022 bookings hasn't gone as well. My TA was unable to get through to Celebrity yesterday, and she's off today. I had to call the agency this morning to ask one of the other agents to work on this for me. Fingers crossed! I'm very happy for everyone who has obtained price drops or OBC😊
  19. Another of my favorites! Haven’t yet read the latest. I also enjoy books by Alan Furst. His books are predominantly set in WWII Europe. Though some minor characters appear in more than one book, it’s not necessary to read most of them in any particular order. There’s also M. L. Longworth’s Verlaque and Bonnett series, which is set in contemporary Aix-en-Provence.
  20. Testing at the pier for full capacity? That wouldn’t be pretty. The only reason it’s working smoothly in Athens is because there are so few passengers.
  21. Have only sailed Celebrity, so that was first. The rest were the first brands that came to mind, Suburu, Prana, Caymus, and Brooks. I just made final payment on our Celebrity cruise. I’m wearing my favorite Prana shorts and Brooks trainers, and I drove my Suburu earlier today to replenish our wine and beer supply😜 Cheers everyone🍷
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