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  1. Both Rome in Limo and Rome cabs provide customized private tours as well as transfers, but by all means post a link to your private driver.
  2. I am referring to a specific company at which one pre-books a private driver. A company, I might add, from whom I’ve always received excellent service. I said nothing about hailing a regular cab in Rome.
  3. Rome Cabs drivers are private drivers. https://www.romecabs.com/
  4. The OP has only one day. Renting a car would be more “Inferno” than adventure. I’ll cast another vote for Rome Cabs.
  5. I’m happy to see you’ve received the latest 4 points! My luck has run out lol. I’ve received only 1 point. I suspect my missing 3 are with your missing 5😜 I’ve sent an email including the screenshot of the page that appeared once I completed the WWF video, so we’ll see what happens. I don’t think I’ll ever make Zenith either, but I’m enjoying myself on the journey. I’m aiming for “Zen”😎🍹
  6. Just my two cents, but I’d choose an SV for Greek Isles (in fact I have one booked in May 2022). IMO it’s the most romantic cabin one can have without booking a suite. Secure some nibbles from OVC and a bottle of your favorite wine and watch the glorious Mediterranean sunsets with your DW.
  7. I've been on Edge and toured an SV on deck 8. Roughly half the balcony was shaded by the deck above.
  8. This is exactly how we feel. If an area is too crowded for our comfort, we’ll leave. I can’t wait for that first night at sea, when all my cares slip away and I sleep more soundly than I have in months. Sunrises. Sunsets. Fresh tropical fruit at breakfast. Delicious Indian food for lunch. No phone calls, emails or texts from work. I hope you’re enjoying a lovely holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. Agree. We prefer to explore on our own or arrange small private tours. We have a cruise booked on Edge in two weeks and another on Equinox in two months. We’re aware that we may not be able to go ashore in some ports unless we’re with a Celebrity tour group. Since Celebrity isn’t honest about the conditions under which their group tours operate, we won’t take any. One possibility is to arrange a Private Journey such as the one @Jim_Iainarranged on a recent cruise, but we will be quite happy enjoying the ship if we must miss some ports.
  10. Mr. Morpheus, I forgot to mention that you have given my DH (who is quite fond of desserts) a new prime directive once we board Edge in two weeks. Like a heat seeking missile, he will aim for the Sacher Torte😂 I will have my usual doppio espresso macchiato while I enjoy his pleasure in a special treat😊
  11. Your post struck home for me - for more than one reason. I too was on the first Edge TA, and I was in Lisbon that day - captivated by the gorgeous pavement despite the downpour. It was indeed quite slippery. I cringe when I think of you spending days in pain and then having to fly home. May your future travels be filled with only beauty and joy.
  12. Thank you for another lovely review. Wishing you and Mrs. Morpheus safe travels.
  13. I've really enjoyed your live reviews, and I'm so happy you made it through the negative things on the second leg (cold symptoms, iPhone loss) to a couple of great days at the end. I certainly understand wanting to get home to your adorable fur babies. We felt the same when our wee (75 lb. lol) fur babies were still alive. Congrats on the negative tests! Looking forward to your additional thoughts and photos. We'll have our first E-Class Sky Suite when we board Edge in two weeks (we had an Infinite Veranda the last time we were on Edge) so it will be interesting to see your final thoughts about your Infinite Veranda & Sky Suite experiences. Meanwhile, I'll wish you safe travels and a happy reunion with your pups☺️
  14. My Celebrity cruise deposits have always been refunded in three separate amounts. My TA warned me of this long ago, so I wouldn't worry if I saw a refund of, say $233 instead of $900. Sure enough, two more credits appeared later the same day, bringing my total refund to the expected $900.
  15. As would I. I’d also love to know the results of the favorite ship class question. I wonder if anyone else had difficulty choosing only one favorite.
  16. I hope those who've sailed in a suite on Edge class will chime in here. We will not have our first Edge suite until later this month, so we've not yet experienced the Retreat or Retreat Lounge. I do know that quite a few posters have mentioned enjoying meals in their suites, but I'd imagine you and Julie have had enough of that. The Retreat Hosts can help you book your belated anniversary dinner. They can also arrange for someone from Future Cruises to meet you in the Retreat Lounge if you'd like to book another cruise while onboard. No need to stand in line at Guest Services etc., as the Retreat Hosts can help you. On our last cruise before shutdown, we had a suite and we found the Michael's Club Concierges (Retreat Hosts on Edge class) extremely helpful.
  17. I’m so relieved to see that you’re both feeling better and you’re out exploring the ship. If Julie suffers from allergies (as I do) she may also be affected by the scented products people wear. I have the most difficulty in the corridors and lifts in the evening, when people seem most prone to apply scents with wild abandon before heading out for cocktails😂
  18. Forgot to say that regardless of port changes, we still intend to sail on our 10 December cruise on Equinox. Overall, I’ve been impressed with the way Celebrity has handled their return to cruising, and I hope they continue to ramp up passenger numbers slowly. We’ve only had one prior Caribbean cruise (though we also have a 7 day cruise on Edge in 3 weeks) so many ports are still new to us. We’d be disappointed to miss some interesting ports and shore activities, but after 20 long months, we’ll be quite happy to be at sea on a beautiful ship.
  19. Thanks for the heads up that Celebrity has sent letters. We’re also booked on a12 day cruise on Equinox, though we depart in early December. Though our cruises are obviously similar, and ours departs sooner, we haven’t received a letter from Celebrity. It’s possible our TA simply hasn’t had time to pass it on. IMO there’s time (especially for you) for these island countries to recover from their current spikes and drop off the Level 4 list. If not, I’m sure Celebrity will do their best to approximate the experience we expected when we booked.
  20. Looking forward to another adventure with you and Iain. Thanks for giving those of us who are awaiting our next cruise a "fix" to tide us over😉 I'm down to 18 days before boarding Edge, so the anticipation is growing each day. I'm relieved that your test kits arrived safely. Wishing you safe travels and a delightful cruise!
  21. Hope you and your DW are feeling much better and you’ve gotten your second (negative) test results by now! 🤞
  22. Btw the photos you posted a few minutes ago aren’t visible. Everything looks black. I immediately thought, “It was a dark and stormy night….”😂
  23. Happy anniversary🥳 May you have many more wonderful years together. I’m sorry you’re spending your anniversary confined to quarters and I hope everything clears up quickly🤞
  24. We had a similar experience in Fine Cut on Edge, though our steaks did arrive as ordered, medium-rare. I’d hoped they’d found a way to shield Fine Cut from some of the noise from the atrium on Apex, because it’s a lovely space for a romantic evening otherwise.
  25. Will do, thanks! Hoping it will still be there for our respective anniversary celebrations later this month🙂
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