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  1. I'm going to guess that in the US if one of the ports of call requires passengers be vaccinated, then the cruise line will require you to prove you've been vaccinated. It's not a "not get off the ship" thing; it's a "you can't get ON the ship" thing. Everyone has the freedom of choice to be vaccinated or not, but with businesses it going to be a "no shirt/no service" type of policy. IMO.
  2. OK, posting on the original topic here, the new cruise contract doesn't say anything that I didn't already expect it to say. I want to be covid-free, not sick, and socially responsible. Having developed a respiratory infection on almost all cruises I've been on in the last several years, I will probably wear a mask during flu season even after they are not mandatory (if that every happens).
  3. You're welcome! I was thinking someone had already mentioned it somewhere on this board. I've just started reading the threads here, and thought it wouldn't hurt to mention this. The 60% off the second person promo might override the DP340, but when I saw the prices I checked (and posted above) I thought they were very reasonable.
  4. I don't know if this would be considered a bargain, but solo cruisers should be aware of it. First of all make sure you are enrolled in RCCL's Crown and Anchor Society. You can do it retroactively if you know the sail dates and ships you've been on, and the type of cabin. Depending on how many points you may have, this might work out for you. RCCL is giving all C&A members double points for every cruise in 2021 and until 9/30/22. Solos already get double points normally, so they will get quadruple points during this promotion. If you book a suite (t
  5. Yes, we took our sons on their first cruise in 1990 on the VS.
  6. I used to think this about LA, too, until we flew in and out of Long Beach last time. Changed the whole dynamic of pre and post. We also loved San Diego. At the time we lived in Bakersfield, and took Amtrak to Los Angeles, had their lounge and transfer service, and on to SD, with the Amtrak station literally across the street (OK, 1.5 blocks across) from the port.
  7. RCCL's web site in my browser shows 3 itineraries for the Navi, all sailing from Miami for 30 different dates. Big Box is showing the itineraries I mentioned above for the month of November 2021 from Ft. Lauderdale.
  8. Big Box is showing the Navi for 3-5 night cruises in November and early December out of Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami. Prices, but no ports showing. Watching this unfold makes me want to eat popcorn..............................
  9. When one looks at the marine traffic map, it's like St. Vincent is a "ship magnet".
  10. RCCL has always had a strong "social conscious". They have helped in the Caribbean for decades after natural disasters. They have a very strong presence in Labadee with the local workers, and have helped facilitate school supply donations with passengers who organize these efforts. RCCL just doesn't brag about it; they just pretty quietly do it....all the time.
  11. Not trying to stir things up about a PC transit: just hoping.
  12. We have booked b2b cruises on several ships with short itineraries. Sometimes they are different ports. We did this on the Majesty, Jewel, Adventure, and other repositioning itineraries where we added either the last cruise before, or the first cruise after; sometimes both for a 3-fer. Never repeat a port if you start out in Europe and end up in the Caribbean. That's why I hope they do have a Panama Canal repositioning cruise, because usually they start with the 3 and 4 day cruises at the new home port. It's makes for a really great longer cruise if you don't mind the turnaround days.
  13. I agree. Or, perhaps the OP could do a little independent research, rank the cruise lines first with more specific questions. What we now have is someone throwing a fishing line out in an ocean with about 1,000 different varieties of fish!! But, anyway........................... I have heard bad things bout MSC's customer service. I had a friend sail with them and she couldn't find anyone at the service desk who spoke English, when most of the passengers were from the US, Canada, and the UK. On the other hand, I loved our Costa cruise (many years ago). T
  14. I "think" this is one I looked at the other day. The web page looks familiar. I had already cleared out my history, not thinking that someone would want the link. Remember, Euros use a comma instead of a period to show a decimal point: 213,00 is 213.00. I've never used this service; I just found them from an internet search to use as an example in my posts above. https://www.knopkatransfer.com/city/venice/ravenna.html
  15. Yes, if you pack light, then the transfers are easier. I'm just thinking about my family of six (without the toddlers), and it would be like herding adult cats........................ I just did a random search on "transfer from Venice to Ravenna", and got one for six people for $88 roundtrip.
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