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  1. Well, I was hoping we could all help each other out until they get the font fixed. You know that "B" at the top of the tool bar up there is one click.................
  2. Actually, I started doing it after I read on various threads how difficult it was to see by quite a few other posters on several boards. Plus, when I saw Gay's post it was obviously darker and brighter than the rest on the thread.
  3. I always use my 3 free drinks to get my friend a glass of wine every night when we cruise together. Just like she gets the benefit of boarding early with me because I'm D+, and gets to share the chocolate covered strawberries, and use my login if she needs to use the internet, and other perks that may come our way during the cruise. I've always been puzzled why RCCL slices and dices what cabin mates can share. Hard to remember it all, so I don't!! 😁
  4. pcur

    RCCL v. NCL

    I was on the Spirit last year in Europe and it was wonderful! I was on the Dawn this past March and it was OK. Best to also read the ship reviews here on CC: https://www.cruisecritic.com/cruise-ships/
  5. pcur

    Roll Calls are Back

    I went to two of my roll calls. The quoted posts (see above for correct formatting) are all a string of text, not formatted. Makes reading it difficult.
  6. Yep. They can take their sweet time, or they can get it done quickly. Depends on their schedule. I suggest dropping off your luggage and going somewhere nearby for lunch. Take Uber.
  7. The font they use to display posts is like a Gray3 color, and it's way too light for easy ready. All the surrounding frames and colors are distracting, and you have to force yourself to stay with the print. Gay (thank you, Gay!) posted in bold on another thread, and it was soooooo much easier to read. So, from now until they hopefully darken the font, I'm turning on the bold before I type. Just a Ctrl/B, and it's easier to read.
  8. pcur

    Free Gratuities?

    Princess is offering free gratuities and upgrades with their promo now until 11/19/18.
  9. pcur

    Can't find Subscribed Roll Calls

    Gay, there is a link at the top-ish right called "follow this content". That's the thread subscription.
  10. pcur

    Nordic Prince 1976

    We were one the Nordic Prince for our first cruise in 1973, and then the Sun Viking twice in 1974 and 1975. Is the dressing you'e referring to red? It might be either the Catalina or the Russian.
  11. pcur

    Diamond Lounge

    The DL is accessible 24 hours with your SeaPass card. Complimentary beverages are only available during the 3.5 hour cocktail period each evening, with the exception of specialty coffee. There is a free self-serve specialty coffee machine in the DL which can be used whenever it is functional. DL is on deck 13. Missed you, Bob! OP: when they open for happy hour, I seem to remember seeing bottled water available, too. I usually grab two bottles for the next day. this may not be in all DL's on all ships.
  12. pcur

    Help with Deluxe Beverage Package

    I just priced the deluxe drink package for my cruise in 11 days, and the total for an 8 night cruise, two people, was $793. So, the lower price is already reflected in what they are charging. Includes gratuity, too.
  13. pcur

    Help with Deluxe Beverage Package

    I've been getting email notices for my cruises that are 6 months to 2 weeks out, offering drink packages at reduced prices. I got one this morning for a cruise leaving in 11 days that was a BOGO50-off. As a previous poster said, you can buy now and then cancel and re-purchase later if the price goes down. Keep an eye on the cruise planner online for your cruise.