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  1. We were on the Adventure from 4/27/19 to 5/31/19. She's in great shape, the crew is amazing, the food is good (Windjammer lunches tasty but repetitive). The apple pie a la mode in the main dining room is FABULOUS!!
  2. Unsubscribe, and then set a schedule to check pricing and cruise planner offers. The cruise planner offers usually start about 90 days out, and you have until final payment (70 days out????) to catch lower prices with no fees.
  3. Yes, I can see how this wouldn't fit with your preferences. We eat around 7:30 - 8pm, and don't go to the shows. After decades of cruising, we don't really enjoy the entertainment anymore, and to us, it's just another venue with lots of people. The exception is live music if it's guitar or piano music. Throughout all 4 of our b2b cruises on the Adventure, we found the crowds in the DL and Viking Crown thinned out considerably between 5:30 - 6pm when many people eat dinner. Anyway, we go up around 4pm, have our happy hour and snacks, then back to the cabin to change clothes for dinner. Since we start dinner before the happy hours are over, we order diet coke and a glass of champagne in the dining room with our D+ drinks from one of our cards.
  4. Sigh. I bring my own bathroom amenities that I'm addicted to, and we don't drink wine. Since they usually forget to put the amenities in the bathroom, I don't ask for them.
  5. We just got off 4 b2b cruises on the Adventure, and went up to the Viking Crown, which is right outside the Diamond Lounge, both on deck 14. The DL is small, and holds about 50 people. They have appetizers set up at 4:30, and a bar set up for drinks. I usually tip $1 per drink. The unofficial overflow lounge is the Viking Crown. You can take your appetizers out there, and your drinks, too. Your seapass card has 3 free drinks loaded per night, and you can order them during the happy hour time: 4:30 - 8pm. Just tell the Viking Crown bar staff is a D+ order. The first night is VERY crowded, and then many people go elsewhere for the rest of the cruise. It's a pleasant place to have snacks, drinks, and conversation. If there are more than 450 D, D+, Pinnacle on the cruise, they will reserve the entire Viking Crown for happy hour, and put a HUGE spread of appetizers out. We had that on one of our 4 cruises, and it was very nice. They also added 1 free specialty coffee drink to everyone's seapass card to avoid a crush at the expresso machine in the DL. If you don't want to go to another bar, you need to get a seat in the Viking Crown or DL by 4pm. All of our D+ amentities trickled in over the first 1 - 3 days of the cruise, so they may not be in your cabin at first.
  6. I don't think you can buy club soda by the can; I think it's only available from the bar soda gun.
  7. Actually, you can buy club soda by the glass. The bars have the club soda in the soda guns. It costs the same as buy Coke, around $3. I asked after doing a b2b on NCL, then RCCL. NCL gave it to me free, and RCCL charged the soda price for it.
  8. I talked to our HMO's travel nurse before we left in March. She said no shots were needed for Europe, but to make sure we were up to date on our tetanus shot.
  9. I didn't get as much as I expected, after RCCL's fuzzy math, but I did save some money. Regarding dutchclogs comment above: Yes, shore excursions, drink packages, specialty dining prices, etc., can all change in the Cruise Planner after you book. We got Chops for $21.99 per person, and used our D+ BOGO the second night.
  10. I booked our 4 Rhapsody cruises a year in advance, and got the price drop on 3 today, about 3 months after booking. I was surprised they went down this soon. I tracked our last cruises (7) for over a year, and the closer I got to sail dates, the more the prices went up.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SOUVENIR-FRIDGE-MAGNET-of-CRUISE-SHIP-JEWEL-of-the-SEAS-ROYAL-CARIBBEAN/322970127978?hash=item4b32850e6a:g:JysAAOSwvApaSJcw&frcectupt=true (I wish you had posted this in early March. I was on the Jewel for 41 days and would have been happy to get one for you and mail it.)
  12. Don't think that just because RCCL (yaaaawn) "extended" their current "sale" that you won't get a nice surprise. I booked 4 cruises on board the Jewel in March, and was pretty much ho-hum about checking prices since the current promo was dragging on for a long time. Today they extended it, so I figured I'd check again. Results: 1 - more expensive 1 - $36 savings, after giving up the $50 obc: I passed on this one. 1- $887 savings after giving up the $50 obc 1 - $81 savings after giving up the $50 obc So, I lost $100 in obc, and got a net $918 reduction in my final payments. I'll take that!!! Plus, the Next Cruise obc stays, and I can make changes at no charge until 5/12/19. (60 days from booking on board, you can make changes with no fees).
  13. Agree. We just finished up 7 cruises, b2b, and the only error on our bill was Chops that was prepaid through the Cruise Planner before we sailed, and they corrected the amount immediately. I have instant text alerts whenever our credit card is used. I can track RCCL's charges whenever they occur. I have never had an after-cruise charge come through in 46 years of cruising with RCCL. The last sea day and debarkation day are hectic for everyone. As for the mini-fridge: I liked that on both ships recently the fridge was empty, so anything that went into it was put there by us.
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