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  1. True that......I could cruise for double points as a single, and then get quadruple for the win!
  2. We will be at 676 points at the end of 2021, so we will reach Pinnacle sometime in 2022. If I can find enough price drops to fund a new 12 night cruise sometime in 2021, then we will make it. Right now the travel budget is max'd and the husband is growling...................and a price drop enough to pay for 12 nights just isn't going to happen!!
  3. I was on a conference call with my TA and RCCL booking a cruise a few days ago. The RCCL rep said that everything turns into an FCC for a non-refundable deposit right now with their Cruise With Confidence policy. Plus, you have up to 48 hours before the sailing to cancel, but this means you have to make final payment. Here's the link for cruises booked before 11/30/20: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-with-confidence I had a cruise cancelled by RCCL last week, and they did not offer an FCC. I got a 100% refund, but the sail date wasn't until September 2021.
  4. I just got off the phone with C&A Diamond Plus desk, and you are correct. Book by 12/31/20 and sail by 12/31/21.
  5. Yes, I have several times. It is immediately done at the time you cancel.
  6. I paid all but the port taxes for our 2 Princess cruises that just got cancelled. We took the 125% option for one, and a 100% refund for the second, since we had cruises booked on RCCL that we wanted to pay in full with the Princess refund goes back to our credit card. The 125% FCC is allowing us to sail for 12 days longer than the original cruise. All the cruises have 3 - 10 months before final payment. If the FCC hasn't arrived within 3 months, I will ask Princess to extend the final payment date.
  7. The emphasis is on them providing transportation, so everyone is from the ship, has been previously screened, etc. You get transportation on your own you are introducing an "unknown" factor in your exposure to the virus. The zoo is currently doing this, but my guess is the ship's tour has a set time for entry, very much like they do in Italy for the Vatican, etc.: Due to current social distancing procedures, expect a wait time of up to 3.5 hours to enter the Zoo on Saturdays and Sundays during October. Health screen required for all guests prior to Zoo entry. No same-day re-entry permitted
  8. I have read they take your temp a 2nd and 3rd time if it reads high. They'll have you go to an isolation area in the medical center, though, just to be on the safe side.
  9. I'm seeing this, too. I priced balconies and JS cabins this morning. None of them had the CAS balcony discount showing with the current flash sale going on.
  10. We decided months ago that we would have 2 vaccines in us before we cruised again. Our cruises in March/April 2021 were cancelled by Princess, and our first upcoming cruise is in May 2021 now. I will see what the CDC has to say after this upcoming flu season. However, I am pleased with the precautions the cruise lines are taking. We also wear masks any time we are around other people, and will continue to do so when we cruise. I also agree that this CDC notice isn't "blistering" : it's their standard language for advisories.
  11. My TA asked, and they said they couldn't do it. Even they don't know when the FCC will be generated.
  12. I'm looking at 2021 cruises and many of the deposits ae $200, which is reasonable. The 3 cruises I want to book are a total of $2,000 in deposits, and I would prefer to see if I can get a lower deposit. My goal is to get the deposit as close to the port taxes as possible, which have to be paid in cash, and let the rest be paid by our FCC.
  13. I had two cruises cancelled by Princess this week, and I know the 100% FCC and bonus 25% FCC will take a while to be generated. Meanwhile I have b2b2b cruises selected to use the FCC on, but they aren't moving the 100% FCC immediately to new bookings. I have to wait until it shows in my Princess account. I'm not interested in booking the cabin for these 3 cruises, because the 125% FCC is $34 less (current price) than the total for them, and I'm not interested in paying in more cash for the deposits. If there is a $1 deposit promo this Fall, I can grab the cabin and then wait for the FCC. From what I've read it even looks like the FCC will automatically be applied to any open / unpaid bookings, which is perfect for me. Anybody know if they will have this promo in 2020? Thanks!
  14. After my marathon of cancelling, transferring, new bookings, cabin upgrades, etc. this past Tuesday, the next day (yesterday) RCCL cancelled one of the new ones!! I'm not complaining, because I replaced it with a near identical, 1 day longer, and $1,250 cheaper cruise, and got a $50 obc. My Big Box rep conferenced in RCCL's rep and he confirmed all about the double points, and the CWC policy for cancellations, etc., has been extended to 11/30/20 booking date. He thanked me for staying with them and booking the new cruise, and hoped I don't cancel it. I told him, "I won't; that's for RCCL to do!!!" They both couldn't talk for about 30 seconds they were laughing so much. And, after all the dust settled a second time in 2 days, I had saved $649.
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