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  1. We took a tour with Spain Day Tours in 2015, "Malaga to Granada" that included the palacce. It was amazing, gorgeous, and I will never forget that tour. Full day tour. https://www.spaindaytours.com/spain-shore-excursions/malaga-shore-excursions/malaga-to-granada-alhambra/ We were on the Allure at the end of April at the time. At t
  2. You have to do each test with your own proctor call. But, it's only a short time with each. My son said he called, got the phone answered quickly, could not see the person, but they could see him. Showed the test, did the test, then the person got off the phone, keeping the call open, and came back to see the results in 15 minutes. Then, it verified instantly in the app, and the email was there immediately. When he went to make the call, he had to register the test kit identifier with his personal information. Even though I purchased it in my name originally, he just had to re-register it in his name, and go from there. It took seconds to get the information entered and start the call.
  3. No, I'm just not paying attention. You are correct. I just remember my total was $178-ish, and not paying attention to what's shipping and what's taxes.
  4. No, you just have to provide your name with that test code from the box when you go to take the test. Not a problem. You can actually input 3 names through the app if you buy through it, but we are splitting them 6 and 4. He just needed several before me, so I gave him my initial supply.
  5. The $15 is for shipping. I just ordered for my son and I today. The only way to order the 6-pack test kits is through the Navica app, but since we needed 10 between his household and me, I ordered a 6 from the app, and 2/ $70 online. He's paying for it all. They are under $30 each for the 6-pack, and a big savings over the brick and mortar walk-in, or the drive-through tests.
  6. Remember, you do not pay 1/2 of a double rate. You pay a single supplement, which can be anywhere from + 40% to +100% of the cruise rate, depending on the cruise line and current promos. You pay one person's taxes, and one person's gratuities. I've been semi-shopping solo rates for a few months, because all my cruises are currently booked on RCCL through next year. I have yet to find a rate that beats the upper level Crown and Anchor's standard discount for solo cruises. It's a promo code for C&A members with 340 or higher points: DP340. With RCCL giving double points until the end of 2022, I'm sticking with them for the next year. Solo cruisers get double points anyway, and now quadruple points until the end of 2022.
  7. Not sure why we should: I am now 7.5 months after my second shot, had no problems, and would love to get a booster the beginning of next year before I start cruising.
  8. I called and asked my Kaiser here, and they said they did not do rapid testing. That's why I bought BinaxNOW. My son, however, confiscated 4 of the 6 kits, and is now buying the whole second round of 10 kits for his household and me. He was very impressed with the whole process last weekend. He and his fiancee have to go to a parents day at Michigan State, staying with son #2 that weekend, too, then he's going to a bachelor party in San Diego, and Mr. Michigan State is coming home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am going to Kauai and Michigan in November and December. So, we are keeping busy with those BinaxNOW kits!!! We test going out, and coming back.
  9. Someone called up emed and asked this, reporting on another thread here on CC. They are open 24/7, 365 days a year. My son said the proctoring is not necessarily done in the US, but medical facilities offshore, too. All they do is make sure you do the test correctly, read the results, and verify.
  10. Take a BinaxNOW test kit with you. My son did one in his hotel room last weekend in Chicago before flying home to CA. It takes about 20 minutes, and you get immediate verification in the phone app, and also emailed. You can buy the test kits in 2 or 3-packs: https://store.optum.com/shop/category/tests-and-devices/covid-19-home-tests/ These are supervised by an emed.com health professional on a video call, so you have to have an internet connection, which almost all hotel rooms have.
  11. The approval for boosters is the same as for the original vaccine shots. It has to be tested, have data developed and submitted to the feds, approved for the appropriate age rollouts, approved for emergency use, etc, and then released for the public to get the shot. Pfizer is the first to get approved beyond immune-compromised people, and it hasn't got the emergency use approval yet. Moderna is in the beginning stages after testing and data gathering., and J&J us just starting to compile data. So, depending on what shot you had to begin with (and they do recommend you stick with the same shot), your booster timing is determined by when that vaccine is through all the approval hoops. So, RCCL will probably not include "fully vaccinated" to mean "including a booster" until all the boosters are available to the public.
  12. Personally, I think one of the best ways to meet people and see if you are compatible, is to select Anytime, My Time, what ever they call "go when you want" dining. Tell the head waiter at the podium you would like to sit with other people who have indicated their table is open. Then, if you like them, and vice versa, make more plans. If not, you go to another table the next night, and so forth.
  13. I suggest you price similar itineraries on other cruise lines. That 102 sf cabin is really small. I mean, it's basically 10x10. See what Princess, RCCL, HAL, NCL, and Carnival have to offer. Example: I am currently booked on the RCCL's Vision 11 night Caribbean cruise for $1,675 in a standard ocean view.
  14. I have been on Princess more in the last several years than Celebrity. Generally speaking, Celebrity seems to run more expensive for solo cruisers. Princess has a lot of opportunities to mingle. If you go to cruisedeckplans.com and look at Deck 5 on the Sky, you will see several places for meeting and talking to other passengers. They have live music there, too. I have found Celebrity ships are more elegant looking and feeling than other cruise lines like RCCL, HAL, and Princess.
  15. The DP340 promo does not show every time in the final booking page on RCCL's web site. You also have 2 opportunities to input your C&A number. You need to go all the way through the booking process to the point where you enter all your name, telephone, birthdate, etc., and this page is where you can enter your C&A number a second time. Then click Continue to see the final pricing. The discounts are listed in the "details for passenger" pop-up when you click that link, I've noticed depending on the other promos, I will sometimes see a "CAS" discount. The only way to know for sure is to go through the booking WITHOUT the promo code to get the regular solo price, and then back-up to the page you can enter your discount eligibility (C&A, senior, state, and DP340). If the second time you go through the booking you see a lower price, then the DP340 is applied. Basically RCCL's system will give to the lowest price available, and apply DP340 if it gets you a lower price. I have just recently decided to book all my future cruises through the D+ desk, as they know immediately what the promo code is, while the TA I was using ALWAYS had to have it explained, and the RCCL rep almost always had to, also. Then, after booking I will transfer the booking to my TA if the offered perk(s) are worth it. I do know that DP340 is usually $100+ lower, and many times over $200.
  16. Am I missing something significant here? Why would it be an issue to bring a .5oz piece of paper tucked into either your passport holder or your passport? I'm flying to Kauai in November, and I've already uploaded my vaccination card to the State of HI's safetravel.com web site. Even with them having a digital copy of it, there's NO WAY I'm not taking the original with me. Why take the chance?
  17. Well, since Pfizer is the only one approved so far, and Moderna is just now entering the approval process with their research data, and J&J is just now starting, it will most likely be several months (if at all) that RCCL requires the booster.
  18. Yes, I found one locally! They even have online appointment scheduling to keep the traffic flow inside their shop controlled. I appreciate that.
  19. You are correct to be concerned about storage space. Suitcases can always be given to the cabin steward for storage, but here's a review from 2018 on the Single Veranda Cabin: Edge Single Veranda Stateroom I had a solo cabin on deck 6...VERY BIG MISTAKE!!! I was expecting a small cabin, which was fine, but it lacked adequate storage space. The view was obstructed by the hydronics that raised and lowered the life boats. But then I noticed many of the cabins on deck 6 had the obstruction be it a solo cabin or a double cabin. My advice is to avoid deck 6 altogether. The bathroom and shower were a very decent size for a solo cabin. Bottom line I would still avoid the solo cabins and spend a little more money for a double cabin on a higher deck.
  20. Thanks for the reminder! Yes, it's down to 75%, and I will have the battery replaced.
  21. I have one of those older model iphones that have crappy batteries. If I fly Southwest, even in airplane mode I have a long time with my phone unplugged from a power socket. Plus, I HATE turning it off at the end of the last flight, so I have enough power to use my Uber app, or make a pick-up phone call/texts. Plus, plus I like the movies I can stream on my phone on Southwest. So, a power bank with me solves the problem for my geriatric phone battery! 😁
  22. That looks amazing! I can't take it traveling with me, since I have committed myself to being a minimalist with carry-ons while flying. I even replaced my trusty Bose NC headphones with Beats. I do have a flat one in my travel accessories somewhere that has one plug in the back, 3 electrical in the front, and 2 or 3 USB. But, that's for charging on the cabin desk, while my power banks are for charging my phone near the bed. I have a new adjustable bed at home that has USB ports on both sides of the frame, and THAT'S wonderful for my phone at night!!
  23. Wow! You could take that to the pool with you!!!
  24. Yes, you can get the cords up to 12 feet long. Just make sure it's the right connector for your device. Amazon and ebay both sell all sizes.
  25. I decided to try it on my 3 day Navi cruise next year. The price was reduced, and added an extra $33 a day, which I think is reasonable.
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