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  1. I am scheduled on a Bahamas cruise out of Port Canaveral in early November that they are asking for final payment on next week. Not going to happen; the event we were cruising involved a HS reunion that has already been postponed so the cruise is a no go for us. I assume we may lose the $50 deposit which is no big deal. I'll wait it out and see when the next round of cancellations comes out--if it comes out before the due date, perhaps I can get those big bucks back! I did see a few cruise ships headed back north while we were in the Keys a couple of weeks ago...apparently, they
  2. I stated that "we can turn the corner and start the trek back to "normal" before that long." That doesn't mean I think it will be over in two weeks or even two months. There is no need to always be snarky, as you have with dozens of people on this subject. I got it. You know more than everybody. You can state your point without telling us that all time. Yes, I am being snarky towards you a bit because I have read a lot of your comments here. "The corner" may be a long way off, but we aren't going to turn it without slowing this down. Turning a corner isn't saying that it will
  3. I am optimistic that if we all actually suck it up now, keep the group size down and have a commensurate reduction in the spread and then a downturn of the virus, we can turn the corner and start the trek back to "normal" before that long.
  4. I took care of a quick question in a matter of minutes. I don't think checking the wait times hurts anyone. If they are short, wait and talk to them when they aren't busy. If not, call back another time. It is hard to predict a good time when there is so much up in the air. I can easily see another couple of weeks or month of no cruises, which means another whole group of people with changes to make.
  5. Following up on this...I reached someone at Royal in less than 10 minutes last night and he looked up the cruise. It looks like, at that point, it was fully booked...so it did not show as available. I guess people jumped on the lower pricing as 20-30 cabins (or more) were available when I checked before the 30 day announcement came out. I have cancelled all of our purchases for the cruise (drink package, wifi, etc.) to get that money in the process of being returned. The cruise will be cancelled, but I am holding for now in case there is an additional "no cruise" announcement.
  6. We can't just have a conversation without some of that added...no matter where you stand on things, this is a crazy situation and we don't know who will get help and the overall outcome. Though I don't expect bankruptcy in the immediate future, I did go ahead and empty my cruise planner of all purchases for our 4/13 cruise on Mariner of the Seas. We are cancelling that at some point, but I would prefer a refund to FCC so I am waiting to see what happens before actually cancelling.
  7. We decided this afternoon that we are not going on our 4/13 cruise barring a miracle end of this thing. I won't cancel at this point in case they end up cancelling for a longer period. I would rather have the refund than FCC at this point. The tipping point is the thought of being on a ship and someone being infected... We are working on some other plans and a staycation...we will see what happens. Good luck everyone!
  8. I just checked the website; my 4/13 cruise out of Port Canaveral does not show when I search for a new booking. Perhaps it is 100% booked (it wasn't a few days ago, but people with flexibility may have moved there from canceled cruises), it may actually be cancelled, or, more cynically, Royal's IT department knows how to count to 30 better than the rest of the company. There is a 4/12 departure from the same port for a longer cruise available still...
  9. I am taking the refund if the closure extends to 4/13 (our sail date). I just don't see a cruise fitting into our plans for the time period the FCC would cover. I am not doing anything at this point...
  10. I thought about this yesterday and decided that, once the dates came out, I would cancel my purchases to get those refunds in process. They usually flow pretty easily and that money is earmarked already for whatever we do that week for vacation. Thankfully, I did not start too early as the way Royal counts makes it less than 30 days (4/10) and are 4/13 cruise was 30/31 depending on how they counted. I am still thinking our cruise will get canceled but I am holding out because we would still like to go...obviously depending on the situation at that point. We do have th
  11. Our sail date on the Mariner is the April 13th. The planner says "31 Days to go"...I guess we are wait and see at least until the official dates are known. The plan is still to go if they sail that cruise, but there are a lot of "what ifs"...
  12. They are leaving before the shut down based on other threads. Midnight has been the time mentioned. Ending the cruise before Monday (I think it s a 3 day one) would cause more havoc for a lot of folks.
  13. They are now reporting a 30 day suspension by Royal Caribbean (CNBC) CNBC Now @CNBCnow · 9m BREAKING: Royal Caribbean Cruises says that it is suspending cruising in the U.S. for 30 days.
  14. I called very early in the morning and got through in less than five minutes. Changed cabins and was off the phone in three minutes. Mine was only an in-kind change to another junior suite, so it may take a few more minutes to process your move. Give early morning a try!
  15. I just cancelled my "Royal Up" offers due to the impact of the virus on travel. Having heard about employers imposing 14 day "self-quarantines" on those returning from cruises, colleges closing for 14 days after spring break, etc., my thought is that these restrictions will only get tighter until the spread of the virus is contained and we learn a little more about it. I am okay with being able to get FCC if we cancel; my issue is that I don't want to tie up another $500-$2000 in FCC for an unknown future cruise. If I had more solid plans, I might risk it...but I just don't want
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