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  1. Actually you have 2 free cruises coming your way. The first one of course is the cruise certificate you won on the cruise for reaching the points needed on a single cruise. Your certificate will list the cruises on the back that you can choose from and the time frame you have to take it in. The second cruise is for reaching Prime which entitles you to a free cruise to be taken between April 1st 2019 and March 31st 2020. You will receive a certificate after April 1st for that cruise. As already stated it can be 8 nights or less and not over a holiday. You could possibly use the second certificate for the Alaska cruise. Call the number on your certificate and enquire, but be clear you are not calling on the existing free cruise but for the second you'll receive in April.
  2. We're booked on both Feb 25th and Mar 13th 2019. You have to call to book them. We were booked on the Vision both ways. Saved a few dollars moving to the Jewel plus the eastbound ends up in Miami which was better for us than ending up in NO. Another plus is the Radiance class which we really like.
  3. Yes I got it this morning. I had made the reservation on the 22nd and there was no discount. I did not question it as the pricing was so good to start with. Today I noticed that it was cominable with the the balcony discount so I did some checking. I noticed some cruises showed it and others did not. This was with my C&A number inserted. I called and was told they could not see the discount for my particular sailing. They put me through resolutions who then told me it was a glitch and they were in the process of fixing it now. Since I had paid in full they are reimbursing my credit card.
  4. Yes there is a bug in the system that they are working on now. Some cruises show the discount, others don't.
  5. All I can say is I had the same scenario happen today when I transferred a next cruise booking over to the Symphony. I had to have the taxes adjusted down. When I first booked it wasn't caught so I had to call back to get it rectified when I noticed the difference. The TA had to have a supervisor adjust the booking to reflect the taxes and fees only. No need for them to keep the extra fees on taxes up front when they can just adjust the booking this far out. Now this is the US so maybe if you are across the pond it might be different.
  6. When transferring an existing booking to a new one, the taxes will be whatever the new cruise is quoting. Sometimes might be more, or as in your case it is less. Your TA will have to have a supervisor correct it. They cannot do it apparently.
  7. Turn it off for that one page then turn it back on when you are finished reading it. You'll see a red symbol in the upper right hand corner. Nice article!
  8. I have never been to Bermuda...So why don't they allow rental cars if it isn't for the great potential for accidents because of over crowded narrow highways? I googled it and that's what I got....
  9. Hi Lovelylady226, Could you just give the cabin#'s you switched in each phase and that might help with following what happened. It does sound like they did do a "special move" for you which is nice to know happens once in awhile.
  10. This would in no way, benefit RCCL in anyway, by not allowing cabin switches within the exact same category. Does not make sense. Will only tick the customer off. Nothing to do with revenue as they have the traded in cabin to sell at a higher price. As suggested, call C&A or your TA
  11. It would be my thing if I could stay up that late to laze around. Now you might find me in the piano bar, or R Bar, but not up there.:eek:
  12. We'll be on Monday as a " I need to get out of the house" thing. So will ask around as I would never be up there at that time of night.:D No Soup For You!!!!!!!!
  13. This should be interesting to see what becomes of it all. I would have no objection if they left the 25.00 increase for Pinnacles in place starting now;):)
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