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  1. When we have pre-registered the times have varied from just after 8am to late afternoon. The last 2 times I didn't wait for them to contact me, I have logged on at around 9am and found what we have been allocated
  2. My favourite speaker that I have heard on P&O was Geoff Hughes, he had had a very interesting career in the Prison Service and had extensive knowledge of the history of penal systems both here in the UK and abroard. We went to his first session because it was bad weather so we couldn't go outside but he got us so hooked that we went to all of his other sessions, even missing other things that we would normally have gone to. We also had a very interesting speaker from ORCA.
  3. Such sad news. It must be devastating for the queen to lose her husband and the support that he has given for the last 73 years. RIP
  4. The strangest thing that happened to me was a few months after we had been on a cruise to Alaska. I was sent to South Carolina to look at what computer systems we would need to install in a new factory that we were building, on the first day I had a meeting with the building project manager and saw a photograph of my husband on his desk so naturally I asked why he had a photo of David and he said it was a picture of his wife. David and the man's wife had been standing next to each other on the deck with the glaciers behind them. I must have been next to the man because I had taken the same
  5. What was really strange when we were talking was that we are both in contact with 2 other ladies without knowing that the other ladies know both of us. She worked with of one of my bowling friends and I worked with her sister-in-law. It really is a small world in Stoke on Trent.
  6. When I went to do my vaccination stewarding shift this morning there was only one other steward there because it was at a doctor's surgery rather than a vaccination hub. We were introduced to each other. The other lady had a very unusual Christian name that I have only heard once befor, on a girl I went to school with. It turned out that it was the same person, it was really strange meeting someone for the first time after 52 years, she left school to be a police cadet and I went on to 6th form and uni.
  7. I have been acting as a vaccination steward this morning at surgery where they were using the AZ vaccine. All of the people were there for their second jab and while a number asked about whether they were likely to get clots no-one cancelled their appointment and there were no " no shows ". Towards the end of the morning they were aware that there were more doses than expected so they started to call people on a "reserve" list and everyone called came to be vaccinated.
  8. Who can remember spending summers doing this. My sister sent this to me because it reminded her of when we used to paddle in the stream when mum and dad would take us for a picnic at Barlaston Downs.
  9. We are both exhausted, we have had a 13 year old, a 10 year old and their dog since 10 am and will keep them until just after 5 pm. They have made lavender biscuits and sausage rolls, they have turned my craft room is in complete chaos where they have been making models from card. The 10 year old has made a model of the sinking Titanic for her school holiday project.
  10. I totally agree, at 5 ft and a half inch I can't afford lose the half inch. My problem is having a 6 ft tall husband.
  11. I just got back from my walk and it is now snowing quite heavily, hopefully it won't stick. I seems to have been a strange day weather wise, sunny, windy and now snow. At least my washing dried outside which I much prefer to the drier. time for Countdown now 😊
  12. You are doing brilliantly walking 1/2 a mile already. I hope that the pain is not too bad.
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