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  1. When I took a look at the itineraries I noticed that the price difference was quite small but Azura was going to Monaco and on one of our cruises the officer who hosted our table at the Baltic lunch told us that he was surprised that Monaco was so popular with the cruise lines because it cost more to visit. The other thing that I noticed was that Azura was going slightly further than Britannia because Britannia is going to Livorno (Florence) and Azura was going down to Naples. We always avoid the sea screen so I can't comment on it though I have not noticed any particular noise from it elsewhere on the ship. We don't spend much time around the pools because I don't sunbathe and my OH is self conscious about taking his shirt off in public because he has a number of large surgery scars. Whatever you choose enjoy your cruise.
  2. These cruises don't have identical itineraries so it may be as simple as port charges. On Azura you do not access the front of the ship from the promenade deck, you access it from E deck by walking as far forward (either side) as possible and you will see that there is a door to that looks like it opens to the outside, go through that door and you will be in a small area that has another door facing you that opens on to the front of the ship. We didn't get to get to the front of Britannia so I don't know if/how you can get out there.
  3. Had anyone else received this email from P&O ? I am glad I chose to print our tickets and luggage labels last week for our November cruise. My P&O Cruises is coming soon We'll be launching My P&O Cruises shortly, an easy-to-use website that gives you the freedom to personalise your holiday. You'll be able to book your favourite experiences, and find handy information about your cruise. Until we switch your booking from our existing Cruise Personaliser website to My P&O Cruises, you won't be able to make online bookings for shore experiences, spa services or Speciality Dining reservations. But you can be sure we'll let you know as soon as you can access My P&O Cruises to discover what's on offer and tailor your We have 4 more cruises booked, I know that I am being pessimistic but I really hope this new system works properly before I need to do anything for our February cruise.
  4. I decided that despite being away from home and supposedly on a technology break I needed to look at the P&O site for 2021 holidays. I am disappointed, nothing new and nothing to excite me. My husband and I disappointed that Azura has been sent to Malta because we can't fly and we found Britannia to big for us so don't even want to consider Iona. I can't say why but Ventura is IMHO nowhere near as good as Azura so we are pretty much stuck with the older ships, Arcadia, Aurora and Oceana, while we like all of them we find less to do on them. It looks like a return to Princess and/or Celebrity for our 2021 cruises.
  5. Feeling left out, we have not received any info from P&O for 2021/2022. I have checked that my settings are to receive info by post and email, perhaps they think that Baltic level passengers are a safe bet to look online on Monday morning. We will be away for a week from tomorrow and always take a technology break so won't be looking until we get back.
  6. Too right, we were on Sapphire Princess in April, we missed Lanzarote and sped north to keep ahead of an Atlantic storm. We got to Southampton early evening the day before we were due in and I could not believe how many people were moaning. The moans were about missing a port and the fact that we couldn't get off the ship to either spend the evening around Southampton or go home, people really thought that the shore side workers should have stayed and waited for us, Britannia and Eclipse because they knew that we were coming in early because of the storm.
  7. We have received the booklet for our Northern Lights cruise on Aurora in November.
  8. I agree that Monaco is a great port and with your feeling that the cruises should not include it unless they have a guaranteed berth. As I said we have visited it twice since our Britannia experience and been ashore but we did not enjoy it so much because I was concerned that the weather might turn again. My husband has just said that we should just relax on board in July next year when we visit Monaco on Azura because we have visited so many times that all we there now is to go for a walk around the ports and town. I would prefer to visit Cannes or Nice again rather than another Monaco visit.
  9. Like an earlier poster we were on the Britannia maiden cruise that called in Monaco. We went ashore early when the weather was fine but decided to head back around lunch time because the weather was getting cooler and I had not taken a sweater or jacket. We were on the last tender back to the ship before tendering was suspended. When the tender approached the ship the tender driver was struggling to get near to the the tender dock on the ship and spent almost 1/2 hour trying to get in. Captain Brown was standing on the tender dock with other officers obviously discussing what should be done with the tender. In the end the tender came along side about a metre from the ship and one of the young officers leapt across onto the tender, I was sat next to the window on that side and was terrified when I realised what was happening but fortunately he managed to time his leap and land safely. That officer got the tender in after only 2 attempts and we all got back on the ship safely though it was frightening stepping across in such rough seas even with a lot of help. We have since been into Monaco twice and on both occasions left the ship but have kept a close watch on the weather and went back to the ship as soon as the sky started to darken on one of those occasions and managed to get back before rendering stopped and the other time stayed all day with fantastic weather. I am think that Monaco is a risky port for tendering and as we have docked there on Celebrity, Princess and Cunard I suspect that P&O perhaps choose not to pay what I suspect are very high charges to dock, preferring to take a calculated risk with the weather to keep prices low. I am just glad that everyone eventually got back to the Azura safely albeit after an uncomfortable night in the sports hall.
  10. My husband always asks for extra chips if has the always available streak and the waiters just bring a small bowl full.
  11. Completely agree, you could easily be bbankrupted. Even with existing conditions the cost of the insurance is very little if you start to think about the costs involved with air lifting off the ship, stay in foreign hospital, repatriation etc. We read every year in the papers about someone being stranded abroad after being taken ill and having no insurance. We have never travelled without insurance and never will and I sincerely hope that we never have to make a claim.
  12. You are correct Andy. As a regular cruiser living in Stoke I would welcome cruises from Liverpool but cannot see it ever happening because the ships are sailing full from Southampton. Why would any company change something that is working well at the moment. There is also a cost to consider, most cruises are sailing south from Southampton so Liverpool departures on the same itineraries would require an extra day in sea day at the beginning and end of each cruise. We will just have to accept that it is what it is and continue to spend the pre-cruise night in Southampton
  13. The terms & conditions on P&O site say : Travel Insurance We strongly recommend you purchase appropriate international travel insurance at the time you pay your deposit. If you do not purchase travel insurance, you may not be able to claim for any cancellation charges, medical costs, repatriation and other expenses that may arise if things do not go according to plan.
  14. We jumped ship this year and went back to Princess for one cruise and Celebrity for another. We are back to P&O for our winter cruises in November and February because we can't fly and P&O still have ships out of Southampton all year round and there are few other lines out of the UK during the winter.
  15. I am being optimistic that they are trying to sell lots of old itineraries before they release exciting new one going to lots of new ports 😂😂😂
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