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  1. Does anyone know if they restrict the size of carryon luggage at the Port Canaveral Pier? I am in a scooter and it is hard to get essentials that we cannot be separated from in a small carryon bag and considering having DH carry on a medium bag but I need to know if they will allow it.
  2. Thanks. I will have to call and get someone who knows more than the last person I talked to.
  3. Thanks. Your help assists in my planning. It would be better if cabins were consistent since they ban bringing extension cords etc... Yes, they will supply one but it does not make up for being able to bring what I need for my equipment.
  4. Can someone tell me where the Special Assistance Desk is located at Port Canaveral Pier? Want to confirm if it is right inside door and before security. Told "Intercruise" is located at this desk also.
  5. Can someone confirm number and type outlets in Oasis deck 6 Oceanview Cabins (ours is 6636 Accessible). There is conflicting info that configuration has been changed since built. Policy not allowing extra extension cords and adaptors causing stress. Scooter, fridge and other medical equipment requires some problem solving. I have seen pic of a round 3 outlet set up (1/220) on desk now but that is not what was in cabin when built. On Allure in May, there also was an outlet under desk, but it powered the outlets above. Not sure if cabins and decks vary. Is there an outlet under the desk on Oasis still? If so, is it used to power the outlet above and how many outlets are there? Thanks!
  6. I am on that sailing also. It took me 2 weeks and hundreds of attempts but then I was finally let in and finished everything. Well, everything except activities waivers. If they still do those online perhaps it is too early for that sailing. Good luck! Keep trying.
  7. Can activity waivers still be signed online. If so, how far out from sailing?
  8. Which nights are usually formal nights or Oasis of Sea Western Route (Labadee, Falmouth Cosumel)? Thanks!
  9. They list that you can arrange a time for them to meet you with a scooter which is not the same as having a kiosk and seems more iffy. Thanks.
  10. I need someone at RCCL pier for Oasis OS to look and report to me what company has a kiosk for rental scooters in the terminal. I have called names of all I know about and is not them. We really need to pick up on embarking and our cruise in right after Thanksgiving. I would be eternally great-full.
  11. Is there a company that has rental scooter kiosk at Port Canaveral? Going on Oasis OS and prefer to pick up rental on embarkation rather than in cabin if possible. If so, which company? I did this in Miami and it worked out well.
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