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  1. Dear Sid: We just got off the Encore yesterday. Thanks for all your helpful information it helped quite a bit. Beautiful subdued decor on the ship. Food great, entertainment great, staff great lots to do. But over 4500 last week and I was told by the staff captain there will be 4900 this week. Too many people and the venues are small. Lots and lots of people laying around bare feet, sleeping snoring, giving back rubs in all areas of the ol. Each to his own. But I have the best for you How about a guy with no shirt on at all sitting in the main theatre in the fancy velvet chairs for Kinky Boots show. Did not see what he was wearing on the bottom. I dare not post a photo here or I will be banned. As you probably know now Mardi Gras 8 weeks behind schedule.When will you sail on her? Happy travels to you.
  2. You should have said something. Because of you I am now armed with comments for everyone for the 12/15 cruise. Thanks.
  3. I hate to bother you but if you have any secret info on getting passes to the race track I would appreciate it. We are on 12/15 and want to try it. Thank you and thanks for your photos. (they shrunk the solo cabin beds, I had heard that, just like at home but without my dog......
  4. Thank you so much for your photos and menus and dailies. Lots of work for you but we all appreciate your efforts. Last night for you so try and enjoy it. We board in 2 weeks on 12/15. Can hardly wait.
  5. Do you have any time to enjoy your cruise? Hope so and Happy Thanksgiving to you. GREAT photos and thanks for all your work on the Encore.
  6. To Bird travels: Thank you for taking the time to post your travels and information on the Encore. We board her 3 weeks from today and are getting excited to sail. Just a quick question. Do you know how much the go carts cost? Thank you
  7. It dictates what you can do, where you can go, what you can attend and where you can eat. Where you sit in shows. And special discounts etc.etc Did not bother me but was VERY apparent on this Pres. Anniv cruise. Lots of complaints from the the lower level people. Just interesting to observe and hear how people we visited with were pushed out of the way to get to a seat. Last year actual fight in the main theater between the haves and the have nots. Even the comedians made fun of the class system so it is well known. It is what it is. We travel on 5 cruise lines and this is the most interesting class system of all of them. People we met on the QM2 in July said they would never do a presidents cruise again and others have said that and these people are high level on RCL We just go with the flow and enjoy all our cruises and meet lots of people at all levels.
  8. Been following you for a long time. We appreciate all the time and effort it has taken you over the years. I have been sailing NCL since first ship Skyward 1972. Then 9 times on the S S Norway. Others over the years now we do the NCL "big" ones. The Escape to Canada last Sept. was wonderful. Great crew, food, everything. Even the Epic in 2010 was fine. We are happy to be cruising and complaining bit...ing serves no purpose. We did the Symphony of the Seas last week. Big whoopie 50th anniv of the company cruise. RCL has a caste system and very apparent all the time. Lots of very spoiled entitled cruisers. We will be on the Encore 12/15 and are looking forward to it very much. Thank you for all your posts and pictures.
  9. CP cabins. We have had them 4 times. Higher level 11 or 12 with the balcony. Really quite nice. Especially if you are a gardener.
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